The 2021 LGBTQ Pride Month Treasure Hunt is over. Check back next year.

2021 LGBTQ Pride Month Treasure Hunt

It's June, and our annual Pride Month Hunt has returned!

We've let loose a shower of rainbows around the site. You'll solve the clues below to find the rainbows and gather them all together.

  • Decipher the clues below and visit the corresponding LibraryThing pages to find a rainbow. Each clue points to a specific page right here on LibraryThing. Remember, they are not necessarily work pages!
  • If there's a rainbow on a page, you'll see a banner at the top of the page.
  • You have just over one week to find all the rainbows (until 4pm EDT, Thursday June 24th).
  • Come brag about your shower of rainbows (and get hints) on Talk.

Win prizes:

  • Any member who finds at least one rainbow will be awarded a rainbow badge Badge: .
  • Members who find all 12 rainbows will be entered into a drawing for one of five LibraryThing (or TinyCat) coaster sets and stickers. We'll announce winners at the end of the hunt.

P.S. Thanks to conceptDawg for the cock-of-the-rock illustration! According to Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity by Bruce Bagemihl, male cock-of-the-rock "delight in homosexuality."
ConceptDawg has made all of our treasure hunt graphics in the last couple of years. We like them, and hope you do, too!

Te lo sei perso

Arcobaleno 1

A celebrated writer of the ancient world,
Among the Melic poets she was the only girl.
A devotee of Aphrodite, with her sacred dove,
Her name is given to a certain kind of love.

Arcobaleno 2

For 1622, a most unusual Italian play,
Whose author was a famous actor in his day.
Florinda's love of Lidia was, for its time, a fluke,
Not born of deception, not met with rebuke.

Arcobaleno 3

Poet, playwright, wit and beau,
A man of many faces, oft for show.
Brightest star, prosecuted and brought low,
Fame and fortune were no shield against the blow.

Arcobaleno 4

These first saw light in 1971,
A groundbreaking award whose day had come.
Although it had a different name and origin to start,
It has since been taken to the ALA's heart.

Arcobaleno 5

Magical adventure, in a cerulean sea,
An island of orphans where our hero must be.
Sent to watch and to judge by those up above,
He's surprised when instead he finds family and love.

Arcobaleno 6

A hero who was killed before his time,
A pioneer unafraid of stepping out of line.
The books on him would surely fill a shelf,
But here you'll discover what he said himself.

Arcobaleno 7

A fairy-tale as old as time,
Bright pictures and a text in rhyme,
There is no princess that this prince would woo,
But rather, a noble knight - both brave and true.

Arcobaleno 8

What page this is, I think I know,
It's where our members' tags do show.
And though they are not all the same,
We group them there, beneath one name.

Arcobaleno 9

A boy, some mermaids, a meeting on a train,
The boy then plays a magic dress-up game.
He is still himself, his abuela knows,
Whatever gender, whatever clothes.

Arcobaleno 10

Thirty-three years old and going strong,
The second major LGBT award to come along.
Genres, voices - a diverse array,
Twenty-two prizes to be given away.

Arcobaleno 11

An academic work that looks at the border,
An idea deconstructed, and taken out of order.
English and Spanish, poetry and prose,
A Mestiza identity that the author knows.

Arcobaleno 12

Slavery and love - two poles in opposition,
Isaiah and Samuel know their terrible position.
Not free to love, not free to be,
Their secret bond leads to tragedy.