Readers Over Sixty

Any member who wants to talk about books, people, events that happened that long ago. What were you reading 50+ years ago? In elementary school? In high school? In college and/or while you did other things? Which of those books affected you and why? What type of reading have you done all your life? How has your reading changed over the years?

I think these and other questions will provide interesting discussion.

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Novels about older women22 non letti / 22pamelad, Dicembre 2021
Holiday Traditions15 non letti / 15Lgood67334, Dicembre 2021
Best November reads10 non letti / 10LyndaInOregon, Dicembre 2021
Best October 2021 Read15 non letti / 15Tess_W, Novembre 2021
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Two 5's and a DNF6 non letti / 6Tess_W, Settembre 2021
Favorite Sayings/Passages23 non letti / 23vwinsloe, Settembre 2021
Fads/Inventions27 non letti / 27LadyLo, Settembre 2021
Life-long Catalogue14 non letti / 14LadyLo, Settembre 2021
Things my parents taught me............14 non letti / 14LadyLo, Settembre 2021
What book(s) would you have given a different title?10 non letti / 10librorumamans, Settembre 2021
August Reads?2 non letti / 2Tess_W, Settembre 2021
What is your favorite food memory?26 non letti / 26lilithcat, Agosto 2021
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It is so hot...17 non letti / 17haydninvienna, Luglio 2021
Teachers good and bad9 non letti / 9haydninvienna, Giugno 2021
Post Opening/Vaccine "Adventures"17 non letti / 17Tess_W, Giugno 2021
Greatest Books algorithm21 non letti / 21pamelad, Giugno 2021
Authors those over 60 re-read7 non letti / 7TempleCat, Giugno 2021
Not just over 60 - 100 years old reader!11 non letti / 11librorumamans, Giugno 2021
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Books for those over age 6033 non letti / 33rchapman1, Maggio 2021
Most Memorable Reads as a Young Reader73 non letti / 73dustydigger, Maggio 2021
Favorite Book Read in March 20218 non letti / 8LyndaInOregon, Maggio 2021
Has a book ever changed your life?6 non letti / 6pamelad, Maggio 2021
Most Held Books by this Group28 non letti / 28vwinsloe, Maggio 2021
Group Factoids1 non letto / 1Tess_W, Maggio 2021
Early Closing: Wednesday13 non letti / 13sarahemmm, Maggio 2021
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thought i joined this...3 non letti / 3Crypto-Willobie, Maggio 2021
Did Someone Read to you as a child?12 non letti / 122wonderY, Maggio 2021
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What's All the Hype?85 non letti / 85Tess_W, Aprile 2021
Crime Reads or your guide to not getting murdered in an English Village5 non letti / 5dustydigger, Aprile 2021
New Members5 non letti / 5Tess_W, Aprile 2021
How did you learn to read?127 non letti / 127crazeedi73, Aprile 2021
But Why Didn't You Finish It?22 non letti / 22krazy4katz, Aprile 2021
Welcome to the Group!102 non letti / 102Tess_W, Marzo 2021
To Re-read or not, that is the question!13 non letti / 13dustydigger, Marzo 2021 the classroom37 non letti / 37John5918, Marzo 2021
Newspapers & Comics18 non letti / 18dustydigger, Marzo 2021
What's the best thing you ever bought for less than $20 ?36 non letti / 36smirks4u, Marzo 2021
What book were you assigned to read in school that you disliked the most?43 non letti / 43Tess_W, Marzo 2021
Hobbies61 non letti / 61mckait, Marzo 2021
Is it fair .. .. .. ..6 non letti / 6Suspected.Spam, Marzo 2021
Accents/Linguistics...20 non letti / 20terriks, Febbraio 2021
Most memorable book character and why?11 non letti / 11terriks, Febbraio 2021
A,E,I,O U and sometimes W and Y7 non letti / 72wonderY, Febbraio 2021
A,E,I,O,U and sometimes W and Y3 non letti / 3krazy4katz, Febbraio 2021
A,E,I,O,U and sometimes W and Y1 non letto / 1Tess_W, Febbraio 2021
Zebra book club from the 80's? Anyone a member?6 non letti / 6LadyoftheLodge, Febbraio 2021
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Christmas Menus10 non letti / 10lilithcat, Dicembre 2020
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Your Best Christmas Memories8 non letti / 8Dilara86, Dicembre 2020
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