75 Books Challenge for 2022

Anyone can join. Just start a thread and begin listing the books you have read in 2022. You don't have to begin on January 1!

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AppuntatoMessage Board44 non letti / 44msf59, Domenica 7:17pm
AppuntatoWelcome to New Friends16 non letti / 16FAMeulstee, Giugno 5
Amber's (scaifea's) Thread #13105 non letti / 105laytonwoman3rd, Oggi 10:17pm
Take It or Leave It Challenge - July 2022 - Page 138 non letti / 38SqueakyChu, Oggi 10:07pm
richardderus's thirteenth 2022 thread140 non letti / 140ArlieS, Oggi 10:07pm
Whisper1 fourth Thread of 2022137 non letti / 137m.belljackson, Oggi 9:42pm
sjgoins63 non letti / 63sjgoins, Oggi 9:14pm
In Memoriam90 non letti / 90richardderus, Oggi 9:03pm
Social Distancing Readathon #119 - June 24 - 2631 non letti / 31alcottacre, Oggi 8:56pm
Anne (AMQS) Reads in 2022 - 2243 non letti / 243Donna828, Oggi 8:52pm
Alcott Acre's Home, Room 890 non letti / 90alcottacre, Oggi 8:52pm
ASIAN BOOK CHALLENGE 2022 - JUNE IN THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT57 non letti / 57cindydavid4, Oggi 8:47pm
PAUL C WITH A CLEAN SLATE IN '22 - Part 22174 non letti / 174figsfromthistle, Oggi 8:40pm
Susan (quondame) remains bookish in 2022 - Part the Second242 non letti / 242quondame, Oggi 8:40pm
karenmarie - glad to be here in 2022, part VII248 non letti / 248Donna828, Oggi 8:33pm
lyzard's list: Borrowing surcease of sorrow from books in 2022 - Part 3223 non letti / 223lyzard, Oggi 8:32pm
Anita (FAMeulstee) still goes where the books take her in 2022 (6)164 non letti / 164figsfromthistle, Oggi 8:30pm
Anita's (Figs) Reading continues for 2022. 5th thread!150 non letti / 150figsfromthistle, Oggi 8:29pm
Raven's Late Attempt at 75 Books In a Year!107 non letti / 107Ravenwoodwitch, Oggi 8:12pm
Joanne (copperskye) Still Reading in 2022 - I306 non letti / 306Donna828, Oggi 8:01pm
Mark's Reading Place: Chapter Nine31 non letti / 31mahsdad, Oggi 7:54pm
SandDune's Retirement Reads 2022 - June57 non letti / 57Whisper1, Oggi 7:46pm
Donna Begins A New Chapter in 2022, 2nd Quarter163 non letti / 163Whisper1, Oggi 7:39pm
Arctic Dreams: Group Read65 non letti / 65Caroline_McElwee, Oggi 7:14pm
2022 Part 429 non letti / 29drneutron, Oggi 6:58pm
klobrien2 Karen O's Book-It List Part Three103 non letti / 103klobrien2, Oggi 6:47pm
Kerry (avatiakh) reads through another year #2136 non letti / 136avatiakh, Oggi 6:28pm
Take It or Leave It Challenge - June 2022 - Page 1113 non letti / 113elkiedee, Oggi 6:17pm
SqueakyChu LEAVES the past behind...and moves ahead in 2022! 3rd Quarter11 non letti / 11SqueakyChu, Oggi 6:08pm
Katie's 2022 Reading Room - Part 14110 non letti / 110magicians_nephew, Oggi 6:04pm
Magicians Nephew : Putting it Together64 non letti / 64magicians_nephew, Oggi 5:49pm
Cariola's 2022 Book Reviews42 non letti / 42Cariola, Oggi 5:25pm
RebaRelishesReading 2022 #480 non letti / 80RebaRelishesReading, Oggi 4:53pm
Laytonwoman3rd Chapter the Second 2022138 non letti / 138laytonwoman3rd, Oggi 4:22pm
British Author Challenge July 2022: The Georgian Era (1714-1837)11 non letti / 11m.belljackson, Oggi 2:55pm
SqueakyChu LEAVES the past behind...and moves ahead in 2022! 2nd Quarter99 non letti / 99SqueakyChu, Oggi 2:54pm
JonRob's 2022 Reads78 non letti / 78JonRob, Oggi 1:37pm
Familyhistorian's Reads for 2022 - Part 6178 non letti / 178mdoris, Oggi 1:22pm
More good reads to come40 non letti / 40librarian1204, Oggi 1:02pm
Let's See How Many Book Yoyogod Reads in 202256 non letti / 56yoyogod, Oggi 12:53pm
British Author Challenge 2022 General Thread34 non letti / 34amanda4242, Oggi 12:33pm
Jim's (drneutron's) Reading in 2022, page 5195 non letti / 195drneutron, Oggi 11:25am
Shelley (jessibud2) reads off her own shelves this year - third chapter210 non letti / 210richardderus, Oggi 10:45am
|||| Bookshelf of LovingLit ||||98 non letti / 98richardderus, Oggi 10:38am
Feca67 (Sam) reads some books131 non letti / 131feca67, Oggi 10:36am
2022*2: Lizzie Loves to Read356 non letti / 356richardderus, Oggi 10:25am
Mary's (bell7's) Reads in 2022 - Thread #6219 non letti / 219richardderus, Oggi 10:05am
Kro's List: A Perhaps Aspirational 75 (Part 2)45 non letti / 45scaifea, Oggi 10:03am
Kerry's (CDVicarage) Year of Changes132 non letti / 132CDVicarage, Oggi 9:38am
ChrisG reads up a storm in 2022143 non letti / 143ChrisG1, Oggi 9:35am
Snash's Reading for 202228 non letti / 28snash, Oggi 7:25am
tjblue's 2022 book challenge69 non letti / 69tjblue, Oggi 3:47am
Vikzen reads some more in 2022 - #174 non letti / 74humouress, Oggi 2:36am
Humouress humming on in 2022 - 2168 non letti / 168humouress, Oggi 1:39am
Chatterbox Staggers Into 2022: Part II62 non letti / 62LizzieD, Oggi 1:05am
Board Games, Anyone?179 non letti / 179MDGentleReader, Ieri 11:04pm
Banjo reading on in 22261 non letti / 261banjo123, Ieri 9:26pm
Beth (BLBera)Turns the Pages in 2022 - Page 452 non letti / 52banjo123, Ieri 9:17pm
Berly's Front Cover 4210 non letti / 210banjo123, Ieri 9:12pm
Ronincats Rejoices in Books, Family & Friends in 2022: Summer Edition99 non letti / 99ronincats, Ieri 8:40pm
Lynda’s (Carmenere’s) Minimalistic Tome Home #249 non letti / 49Carmenere, Ieri 8:30pm
Mdoris (Mary) reads in 2022, WELCOME!254 non letti / 254mdoris, Ieri 7:32pm
mahsdad's (Jeff) 2022 Thread - Q2257 non letti / 257richardderus, Ieri 7:10pm
Curioussquared takes on 75+ in 2022, part 3151 non letti / 151LibraryPerilous, Ieri 7:06pm
fuzzi's Keeping on Keeping On Thread for 2022!189 non letti / 189Storeetllr, Ieri 5:56pm
Mark's Reading Place: Chapter Eight301 non letti / 301msf59, Ieri 5:46pm
Here's To Our Health in 2022, Part III68 non letti / 68quondame, Ieri 5:43pm
Caroline's 2022 Book Bolt Hole (pt 3)143 non letti / 143FAMeulstee, Ieri 4:15pm
MickyFine Rocks 2022, Thread 6148 non letti / 148MickyFine, Ieri 2:48pm
Steve (swynn) reads and runs in 2022: Lap 2185 non letti / 185richardderus, Ieri 1:49pm
Deedledee continues to read during the plague59 non letti / 59Deedledee, Ieri 1:35pm
Teymaneeya’s 75 Book challenge for 202222 non letti / 22teymaneeya, Ieri 1:00pm
Joe's Book Cafe 5 of 2022291 non letti / 291jnwelch, Ieri 10:31am
CBL Reads and Walks in 2022 - Mile 2187 non letti / 187cbl_tn, Ieri 10:04am
AMERICAN AUTHORS CHALLENGE--JUNE 2022--JOHN DOS PASSOS13 non letti / 13laytonwoman3rd, Ieri 9:44am
Lori (thornton37814) Reads Lots of Books in 2022 - thread 2226 non letti / 226CalebBear, Ieri 8:49am
TIFFIN'S first for 2022148 non letti / 148tiffin, Ieri 8:26am
CassieBash Continues the Challenge103 non letti / 103fuzzi, Ieri 8:09am
Meanderer-ing through 202271 non letti / 71meanderer, Ieri 4:17am
Paul S in 2022 - part 1122 non letti / 122paulstalder, Ieri 4:05am
Cheli's (cyderry) 75 thread for 202239 non letti / 39PaulCranswick, Ieri 1:56am
Mamie's 2022 Madness, page 5218 non letti / 218Berly, Ieri 1:55am
Carsten (ctpress) Take and Read 202294 non letti / 94PaulCranswick, Ieri 1:54am
Bumblybee's Attempt #1 - 2022111 non letti / 111PaulCranswick, Ieri 1:38am
amanda 4242's thread111 non letti / 111PaulCranswick, Ieri 1:13am
ArlieS continues her reading addiction in 2022 - Thread 287 non letti / 87PaulCranswick, Ieri 1:10am
Andrew 202255 non letti / 55PaulCranswick, Ieri 1:08am
Weird_O Bill's 2022—Midquel, a.k.a. (uniquely) 369 non letti / 69ffortsa, Venerdì 10:21pm
Vivian's 2022 Reading109 non letti / 109BLBera, Venerdì 10:13pm
Mstrust's #4- I Don't Like the Sun, But I Sure Like Rum100 non letti / 100Berly, Venerdì 9:54pm
Ron Reads in 2022163 non letti / 163RBeffa, Venerdì 9:38pm
British Author Challenge June 2022: Jackie Kay & E. F. Benson19 non letti / 19amanda4242, Venerdì 8:51pm
EllaTim's Summer Reading in 202288 non letti / 88EllaTim, Venerdì 6:41pm
AbadoosMom 75 Book Challenge for 20223 non letti / 3drneutron, Venerdì 6:14pm
Kaida's Reading Adventures, Part 251 non letti / 51kaida46, Venerdì 4:26pm
Great Book/Ebook Sale Alert69 non letti / 69amanda4242, Venerdì 3:28pm
DMulvee 2022 reading attempt75 non letti / 75DMulvee, Venerdì 7:25am
June TIOLI Challenge #13 - Person on cover27 non letti / 27FAMeulstee, Venerdì 7:17am
(Sir)Thomas wants to read a few books in 2022 (Part 2)163 non letti / 163SirThomas, Venerdì 5:44am
lindapanzo's 2022 reading--first period98 non letti / 98lindapanzo, Giovedì 7:49pm
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