Club Read 2022

Welcome to Club Read 2022!

For the past fourteen years, Club Read has been the home of thoughtful readers who enjoy sharing what they are reading and being inspired by the reading of others. Club Read members get to know one another, and many have become friends over the years. Every year new members join looking for a warm reading hub. Book talk binds us together, and the conversations are friendly and inclusive. Browse the threads, and if you like the type of conversations happening here, join in!

Thank you to the volunteers who will be managing some of our regular threads, including:

Questions for the Avid Reader (Lois/avaland)
What Are You Reading? (Annie/AnnieMod)
Interesting Articles (Kay/RidgewayGirl)
Quarterly and Year End Favorite Reads (SassyLassy)
Victorian Novels (Annie/AnnieMod)
HOPE TO READ SOON: a tribute to Rebeccanyc (Monica/Trifolia)
Graphic Stories (Annie/AnnieMod)
La Cucina (Darryl/kidzdoc)
The Greenhouse (Edwin/edwinbcn)

Related threads/groups of interest:

Reading Globally (Mark/thorold)
Asian Book Challenge (Paul/PaulCranswick)
Group Read of Anniversaries by Uwe Johnson (Jennifer/japaul22)
Holocaust Literature (Kerry/avatiakh and Lisa/labfs39)

Thanks everyone and happy reading!

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AppuntatoQUESTIONS FOR THE AVID READER - 2022, PART 771 non letti / 71cindydavid4, Ieri 6:47pm
AppuntatoQ3 FAVOURITE READS16 non letti / 16dianeham, Martedì 7:03pm
AppuntatoWHAT ARE YOU READING? - Part 7200 non letti / 200dchaikin, Ieri 10:25pm
AppuntatoINTERESTING ARTICLES108 non letti / 108thorold, Settembre 13
AppuntatoINTRODUCTIONS145 non letti / 145cindydavid4, Settembre 16
AppuntatoMESSAGE BOARD64 non letti / 64lisapeet, Luglio 13
Barbara's (Ameise1) reading world 202288 non letti / 88FAMeulstee, Oggi 3:49am
Dilara's 2022 log209 non letti / 209Dilara86, Oggi 2:27am
thorold is cast by Fortune on a frowning coast in Q3 2022103 non letti / 103thorold, Oggi 12:56am
rocketjk's reading Route 22 Part 268 non letti / 68rocketjk, Ieri 8:02pm
Kidzdoc's Year of Uncertainty and Opportunity, Part 3244 non letti / 244kidzdoc, Ieri 7:41pm
Penny Reads in 2022243 non letti / 243pmarshall, Ieri 7:06pm
RidgewayGirl Reads in 2022, Third Quarter122 non letti / 122BLBera, Ieri 7:03pm
SassyLassy Seeing the Trees and the Forest200 non letti / 200SassyLassy, Ieri 4:30pm
BLBera Reads in 2022 - Second Half110 non letti / 110raton-liseur, Ieri 2:57pm
Danielle's (Yells) Year of Anything Goes212 non letti / 212Yells, Ieri 2:01pm
torontoc reads and maybe sees films in 2022154 non letti / 154rocketjk, Ieri 11:58am
AlisonY - Moseying Along As the Mood Takes Her in the 2H of 202277 non letti / 77AlisonY, Ieri 10:36am
MissBrangwen's First Year in Club Read - II67 non letti / 67raton-liseur, Ieri 10:27am
Labfs39 wanders the world of words in 2022 (pt. 4)118 non letti / 118BLBera, Ieri 10:21am
LyndaInOregon's Possibly Amusing Musings7 non letti / 7SassyLassy, Ieri 10:20am
LibraryLover23's 2022 Reading96 non letti / 96LibraryPerilous, Ieri 8:34am
Arubabookwoman Tackles The TBR In 2022233 non letti / 233avaland, Ieri 6:37am
Baswood's books part 236 non letti / 36raton-liseur, Ieri 4:00am
Cindy's Cats Cradle and Antique Books, under new managment116 non letti / 116cindydavid4, Martedì 11:21pm
Majkia on Bayou Sarah Ann149 non letti / 149labfs39, Martedì 8:33pm
Simone2 in 2022240 non letti / 240Simone2, Martedì 4:16pm
LW's abridged 202225 non letti / 25LolaWalser, Martedì 11:46am
Avaland & Dukedom_Enough's 2022 Reading, Part II72 non letti / 72Caroline_McElwee, Martedì 9:17am
Victorian Readalong Q3: Lady Anna by Anthony Trollope17 non letti / 17nohrt4me2, Lunedì 9:52pm
Diane - Randomly Reading Through the Night 2150 non letti / 150dianeham, Lunedì 9:37pm
Laurel's 2022 Book Lists By the Dozen!140 non letti / 140WelshBookworm, Lunedì 3:36pm
edwinbcn 2022 (Part 2) - Going home50 non letti / 50labfs39, Domenica 8:29pm
The Victorian Tavern129 non letti / 129MissBrangwen, Domenica 11:26am
wandering_star's new old things in 2022, part 241 non letti / 41labfs39, Domenica 9:20am
qebo's 2022 books (1)114 non letti / 114qebo, Domenica 8:10am
Karen (karspeak) is keen to read in 202255 non letti / 55labfs39, Sabato 4:57pm
Jennifer's 2022 Reading (japaul22) Part 297 non letti / 97rocketjk, Sabato 1:35pm
Cariola's 2022 Book Reviews125 non letti / 125avaland, Sabato 6:20am
Annie's 2022 Reading Diary - Part 2192 non letti / 192avaland, Sabato 6:12am
Trifolia's reading in 2022135 non letti / 135labfs39, Giovedì 5:15pm
Kat, my blank pages 202299 non letti / 99tonikat, Giovedì 10:57am
Victorian Readalong Q3: Hester by Margaret Oliphant17 non letti / 17kac522, Giovedì 10:38am
Ardene (markon) reads books & listens to music169 non letti / 169Dilara86, Giovedì 6:30am
The Victorian Readalongs: Q4 voting18 non letti / 18thorold, Giovedì 3:02am
QUESTIONS FOR THE AVID READER - 2022, PART 6216 non letti / 216thorold, Settembre 20
Ursula reads some things, part 259 non letti / 59japaul22, Settembre 20
Nickelini's Unfashionable Reading 2022 - 299 non letti / 99Nickelini, Settembre 20
dchaikin part 3 - sonnets and Robert Musil maybe.178 non letti / 178dchaikin, Settembre 20
Liz’s (almost) annual semestral postings (Eliz_M)150 non letti / 150dchaikin, Settembre 18
Bragan Keeps Turning Pages in 2022, Part 382 non letti / 82avaland, Settembre 18
Raton-Liseur's 2022 reading log (Part 3)25 non letti / 25raton-liseur, Settembre 18
THE GRAPHIC STORIES - Part 22 non letti / 2labfs39, Settembre 16
HOPE TO READ SOON: a tribute to Rebeccanyc157 non letti / 157labfs39, Settembre 14
Stretch's reading in 2022148 non letti / 148stretch, Settembre 14
Raton-Liseur's 2022 reading log (Part 2)152 non letti / 152raton-liseur, Settembre 14
Happy New Year - ready for new good books59 non letti / 59NduguSune, Settembre 12
Is Florence reading again?110 non letti / 110FlorenceArt, Settembre 11
Julie Reads in 2022108 non letti / 108Julie_in_the_Library, Settembre 10
jjmcgaffey's reading in 2022104 non letti / 104jjmcgaffey, Settembre 10
The Graphic Stories - Part 1153 non letti / 153Julie_in_the_Library, Settembre 9
NanaCC (Colleen) Reading in 2022184 non letti / 184NanaCC, Settembre 8
lisapeet 2022: Stay Amazing187 non letti / 187cindydavid4, Settembre 7
Victorian Q2 Read-Along: North and South77 non letti / 77dchaikin, Settembre 6
WHAT ARE YOU READING? - Part 6267 non letti / 267goingfishing, Settembre 1
Anki's 2022 Reading & Book Thoughts136 non letti / 136shadrach_anki, Agosto 31
Labfs39 wanders the world of words in 2022 (pt. 3)310 non letti / 310labfs39, Agosto 27
MissBrangwen's First Year in Club Read220 non letti / 220MissBrangwen, Agosto 25
OscarWilde87's reading log 202246 non letti / 46OscarWilde87, Agosto 25
Lilisin in 2022!54 non letti / 54wandering_star, Agosto 23
What Book Should I read Next?52 non letti / 52JoeB1934, Agosto 18
True Crime and other excitements for 2022 (nohrt4me2)101 non letti / 101avaland, Agosto 9
LadyoftheLodge Reads in 2022132 non letti / 132LadyoftheLodge, Agosto 9
JaneAJones tries to keep track...57 non letti / 57janeajones, Agosto 4
Kidzdoc's Year of Uncertainty and Opportunity, Part 2210 non letti / 210kidzdoc, Agosto 2
QUESTIONS FOR THE AVID READER - 2022, PART 5234 non letti / 234labfs39, Luglio 30
DieFledermaus starts reading again in 2022139 non letti / 139dchaikin, Luglio 30
wandering_star's new old things in 2022220 non letti / 220wandering_star, Luglio 26
edwinbcn 2022 (Part 1) - Going home5 non letti / 5edwinbcn, Luglio 26
edwinbcn 2022 - Keep calm & carry on (Part 1)201 non letti / 201edwinbcn, Luglio 26
WHAT ARE YOU READING? - Part 5222 non letti / 222lisapeet, Luglio 25
thorold lives in a society of emitters in Q2 2022179 non letti / 179avaland, Luglio 21
They Whisper in my Blood - a Portuguese-Indian love story the had its beginnings in Victorian times.2 non letti / 2BAPS, Luglio 20
Baswood's books 1173 non letti / 173baswood, Luglio 19
Cushla reads in 202217 non letti / 17labfs39, Luglio 18
QUESTIONS FOR THE AVID READER - 2022, PART 4204 non letti / 204dukedom_enough, Luglio 17
New Release Boom! Tum-Tum: Rat-a-Tat-Tat-Tat Now available at Amazon2 non letti / 2ELiz_M, Luglio 17
RidgewayGirl Reads in 2022, Second Quarter164 non letti / 164wandering_star, Luglio 14
Q2 FAVOURITE READS20 non letti / 20dianeham, Luglio 12
Victorian Readalong: Q3: Nominations and voting22 non letti / 22dchaikin, Luglio 11
AlisonY - Moseying Along As the Mood Takes Her in 2022240 non letti / 240AlisonY, Luglio 11
rhian_of_oz Reads in 2022 - January to June143 non letti / 143rhian_of_oz, Luglio 7
Nickelini's Unfashionable Reading 2022 - 1222 non letti / 222Nickelini, Luglio 7
dchaikin part 2203 non letti / 203dchaikin, Luglio 5
rhian_of_oz Reads in 2022 - July to December8 non letti / 8rhian_of_oz, Luglio 4
rocketjk's reading Route 22224 non letti / 224rocketjk, Luglio 3
Bragan Keeps Turning Pages in 2022, Part 273 non letti / 73bragan, Luglio 1
thorold is cast by fortune on a frowning coast in Q31 non letto / 1thorold, Luglio 1
Jennifer's 2022 Reading (japaul22)242 non letti / 242japaul22, Giugno 30
BLBera Reads in 2022237 non letti / 237BLBera, Giugno 29
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