2021 Category Challenge

Welcome to the 2021 Category Challenge!

What are the categories?

Anything you want them to be! Each member’s challenge is going to be different.

You can set as many categories as you like, in whatever genres you like.
You can set minimum numbers of books to read in each category, or you can fill them up as the whim takes you.
You can structure your reading year around a theme if you like.
You can focus on prize winners, certain geographical areas, topics that are of particular interest to you, series you want to finish, authors with an extensive backlist… the possibilities are endless.

What if I set up my challenge and then get tired of my categories later in the year?

If your challenge ends up not working for you for any reason, at any point during the year, change it up! There is no Category Challenge police. We’re here to read and have fun.

It's a zoo in here! What are these CATs and KITs and DOGs?

The CATs are the "official" year-long challenges voted on by the members, with different topics each month.

This year's CATs are:

GenreCAT wiki

HistoryCAT planning thread
HistoryCAT wiki

RandomCAT planning thread
RandomCAT wiki

The KITs are similar in structure to CATs, but they are informal challenges run by whichever member is willing to do so.

AlphaKIT planning thread
AlphaKIT wiki

GeoKIT planning thread
GeoKIT wiki

KITastrophe planning thread
KITastrophe wiki

MysteryKIT planning thread
MysteryKIT wiki

ScaredyKIT planning thread
ScaredyKIT wiki

SFFKIT planning thread

The BingoDOG (so named because it is not a CAT or a KIT) is a bingo card put together by the group members. One member will gather suggestions for squares and weed out duplicate suggestions, and the finalists are put on a bingo card. For several years our bingo cards have been constructed by the wonderful @LShelby.

BingoDOG planning thread
BingoDOG wiki

We also do GROUP READS!

Group reads planning thread

Do I have to be a member of this group to join the group challenges?

Not at all! If you have a home base in another group and just want to swing by for one of our group challenges, or a regular group read, you're most welcome to join us.

When do we get started?

The challenge officially starts January 1, 2021, but you can start earlier or later!

ArgomentoArgomentoMessaggiUltimo messaggio 
RidgewayGirl Reads Some Books in 2021 -- First Quarter171 non letti / 171VivienneR, Oggi 7:07pm
VivienneR visits Wind in the Willows168 non letti / 168VivienneR, Oggi 7:01pm
MissBrangwen's first category challenge! - II48 non letti / 48rabbitprincess, Oggi 6:16pm
What are we reading in February?85 non letti / 85rabbitprincess, Oggi 6:10pm
Majkia Reads What She Likes124 non letti / 124rabbitprincess, Oggi 6:07pm
Leslie Detects 2021169 non letti / 169pamelad, Oggi 5:03pm
Jackie's 2021 Jar of Fate category challenge98 non letti / 98Jackie_K, Oggi 4:38pm
justchris works on the TBR box sitting in the bedroom38 non letti / 38Jackie_K, Oggi 4:19pm
SFF-KIT 2021 - February - Sentient Things80 non letti / 80spiralsheep, Oggi 3:18pm
February ScaredyKIT: Creepy Nonfiction25 non letti / 25lowelibrary, Oggi 2:52pm
Lisa's 2021 Category Challenge98 non letti / 98lsh63, Oggi 2:38pm
Cora's 2021 Challenge46 non letti / 46christina_reads, Oggi 2:20pm
February Genre CAT BIOGRAPHY84 non letti / 84Cora-R, Oggi 2:17pm
Liz M - NYC and me108 non letti / 108katiekrug, Oggi 1:34pm
MysteryMax Reads in 2021 - Mysteries First113 non letti / 113mysterymax, Oggi 1:06pm
Katie Reads... and Reads Some More!117 non letti / 117katiekrug, Oggi 12:12pm
Charlotte (Charl08) swims with the penguins (2)109 non letti / 109charl08, Oggi 11:43am
pammab's 2021 challenge69 non letti / 69christina_reads, Oggi 11:34am
rabbitprincess stops making sense in 2021187 non letti / 187MissBrangwen, Oggi 10:47am
spiralsheep's GeoKIT and BingoDOG pets, 2021 (part 2)39 non letti / 39spiralsheep, Oggi 4:04am
Nickelini's Category Challenge 202158 non letti / 58VivienneR, Oggi 2:01am
Lori (thornton37814) Watches Birds with Her Fur Boys in 2021232 non letti / 232thornton37814, Ieri 10:19pm
DeltaQueen's 2021 Challenge - Reading Is Like a Box of Chocolates - Part 2229 non letti / 229DeltaQueen50, Ieri 8:36pm
susanna.fraser goes exploring in 202188 non letti / 88susanna.fraser, Ieri 4:40pm
Chrischi_HH reads for a new home in 202140 non letti / 40Chrischi_HH, Ieri 2:30pm
Cheli's Mountainous Category Challenge for 202157 non letti / 57cyderry, Ieri 2:01pm
February RandomCAT: Fruits & Veggies90 non letti / 90Cora-R, Ieri 1:09pm
LadyoftheLodge reads in 2021159 non letti / 159LadyoftheLodge, Ieri 12:14pm
MissWatson roams the centuries154 non letti / 154spiralsheep, Ieri 10:37am
Helenliz sends a postcard213 non letti / 213RidgewayGirl, Ieri 10:24am
Jennifer's 2021 Category Challenge (japaul22)92 non letti / 92japaul22, Ieri 9:45am
February AlphaKIT: T and K59 non letti / 59majkia, Ieri 9:01am
February 2021 BingoDOG Reads94 non letti / 94Helenliz, Ieri 2:47am
Tess Reads in Time and Space Page 242 non letti / 42Tess_W, Ieri 1:14am
Sally Lou's reading in 202167 non letti / 67sallylou61, Ieri 12:00am
BookLizard's Pathetic 2021 Category Challenge12 non letti / 12BookLizard, Mercoledì 8:01pm
February MysteryKIT: Pastiche Mysteries59 non letti / 59beebeereads, Mercoledì 5:10pm
Pamelad's Clayton's Categories175 non letti / 175spiralsheep, Mercoledì 3:37pm
This-n-That Simplifies Things Even More in 2021 v2.061 non letti / 61This-n-That, Mercoledì 2:47pm
****Romance of the Three Kingdoms - Year long group read37 non letti / 37DeltaQueen50, Mercoledì 12:54pm
mstrust's little yet fierce challenge- #247 non letti / 47mstrust, Mercoledì 11:11am
February History Cat: 1800-Modern Day64 non letti / 64christina_reads, Mercoledì 10:35am
Christina reads the four seasons in 2021163 non letti / 163christina_reads, Mercoledì 10:32am
Dogearedcopy's "21/U" Cat Stax49 non letti / 49MissBrangwen, Mercoledì 5:44am
Paul is overambitious as always181 non letti / 181PaulCranswick, Mercoledì 5:11am
Amber's (scaifea) 2021 Category Challenge162 non letti / 162scaifea, Martedì 10:01am
March GenreCAT Action & Adventure31 non letti / 31fuzzi, Martedì 9:52am
Betty (dudes22) 2021 Challenge - I'm Reading with a Great Group117 non letti / 117dudes22, Martedì 9:40am
GeoKit Oceania 202133 non letti / 33Tess_W, Martedì 9:19am
JayneCM Feels At Home In 202193 non letti / 93JayneCM, Martedì 6:09am
mathgirl40's 2021 category challenge56 non letti / 56RidgewayGirl, Lunedì 7:17pm
casvelyn's 2021 reading92 non letti / 92casvelyn, Lunedì 9:29am
Rhea's 2021 Challenge67 non letti / 67Settings, Domenica 11:31pm
Cindy/LibraryCin's 2021 Challenges90 non letti / 90LibraryCin, Domenica 10:23pm
KITastrophe: Yearlong-Epidemics and Pandemics12 non letti / 12LibraryCin, Domenica 10:07pm
SFFKIT - March - Fortune and Glory!16 non letti / 16Kristelh, Domenica 9:12pm
March HistoryCat: Early Modern History c. 1500 - 180015 non letti / 15threadnsong, Domenica 7:21pm
GeoKIT 2021 (all year): North America36 non letti / 36threadnsong, Domenica 6:31pm
Whitewavedarling is back for 2021...35 non letti / 35whitewavedarling, Domenica 5:50pm
Threadnsong Accepts Reading Challenges15 non letti / 15threadnsong, Domenica 5:12pm
NinieB thinks chronologically139 non letti / 139lyzard, Domenica 4:23pm
Audiobooks50 non letti / 50luvamystery65, Domenica 2:29pm
March MysteryKIT - Locked-Room Mysteries29 non letti / 29rabbitprincess, Domenica 1:57pm
March AlphaKIT: U and R15 non letti / 15jeanned, Domenica 12:44pm
Roberta's (luvamystery65) very, very full plate 2021 Challenge71 non letti / 71BookLizard, Domenica 10:51am
GeoKIT 2021 (all year): South America20 non letti / 20spiralsheep, Domenica 3:34am
March RandomCAT: It's a Surprise!19 non letti / 19MissBrangwen, Sabato 7:33am
MissBrangwen's first category challenge!194 non letti / 194MissBrangwen, Sabato 6:16am
Shannon Starts Again in 2021 (sturlington)32 non letti / 32Tess_W, Sabato 5:44am
lavaturtle's comics-filled 202121 non letti / 21lavaturtle, Venerdì 8:15pm
Clue Has A Laid Back Year in 202153 non letti / 53clue, Venerdì 1:47pm
Stacy's (LittleTaiko) 2021 Battle of the Sexes57 non letti / 57RidgewayGirl, Venerdì 1:08pm
GenreCAT 202172 non letti / 72leslie.98, Febbraio 18
Kerry (avatiakh) loves a challenge65 non letti / 65avatiakh, Febbraio 18
CBL (cbl_tn) keeps it simple in 202196 non letti / 96RidgewayGirl, Febbraio 18
Hannah Jo’s Forest of Reading 202143 non letti / 43MissBrangwen, Febbraio 18
GeoKIT 2021 (all year): Polar31 non letti / 31MissBrangwen, Febbraio 18
Pete's 2021 can he even spell the thread right this time challenge?47 non letti / 47psutto, Febbraio 18
Tess Reads in Time and Space Page 1202 non letti / 202Tess_W, Febbraio 16
MysteryKIT planning thread113 non letti / 113thornton37814, Febbraio 16
GeoKIT 2021 (all year): Africa22 non letti / 22Robertgreaves, Febbraio 16
Is Anyone Here on Litsy?27 non letti / 27rabbitprincess, Febbraio 16
March ScaredyKit: Short Stories and Novellas13 non letti / 13Tess_W, Febbraio 16
Markon reads in 202171 non letti / 71markon, Febbraio 15
RandomCAT planning thread 202137 non letti / 37SilverWolf28, Febbraio 15
Kristel's Reading Life in Lists50 non letti / 50Kristelh, Febbraio 15
Jenn's 2021 Challenge21 non letti / 21deep220, Febbraio 15
ScaredyKIT 2021 Planning Thread56 non letti / 56DeltaQueen50, Febbraio 14
HistoryCAT Planning thread135 non letti / 135DeltaQueen50, Febbraio 14
AlphaKIT Planning Thread59 non letti / 59fuzzi, Febbraio 14
The Official UN-official SFF-KIT Planning Thread For 2021!!!55 non letti / 55fuzzi, Febbraio 14
lindapanzo rounds the bases in 202177 non letti / 77lindapanzo, Febbraio 14
spiralsheep's GeoKIT and BingoDOG pets, 2021192 non letti / 192spiralsheep, Febbraio 14
January ScaredyKIT: Graphic Novels and YA43 non letti / 43Tess_W, Febbraio 14
Lori (lkernagh) Gets Connected with Her 2021 Reading121 non letti / 121VivienneR, Febbraio 13
February Group Read: Voss33 non letti / 33pamelad, Febbraio 13
Lord Peter Wimsey Group Read11 non letti / 11christina_reads, Febbraio 13
Buddy Read - The complete stories: Clarice Lispector17 non letti / 17markon, Febbraio 12
mstrust's little yet fierce challenge204 non letti / 204mstrust, Febbraio 12
GeoKIT 2021 (all year): Europe30 non letti / 30spiralsheep, Febbraio 12
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