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Moon in Full: A Modern Day Coming-Of-Age Story

In his memoir, Moon in Full, Marpheen Chan recounts an emotional and modern day coming-of-age story that has roots in the Cambodian genocide and weaves through troubled familial relationships, housing projects, foster homes, churches, and college life, as well as rural Maine where he struggles to reconcile his fears and beliefs as a young gay man of color adopted into a white Evangelical family. He has continually struggled with his lost identity as a Cambodian and homophobia as a young gay man of color. As PTSD, poverty, abuse, and addiction took their toll on his mother, Chann and his siblings were removed and placed into foster care. And that is where his journey into adulthood truly begins.

With compassion and honesty, Chann recalls what he has learned, what he has found and what he has lost in his evolution from rebel boy to holy-roller youth to advocate for equality and civil rights, all in one of the nation's oldest and least diverse states; but a state that he proudly calls home. Chann's story shines a spotlight on the search for truth, compassion, and the struggles of our complicated era.

Biography & Memoir, LGBTQ+, Nonfiction
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Islandport Press (Editore)
June 2022
Inizia il: 2022-06-06
Termina il: 2022-06-27
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