EventiHan Dynasty

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Antica Cina di Maurizio Scarpari220 CE
Art & Political Expression in Early China di Mr. Martin J. PowersChinese history, 206 BCE-220 CE
Calliope: The Han Dynasty of China di Rosalie Baker220 CE
The Cambridge History of China, Vol. 1: The Ch'in and Han Empires, 221 BC-AD 220 di Denis Crispin Twitchett
Cao Zhi: The Life of a Princely Chinese Poet di Hugh Dunn220 CE
China zur Zeit der Han-Dynastie. Kultur und Geschichte. di Michèle Pirazzoli-T'Serstevens220 CE
China; an interpretive history, from the beginnings to the fall of Han di Joseph Richmond Levenson220 CE
La Chine des Han histoire et civilisation di Michèle Pirazzoli-T'Serstevens220 CE
Chinese Rhyme-Prose di Burton Watson220 CE
Chronicle of the Chinese Emperors: The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial China di Ann Paludan220 CE
Courtier And Commoner In Ancient China: Selections From The History Of The Former Han by Pan Ku di Burton Watson220 CE
Crisis and conflict in Han China, 104 BC to AD 9 di Michael Loewe220 CE
Day of the Dragon King (Magic Tree House (R)) di Mary Pope Osborne220 CE
Disney Storyteller: Mulan - Storyette di June Foray
Dragon Moon di Carole Wilkinson220 CE
The Dragon Throne: China's Emperors from the Qin to the Manchu di Jonathan Fenby220 CE
The Dream of Confucius di Jean Levi220 CE
The Early Chinese Empires: Qin and Han di Mark Edward Lewis220 CE
The early civilization of China di Yong Yap Cotterell220 CE
Emperor Huan and Emperor Ling: Being the Chronicle of Later Han for the Years 157 to 189 A.D. as Recorded in Chapters 54 to 59 of the Zizhi Tongjian (Faculty of Asian Studies Monographs) di Rafe de Crespigny220 CE
Eskenazi: Ceramic Sculpture From Han and Tang China di Eskenazi Edizioni220 CE
The Establishment of the Han Empire and Imperial China di Grant Hardy220 CE
Everyday Life in Early Imperial China di Michael Loewe220 CE
Fighting Ships of the Far East (1): China and Southeast Asia, 202 BC-AD 1419 di Stephen Turnbull220 CE
Garden of the Purple Dragon di Carole Wilkinson220 CE
Generals of the South: The Foundation and Early History of the Three Kingdoms State of Wu (Faculty of Asian Studies Mono di Rafe de Crespigny220 CE
The Government of the Qin And Han Empires: 221 Bce-220 Ce di Michael Loewe220 CE
The Grand Scribe's Records: Volume 2: The Basic Annals of the Han Dynasty di Ssu-ma Ch'ien220 CE
The Great Wall of China 221 BC - AD 1644 di Stephen Turnbull220 CE
Han Agriculture: The Formation of Early Chinese Agrarian Economy, 206 B.C.-A.D. 220 (Han Dynasty, China ; V. 2) di Cho-Yun Hsu220 CE
Han Civilization (Early Chinese Civilization Series) di Zhongshu Wang220 CE
The Han civilization of China di Michèle Pirazzoli-T'Serstevens220 CE
Han dai wen wu te zhan tu lu =: Special exhibition of Han dynasty artifacts (Mandarin Chinese Edition)220 CE
The Han Dynasty di Michèle Pirazzoli-T'Serstevens220 CE
Heaven and Earth in Early Han Thought: Chapters Three, Four, and Five of the Huainanzi (S U N Y Series in Chinese Philos di John S. Major
The History of the Former Han Dynasty di Gu Ban220 CE
Imperial Chinese Armies : 200 BC-589 AD di CJ Peers220 CE
J. J. Lally & Co., Arts of the Han Dynasty, Spring 1998 di J. J. Lally & Co.
Il libro della filosofia di Will Buckingham
Military Culture in Imperial China di Nicola Di Cosmo220 CE
Military Operations in the Han Period di Michael Loewe220 CE
Mulan di Tony Bancroft
Mulan II [2004 animated film] di Darrell Rooney
Mulan II: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack di Joel McNeely
Mulan: Original 1998 Motion Picture Soundtrack di Jerry Goldsmith
Mysteries of Ancient China di Jessica Rawson220 CE
Northern Frontier: The Policies and Strategy of the Later Han Empire (Faculty of Asian Studies Monographs, 4) di Rafe de Crespigny220 CE
Portents of protest in the later Han dynasty : the memorials of Hsiang Kai to Emporor Huan in 166 A.D di Rafe de Crespigny220 CE
Princes of jade di Edmund Capon220 CE
Realistic style in the art of Han and Tang China di William Watson
Recarving China's Past: Art, Archaeology and Architecture of the "Wu Family Shrines" (American Art in the Princeton Univ di Cary Y. Liu220 CE
Records of the Grand Historian: Han Dynasty I di Qian Sima220 CE
Records of the Grand Historian: Han Dynasty II di Qian Sima220 CE
Records of the Han Administration. Vol. II: Documents di Michael Loewe220 CE
Songs and Story: Mulan di Walt Disney Records
Three generals of later Han di Gregory Young220 CE
To Establish Peace: Being the Chronicle of Later Han for the Years 189 to 220 A.D. (Faculty of Asian Studies Momographs New Series Vol 21) di Rafe de Crespigny220 CE
Trade and expansion in Han China; a study in the structure of Sino-barbarian economic relations di Yu Ying-Shih220 CE
Worlds of Bronze and Bamboo di Grant Hardy220 CE
汉长安城 [Han Chang'an cheng] di 刘 庆柱, [Liu Qingzhu]220 CE