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Personaggi: Edward IV, King of England

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The Adventures of Alianore Audley di Brian Wainwright
The Battle of Bosworth di Michael Bennett
The Battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury di P. W. Hammond
Beggarmaid, Queen di Maureen Peters
A Biography of William Caxton: The First English Editor, Printer, Merchant, and Translator di Richard Deacon
Blood Royal: The Wars of the Roses: 1462-1485 di Hugh Bicheno
Bosworth 1485: The Battle that Transformed England di Michael K. Jones
Bosworth Field and the Wars of the Roses di A. L. Rowse
A Brief History of Britain 1066 - 1485 di Nicholas Vincent
A Brief History of Medieval Warfare di Peter Reid
By loyalty bound di Elizabeth Ashworth
The Captive Heart di Bertrice Small
Caxton's Own Prose di N. F. Blake
The Complete Guide to the Battlefields of Britain di David Smurthwaite
The Confession of Richard Plantagenet di Dora Greenwell McChesney
Crown and Nobility: England 1272-1461 di Anthony Tuck
Crown of Roses di Valerie Anand
The Daring Heart di Carmen Caine
A Dark History: Tudors Murder, Adultery, Incest, Witchcraft, Wars, Religious Persection, Piracy di Judith John
Daughter of York di Anne Easter Smith
The Death of Kings : Royal Deaths in Medieval England di Michael Evans
Desire the Kingdom: A Story of the Last Plantagenets di Paula Simonds Zabka
Dickon di Marjorie Bowen
Digging for Richard III: The Search for the Lost King di Mike Pitts
The divided rose di Jean Evans
The Dreams of Kings di David K. Saunders
Edward IV di Charles Ross
Edward IV di Hannes Kleineke
Edward IV di Michael Hicks
Edward IV and the Wars of the Roses di David Santiuste
Edward IV: A Source Book di Keith Dockray
Edward V: The Prince in the Tower di Michael Hicks
Eleanor the Secret Queen: The Woman Who Put Richard III on the Throne di John Ashdown-Hill
Elizabeth of York: A Tudor Queen and Her World di Alison Weir
Elizabeth Woodville: Mother of the Princes in the Tower di David Baldwin
Elizabeth Wydeville: The Slandered Queen di Arlene Okerlund
Encyclopedia of the Wars of the Roses di John A. Wagner
England in the Late Middle Ages di A. R. Myers
England in the Later Middle Ages: A Political History di M.H. Keen
English Monarchs: William The Conqueror, Henry VIII, Edward The Confessor, Henry VII, Henry II, Edward IV, Richard III ( di David C. Douglas
English Monarchs: William The Conqueror, Henry VIII, Edward The Confessor, Henry VII, Henry II, Edward IV, Richard III (7 Volume Set Complete) di Charles Ross
The Exiled di Posie Graeme-Evans
False, Fleeting, Perjur'd Clarence: George, Duke of Clarence, 1449-78 di M. A. Hicks
La figlia del tempo di Josephine Tey
La futura regina di Philippa Gregory
The Goldsmith's Wife di Jean Plaidy
Great Tales from English History Omnibus di Robert Lacey
Hastings to Culloden: Battles of Britain di Peter Young
He Who Plays the King di Mary Hocking
Henry VI di Bertram Wolffe
Henry VI, Part 2 di William Shakespeare
Henry VI, Part 3 di William Shakespeare
Henry VII di S. B. Chrimes
The Hollow Crown: A History of Britain in the Late Middle Ages di Miri Rubin
The Horizon Book of the Elizabethan World di Lacey Baldwin Smith
The Household of Edward IV: The Black Book and the Ordinance of 1478 di Alec Reginald Myers
I, Richard Plantagenet di J. P. Reedman
Imagining Robin Hood: The Late Medieval Stories in Historical Context di A.J. Pollard
The Innocent di Posie Graeme-Evans
Keepers of the Kingdom: The Ancient Offices of Britain di Alastair Bruce
The King's Grace: A Novel di Anne Easter Smith
The King's Grave: The Discovery of Richard III's Lost Burial Place and the Clues It Holds di Philippa Langley
The King's Daughter di Sandra Worth
The King's Grey Mare di Rosemary Hawley Jarman
Knight Errant di R. Garcia y Robertson
Lady of the Roses: A Novel of the Wars of the Roses di Sandra Worth
Lancaster against York di Trevor Royle
Lancastrians and Yorkists: The Wars of the Roses di David R. Cook
The Last Days of Richard III and the Fate of His DNA di John Ashdown-Hill
The Last Medieval Queens: English Queenship 1445-1503 di J. L. Laynesmith
The Last of the Barons di Edward Bulwer Lytton, Baron Lytton
The Last Plantagenets di Thomas B. Costain
The Last White Rose: The Secret Wars of the Tudors di Desmond Seward
The Later Middle Ages in England, 1216-1485 di B. Wilkinson
Less Fortunate Than Fair di Sandra Wilson
The Life and Times of Edward IV di Gila Falkus
The Life and Times of Richard III di Anthony Cheetham
Lion Invincible di Carol Wensby-Scott
Love & War di Sandra Worth
Making Martyrs: Political Martyrdom in Late Medieval England di D. Piroyansky
The Making of the Tudor Dynasty di Ralph A. Griffiths
The Master of Bruges di Terence Morgan
The Mysterious Mistress: The Life and Legend of Jane Shore di Margaret Crosland
The Mythology of Richard III di John Ashdown-Hill
Notorious Royal Marriages: A Juicy Journey Through Nine Centuries of Dynasty, Destiny, and Desire di Leslie Carroll
On Royalty: A Very Polite Inquiry Into Some Strangely Related Families di Jeremy Paxman
Our Island Story: A History of England for Boys and Girls di H. E. Marshall
The Perfect Prince: Truth and Deception in Renaissance Europe di Ann Wroe
The Perkin Warbeck Conspiracy 1491-1499 di Ian Arthurson
Plantagenet Encyclopedia: An Alphabetic Guide to 400 Years of English History di Elizabeth Hallam
Plantageneti di John Harvey
The Plantagenets (Histories) di Ben Hubbard
The Plantagenets: The Kings That Made Britain di Derek Wilson
The Princes in the Tower di Alison Weir
The Princes in the Tower di Elizabeth Jenkins
The Queen of Last Hopes di Susan Higginbotham
The Queen Who Never Was di Maureen Peters
Red Rose of Anjou di Jean Plaidy
Red Rose, White Rose di Joanna Hickson
La regina della rosa bianca di Philippa Gregory
The Reign of Edward IV di Eric N. Simons
The Religious Life of Richard III : Piety and Prayer in the North of England di Jonathan Hughes
Riccardo III di William Shakespeare
Richard : The Young King To Be di Josephine Wilkinson
Richard III di Charles Derek Ross
Richard III and the Princes in the Tower di A.J. Pollard
Richard III: A Royal Enigma di Sean Cunningham
Richard III: England's Black Legend di Desmond Seward
Richard the Third di Paul Murray Kendall
The Ring and the Crown: A History of Royal Weddings, 1066-2011 di Alison Weir
Royal Mistress di Anne Easter Smith
Sanctuary di Blanche Hardy
A Secret Alchemy di Emma Darwin
Select Documents of English Constitutional History di S. B. Chrimes
Snared Nightingale di Geoffrey Trease
Son of York di Julia Hamilton
Das Spiel der Könige di Rebecca Gablé
The Stolen Crown: The Secret Marriage that Forever Changed the Fate of England di Susan Higginbotham
The Sun In Splendor di Juliet Dymoke
The Sun in Splendour di Jean Plaidy
The Sunne in Splendour di Sharon Kay Penman
A Terrible Tomboy di Angela Brazil
La tessitrice di arazzi di Vanora Bennett
The Third Plantagenet: Duke of Clarence, Richard III's Brother di John Ashdown-Hill
This Sun of York: a Biography of Edward IV di Mary Clive
Three Blind Mice: The Dark History of Nursery Rhymes di Albert Jack
The Three Richards: Richard I, Richard II and Richard III di Nigel Saul
The Tower of London in the History of England di A. L. Rowse
Towton 1461: England's Bloodiest Battle di Christopher Gravett
Treason di Meredith Whitford
A Treasury of Royal Scandals: The Shocking True Stories History's Wickedest, Weirdest, Most Wanton Kings, Queens, Tsars, Popes, and Emperors di Michael Farquhar
The Uncrowned Queen: A Novel di Posie Graeme-Evans
The Unpopular King: The Life and Times of Richard III, Volume 1 di Alfred Owen Legge
The Virgin Widow di Anne O'Brien
Wales and the Wars of the Roses di H. T. Evans
The Wars of the Roses di John Gillingham
The Wars of the Roses di Anthony Cheetham
The Wars of the Roses di J. R. Lander
The Wars of the Roses di Robin Neillands
The Wars of the Roses di Alison Weir
The Wars of the Roses: A Concise History di Charles Derek Ross
The Wars of the Roses: Military activity and English society, 1452-97 di Anthony Goodman
The Wars of the Roses: The Fall of the Plantagenets and the Rise of the Tudors di Dan Jones
Warwick the Kingmaker di Paul Murray Kendall
We Speak No Treason di Rosemary Hawley Jarman
We Speak No Treason: The Flowering of the Rose di Rosemary Hawley Jarman
We Speak No Treason: The White Rose Turned to Blood di Rosemary Hawley Jarman
The White Rose di Jan Westcott
White Rose Dies di Miles Tudor
White Rose, Dark Summer di Eleanor Fairburn
Who's Who In Late Medieval England di M. A. Hicks
Wife to the Kingmaker di Sandra Wilson
William Caxton (Twayne's English authors series ; TEAS 263) di Frieda Elaine Penninger
William Caxton and Early Printing in England di Lotte Hellinga
William Caxton: A biography di George D. Painter
William Caxton: A Portrait in a Background di Edmund Childs
The Women of the Cousins' War: The Duchess, the Queen, and the King's Mother di Philippa Gregory
The World of Richard III di Kristie Dean
The Year of Three Kings di Giles St. Aubyn

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