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Premi assegnati a un libro: Young Hoosier Book Award Nominee

Opere (1,278)

The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To di DC Pierson
An American Ghost di Chester Aaron1974-1975
Blackbriar di William Sleator1974-1975
Dreams of Victory di Ellen Conford1974-1975
Encyclopedia Brown Saves the Day di Donald J. Sobol1974-1975
End of the Game di Hila Colman1974-1975
Goal to Go di Mike Neigoff1974-1975
The House of Wings di Betsy Byars1974-1975
The last lap di William Campbell Gault1974-1975
The Mysterious Disappearance of Leon (I Mean Noel) di Ellen Raskin1974-1975
Mystery in the Museum di Betty Cavanna1974-1975
A Room Made of Windows di Eleanor Cameron1974-1975
Rupert Piper and Megan, the valuable girl di Ethelyn M. Parkinson1974-1975
Sneakers di Ray Anthony Shepard1974-1975
Squib di Nina Bawden1974-1975
La stanza segreta di Johanna Reiss1974-1975
Steady, Freddie! di Scott Corbett1974-1975
Teacup Full of Roses di Sharon Bell Mathis1974-1975
Topo-secret di Robert C. O'Brien1974-1975
The Vicksburg Veteran di F. N. Monjo1974-1975
After the Goat Man di Betsy Byars1975-1976
Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret di Judy Blume1975-1976
The Bears' House di Marilyn Sachs1975-1976
Canyon Winter di Walt Morey1975-1976
A ciascuno il suo corpo: imprevisti, incidenti, panico, risate per uno scambio impossibile di Mary Rodgers1975-1976
Dinky Hocker è sola di M. E. Kerr1975-1976
Il fantasma di Thomas Kempe di Penelope Lively1975-1976
The Genie of Sutton Place di George Selden1975-1976
Hang Tough, Paul Mather di Alfred Slote1975-1976
Mandy di Julie Andrews1975-1976
The Return of the Great Brain di John D. Fitzgerald1975-1976
The Shark in Charlie's Window di Keo Felker Lazarus1975-1976
Socks di Beverly Cleary1975-1976
Somebody Go and Bang a Drum di Rebecca Caudill1975-1976
Time to Go Back di Mabel Esther Allan1975-1976
Who Really Killed Cock Robin? di Jean Craighead George1975-1976
The Witches of Worm di Zilpha Keatley Snyder1975-1976
The Young Loner di Bianca Bradbury1975-1976
And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? di Jean Fritz1976-1977
Doodle and the Go-Cart di Robert Burch1976-1977
The Ears of Louis di Constance C. Greene1976-1977
Gli immortali di Natalie Babbitt1976-1977
John come down the backstay di Caroline Tapley1976-1977
The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles di Julie Andrews1976-1977
Me and the Terrible Two di Ellen Conford1976-1977
Meet Me at Tamerlane's Tomb di Barbara Corcoran1976-1977
Philip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe. di Bette Greene1976-1977
Quando Hitler rubò il coniglio rosa di Judith Kerr1976-1977
Ramona la monella di Beverly Cleary1976-1977
Red Pawns di Leonard Wibberley1976-1977
La scatola dei cento penny di Sharon Bell Mathis1976-1977
The Tales of Olga da Polga di Michael Bond1976-1977
A Taste of Blackberries di Doris Buchanan Smith1976-1977
Thank You, Jackie Robinson di Barbara Cohen1976-1977
That Crazy April di Lila Perl1976-1977
The Wizard in the Tree di Lloyd Alexander1976-1977
The Dark Didn't Catch Me di Crystal Thrasher1977-1978
Eddie's Valuable Property di Carolyn Haywood1977-1978
The Eighteenth Emergency di Betsy Byars1977-1978
Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Dead Eagles di Donald J. Sobol1977-1978
The Ghost Belonged to Me di Richard Peck1977-1978
Harry Cat's Pet Puppy di George Selden1977-1978
Here Lies the Body di Scott Corbett1977-1978
My Brother Sam is Dead di James Lincoln Collier1977-1978
New Day for Dragon di Lynn Hall1977-1978
Soup di Robert Newton Peck1977-1978
The Stout-Hearted Seven: Orphaned on the Oregon Trail di Neta Lohnes Frazier1977-1978
The Team That Stopped Moving di Matt Christopher1977-1978
The Toothpaste Millionaire di Jean Merrill1977-1978
Truth and Consequences di Miriam Burt Young1977-1978
The Wish at the Top di Clyde Robert Bulla1977-1978
Abel's Island di William Steig1978-1979
The Case of the Elevator Duck di Polly Berrien Berends1978-1979
Dorrie's Book di Marilyn Sachs1978-1979
The Great Brain Does It Again di John D. Fitzgerald1978-1979
The Hockey Trick di Scott Corbett1978-1979
Isabelle the Itch di Constance C. Greene1978-1979
Me Too di Vera Cleaver1978-1979
My Robot Buddy di Alfred Slote1978-1979
Riff, Remember di Lynn Hall1978-1979
The rope in the jungle di Gary Jennings1978-1979
The Secret Summer of L.E.B. di Barbara Brooks Wallace1978-1979
A Smart Kid Like You di Stella Pevsner1978-1979
This Time, Tempe Wick? di Patricia Lee Gauch1978-1979
The View From the Cherry Tree di Willo Davis Roberts1978-1979
Waiting for Mama di Marietta Moskin1978-1979
A Wind in the Door di Madeleine L'Engle1978-1979
Year of the Black Pony di Walt Morey1978-1979
Alvin Fernald, Superweasel di Clifford B. Hicks1979-1980
Beat the Turtle Drum di Constance C. Greene1979-1980
The Champion of Merrimack County di Roger Wolcott Drury1979-1980
The Crumb di Jean Slaughter Doty1979-1980
Funny Bananas: The Mystery in the Museum di Georgess McHargue1979-1980
The Great Christmas Kidnapping Caper di Jean Van Leeuwen1979-1980
Hi Fella di Era Zistel1979-1980
The Luck of Pokey Bloom di Ellen Conford1979-1980
Max the Great di W. L. Heath1979-1980
Our Snowman Had Olive Eyes di Charlotte Herman1979-1980
The Pinballs di Betsy Byars1979-1980
The Quitting Deal di Tobi Tobias1979-1980
Ramona e il suo papà di Beverly Cleary1979-1980
Shoeshine Girl di Clyde Robert Bulla1979-1980
Song of the Trees di Mildred D. Taylor1979-1980
Toliver's Secret di Esther Wood Brady1979-1980
And You Give Me a Pain, Elaine di Stella Pevsner1980-1981
Bugs in Your Ears di Betty Bates1980-1981
The Gray Ghosts of Taylor Ridge di Mary Francis Shura1980-1981
Hideaway di Beverly Hollett Renner1980-1981
Kid Power di Susan Beth Pfeffer1980-1981
Liza Lou And The Yeller Belly Swamp di Mercer Mayer1980-1981
The Mariah Delany Lending Library Disaster di Sheila Greenwald1980-1981
Un ponte per Terabithia di Katherine Paterson1980-1981
The Rocking Chair Rebellion di Eth Clifford1980-1981
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes di Eleanor Coerr1980-1981
The Secret of the Strawbridge Place di Helen Pierce Jacob1980-1981
Shadows di Lynn Hall1980-1981
Soup for President di Robert Newton Peck1980-1981
Star Ka'at di Andre Norton1980-1981
Touchmark di Mildred Lawrence1980-1981
Trapped on the Golden Flyer di Susan Fleming1980-1981
Witch's Sister di Phyllis Reynolds Naylor1980-1981
Arthur, For the Very First Time di Patricia MacLachlan1982-1983
A Christmas Card di Paul Theroux1982-1983
Fourth-Grade Celebrity di Patricia Reilly Giff1982-1983
The Girl with the Silver Eyes di Willo Davis Roberts1982-1983
Grey Cloud di Charlotte Towner Graeber1982-1983
Ida Early Comes over the Mountain di Robert Burch1982-1983
The Lilith Summer di Hadley Irwin1982-1983
A Little Time di Anne Norris Baldwin1982-1983
Marathon Miranda di Elizabeth Winthrop1982-1983
The Night Swimmers di Betsy Byars1982-1983
Now Is Not Too Late di Isabelle Holland1982-1983
Gli occhi dell'amaryllis di Natalie Babbitt1982-1983
The Revenge of the Incredible Dr. Rancid and His Youthful Assistant, Jeffrey di Ellen Conford1982-1983
The Silver Coach di C. S. Adler1982-1983
Son for a Day di Corinne Gerson1982-1983
A Summer to Die di Lois Lowry1982-1983
Superfudge di Judy Blume1982-1983
Il testamento Westing di Ellen Raskin1982-1983
Toby Lived Here di Hilma Wolitzer1982-1983
Alvin Fernald, TV Anchorman di Clifford B. Hicks1983-1984
Apple Is My Sign (Sandpiper Houghton Mifflin Books) di Mary Riskind1983-1984
Blind Outlaw di Glen Rounds1983-1984
Bunnicula di Deborah Howe1983-1984
The Cybil War di Betsy Byars1983-1984
The Get-Away Car di Eleanor Clymer1983-1984
The Hermit of Fog Hollow Station di David Roth1983-1984
The Island Keeper di Harry Mazer1983-1984
The Journey of the Shadow Bairns di Margaret Jean Anderson1983-1984
Just Between Us di Susan Beth Pfeffer1983-1984
LeRoy and The Old Man di W. E. Butterworth1983-1984
Mister Wolf and Me di Mary Francis Shura1983-1984
Pennies for the Piper di Susan McLean1983-1984
Peppermints in the Parlor di Barbara Brooks Wallace1983-1984
Save Queen of Sheba di Louise Moeri1983-1984
The Secret Life of the Underwear Champ di Betty Miles1983-1984
Solution: Escape di Margaret C. Cooper1983-1984
Soup on Wheels di Robert Newton Peck1983-1984
Stone Fox di John Reynolds Gardiner1983-1984
Ace hits the big time di Barbara Murphy1984-1985
Anastasia Krupnik di Lois Lowry1984-1985
Angie and Me di Rebecca C. Jones1984-1985
Can't Catch Me, I'm the Gingerbread Man di Jamie Gilson1984-1985
Dear Lola di Judie Angell1984-1985
The Iceberg and Its Shadow di Jan Greenberg1984-1985
Last Was Lloyd di Doris Buchanan Smith1984-1985
Left-Handed Shortstop di Patricia Reilly Giff1984-1985
A Little Dab of Color di W. Bruce Bell1984-1985
Misty and Me di Barbara Girion1984-1985
Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade di Barthe DeClements1984-1985
Old Cat and the Kitten di Mary E. Little1984-1985
The Person in the Potting Shed di Barbara Corcoran1984-1985
Ralph S. Mouse di Beverly Cleary1984-1985
Sandy and the Rock Star di Walt Morey1984-1985
The Seeing Summer di Jeannette Eyerly1984-1985
Valley of the Ponies di Jean Slaughter Doty1984-1985
What Do You Do When Your Mouth Won't Open? di Susan Beth Pfeffer1984-1985
About David di Susan Beth PfefferMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
Anna to the Infinite Power di Mildred AmesMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
Another Heaven, Another Earth di H. M. HooverMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
Blue Denim Blues di Anne Warren SmithMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
The Buffalo Nickel Blues Band di Judie AngellMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
The Griffin Legacy di Jan O. KlavenessMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
Happily Ever After...Almost di Judie WolkoffMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
Iou's di Ouida SebestyenMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
Judge Benjamin: The Superdog Secret di Judith Whitelock McInerneyMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
The Maze in the Heart of the Castle di Dorothy GilmanMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
The Night Journey di Kathryn LaskyMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
The Shadows of Jeremy Pimm di Betsy HaynesMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
The Sign of the Beaver di Elizabeth George SpeareMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
A Solitary Blue di Cynthia VoigtMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
Taking Terri Mueller di Norma Fox MazerMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
There's a Bat in Bunk Five di Paula DanzigerMiddle Grades, 1985-1986
Avalanche di Ron RoyIntermediate, 1985-1986
Baseball Fever di Johanna HurwitzIntermediate, 1985-1986
Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days! di Stephen ManesIntermediate, 1985-1986
Blind Flight di Hilary MiltonIntermediate, 1985-1986
The Cat That Was Left Behind di Carole S. AdlerIntermediate, 1985-1986
The Celery Stalks at Midnight di James HoweIntermediate, 1985-1986
Circle of fire di William H. HooksIntermediate, 1985-1986
The Comeback Dog di Jane Resh ThomasIntermediate, 1985-1986
Courage, Dana di Susan Beth PfefferIntermediate, 1985-1986
Dear Mr. Henshaw di Beverly ClearyIntermediate, 1985-1986
The Great Bamboozlement di Jane FloryIntermediate, 1985-1986
The Hand-Me-Down-Kid di Francine PascalIntermediate, 1985-1986
A Lion to Guard Us di Clyde Robert BullaIntermediate, 1985-1986
Man from the Sky di AviIntermediate, 1985-1986
Max and Me and the Time Machine di Gery GreerIntermediate, 1985-1986
The Monster in the Third Dresser Drawer di Janice Lee SmithIntermediate, 1985-1986
The Pet-Sitting Peril di Willo Davis RobertsIntermediate, 1985-1986
Tarantulas on the Brain di Marilyn SingerIntermediate, 1985-1986
Thirteen Ways to Sink a Sub di Jamie GilsonIntermediate, 1985-1986
Anastasia at your Service di Lois LowryMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
Angel Baker, thief di Jeannette EyerlyMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
The Callender Papers di Cynthia VoigtMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
Captives in a Foreign Land di Susan Lowry RardinMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
Code Name: Clone di Margaret C. CooperMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
The Divorce Express di Paula DanzigerMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
Fly free di C. S. AdlerMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
Ghost cat di Beverly ButlerMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
I'm Not Your Other Half di Caroline B. CooneyMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
Life. Is. Not. Fair di Gary W. BargarMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
Lost Legend of Finn di Mary TannenMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
A Night Without Stars di James HoweMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
Prisoner of Vampires di Nancy GardenMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
The Slavery Ghosts di Luke WallinMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
The Solomon System di Phyllis Reynolds NaylorMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
The Spell of the Sorcerer's Skull di John BellairsMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
Turn Homeward, Hannalee di Patricia BeattyMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
Wanted: A Girl for the Horses di Betty CavannaMiddle Grades, 1986-1987
4B Goes Wild di Jamie GilsonIntermediate, 1986-1987
C.O.L.A.R. di Alfred SloteIntermediate, 1986-1987
Cat Walk di Mary StolzIntermediate, 1986-1987
The Computer Nut di Betsy ByarsIntermediate, 1986-1987
Fifth Grade Magic di Beatrice GormleyIntermediate, 1986-1987
Ghosts Beneath Our Feet di Betty Ren WrightIntermediate, 1986-1987
The Gift of the Pirate Queen di Patricia Reilly GiffIntermediate, 1986-1987
Harvey's Horrible Snake Disaster di Eth CliffordIntermediate, 1986-1987
A Home Is to Share...and Share...and Share di Judie AngellIntermediate, 1986-1987
Kid Power Strikes Back di Susan Beth PfefferIntermediate, 1986-1987
My Horrible Secret di Stephen RoosIntermediate, 1986-1987
Night of the Twisters di Ivy RuckmanIntermediate, 1986-1987
No Monsters in the Closet di Willo Davis RobertsIntermediate, 1986-1987
Raising a Mother Isn't Easy di Elisabeth McHughIntermediate, 1986-1987
Skinnybones di Barbara ParkIntermediate, 1986-1987
Tough-Luck Karen di Johanna HurwitzIntermediate, 1986-1987
The Trouble with Tuck di Theodore TaylorIntermediate, 1986-1987
The War with Grandpa di Robert Kimmel SmithIntermediate, 1986-1987
The world's greatest expert on absolutely everything is crying di Barbara BottnerIntermediate, 1986-1987
Your Former Friend, Matthew di LouAnn GaeddertIntermediate, 1986-1987
The Fighting Ground di Avi1987-1988
And Don't Bring Jeremy di Marilyn LevinsonMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
I Be Somebody di Hadley IrwinMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
Come Sing, Jimmy Jo di Katherine PatersonMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
Gabriel's Girl di Norma JohnstonMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
Hey, Didi Darling di S. A. KennedyMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
The Hunger Scream di Ivy RuckmanMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
Like Mother, Like Daughter di Marion Dane BauerMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
Me, My Goat, and My Sister's Wedding di Stella PevsnerMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
Out of Sight, Out of Mind di Chester AaronMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
A place to come back to di Nancy BondMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
Rebound Caper di Thomas J. DygardMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
Supercouple (Books for Young Readers) di Mary TowneMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
Switcharound di Lois LowryMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
Things are seldom what they seem di Sandy AsherMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
Whisper Goodbye di Dorothy Nafus MorrisonMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
Winter of Magic's Return di Pamela F. ServiceMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
Wordchanger di Mary HaynesMiddle Grades, 1987-1988
Black Suits from Outerspace di Gene DeWeeseIntermediate, 1987-1988
Christmas With Ida Early di Robert BurchIntermediate, 1987-1988
Cracker Jackson di Betsy ByarsIntermediate, 1987-1988
Daphne's Book di Mary Downing HahnMiddle Grades, 1985-1986; Intermediate, 1987-1988
Dracula is a pain in the neck di Elizabeth LevyIntermediate, 1987-1988
The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates di Susan ShreveIntermediate, 1987-1988
The Great Quarterback Switch di Matt ChristopherIntermediate, 1987-1988
Inside Out di Ann M. MartinIntermediate, 1987-1988
Morgan's Zoo di James HoweIntermediate, 1987-1988
The Mummy, the Will, and the Crypt di John BellairsIntermediate, 1987-1988
One-Eyed Cat di Paula FoxIntermediate, 1987-1988
Ramona Forever di Beverly ClearyIntermediate, 1987-1988
Sara ne bella ne brutta di Patricia MacLachlanIntermediate, 1987-1988
Say Cheese di Betty BatesIntermediate, 1987-1988
The Search for Grissi di Mary Francis ShuraIntermediate, 1987-1988
Soup's Goat di Robert Newton PeckIntermediate, 1987-1988
What a Wimp! di Carol CarrickIntermediate, 1987-1988
The Wish Giver: Three Tales of Coven Tree di Bill Brittain Intermediate, 1987-1988
On My Honor di Marion Dane BauerIntermediate, 1988-1989
S.O.R. Losers di Avi1988-1989
After the Dancing Days di Margaret RostkowskiMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
Belonging di Virginia M ScottMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
But in the Fall I'm Leaving di Ann RinaldiMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
Don't Blame the Music di Caroline B. CooneyMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
The Leftover Kid di Carol SnyderMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
Locked in Time di Lois DuncanMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
Middle School Blues di Lou KassemMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
The Other Side of Dark di Joan Lowery NixonMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
A Question of Destiny di Pamela F. ServiceMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
Rabble Starkey di Lois LowryMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
Remembering the Good Times di Richard PeckMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
Shanny on Her Own di Lael LittkeMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
Singularity di William SleatorMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
Straight Along a Crooked Road di Marilyn Cram DonahueMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
This Place Has No Atmosphere di Paula DanzigerMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
Tournament Upstart di Thomas J. DygardMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
The Trouble with Wednesdays di Laura NathansonMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
Why Me? di Ellen ConfordMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
With You and Without You di Ann M. MartinMiddle Grades, 1988-1989
Anastasia on Her Own di Lois LowryIntermediate, 1988-1989
Bernie Magruder and the Disappearing Bodies di Phyllis Reynolds NaylorIntermediate, 1988-1989
Dede Takes Charge! di Johanna HurwitzIntermediate, 1988-1989
Eaton Stanley and the Mind Control Experiment di David A. AdlerIntermediate, 1988-1989
The Glitch (A Computer Fantasy) di Ronald KiddIntermediate, 1988-1989
The Illyrian Adventure di Lloyd AlexanderIntermediate, 1988-1989
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson di Bette Bao LordIntermediate, 1988-1989
The Josie Gambit di Mary Francis ShuraIntermediate, 1988-1989
The Kid in the Red Jacket di Barbara ParkIntermediate, 1988-1989
The Kid Next Door and Other Headaches di Janice Lee SmithIntermediate, 1988-1989
Meet Samantha: An American Girl di Susan S. AdlerIntermediate, 1988-1989
The Remembering Box di Eth CliffordIntermediate, 1988-1989
Sixth-Grade Sleepover di Eve BuntingIntermediate, 1988-1989
Thatcher Payne-in-the Neck di Louise Bates AmesIntermediate, 1988-1989
Underdog di Marilyn SachsIntermediate, 1988-1989
The Whipping Boy di Sid FleischmanIntermediate, 1988-1989
Who Needs a Bratty Brother? di Linda GondoschIntermediate, 1988-1989
The Boy Who Reversed Himself di William SleatorMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
The Eternal Spring of Mr. Ito di Sheila GarrigueMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
Frankie's Run di Mary C. RyanMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
His Majesty, Queen Hatshepsut di Dorothy Sharp CarterMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
Hurricane Elaine di Johanna HurwitzMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
Izzy, Willy-Nilly di Cynthia VoigtMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
The Keeper di Phyllis Reynolds NaylorMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
Kentucky Daughter di Carol J. ScottMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
Remember Me to Harold Square di Paula DanzigerMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
Romeo and Juliet--Together (And Alive!) at Last di AviMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
The Secret Life of Dilly McBean di Dorothy HaasMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
Sister of the Quints di Stella PevsnerMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
Stotan! di Chris CrutcherMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
The Twisted Window di Lois DuncanMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
Wilderness Peril di Thomas J. DygardMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
The Year Without Michael di Susan Beth PfefferMiddle Grades, 1989-1990
Addie Across the Prairie di Laurie LawlorIntermediate, 1989-1990
The Basement Baseball Club di Jeffrey KellyIntermediate, 1989-1990
Beetles, Lightly Toasted di Phyllis Reynolds NaylorIntermediate, 1989-1990
Blackberries in the Dark di Mavis JukesIntermediate, 1989-1990
Casey the Nomad di Susan SussmanIntermediate, 1989-1990
The Castle in the Attic di Elizabeth WinthropIntermediate, 1989-1990
Edith Herself di Ellen HowardIntermediate, 1989-1990
Fox in a Trap di Jane Resh ThomasIntermediate, 1989-1990
The House on Hackman's Hill di Joan Lowery NixonIntermediate, 1989-1990
I'm Going to Be Famous di Tom BirdseyeIntermediate, 1989-1990
Invisible Lissa di Natalie HoneycuttIntermediate, 1989-1990
Leah's Song di Eth CliffordIntermediate, 1989-1990
The Luck of Z.A.P. and Zoe di Athena V. LordIntermediate, 1989-1990
Orvis di H. M. HooverIntermediate, 1989-1990
Red Dog di Bill WallaceIntermediate, 1989-1990
Sugar Isn't Everything di Willo Davis RobertsIntermediate, 1989-1990
This Island Isn't Big Enough For the Four Of Us di Gery GreerIntermediate, 1989-1990
After the Rain di Norma Fox MazerMiddle Grades, 1990-1991
Borrowed Children di George Ella LyonMiddle Grades, 1990-1991
The Burning Questions of Bingo Brown di Betsy ByarsMiddle Grades, 1990-1991
December Stillness di Mary Downing HahnMiddle Grades, 1990-1991
Desdemona - Twelve Going on Desperate di Beverly KellerMiddle Grades, 1990-1991
Good-Bye to Good Ol' Charlie di P.J. PetersenMiddle Grades, 1990-1991
The Great Skinner Homestead di Stephanie TolanMiddle Grades, 1990-1991
A Murder for Her Majesty di Beth HilgartnerMiddle Grades, 1990-1991
Not on a White Horse di Nancy SpringerMiddle Grades, 1990-1991
On the Devil's Court di Carl DeukerMiddle Grades, 1990-1991
The SACRED MOON TREE di ShoreMiddle Grades, 1990-1991
Second Fiddle: A Sizzle & Splat Mystery di Ronald KiddMiddle Grades, 1990-1991
A Sudden Silence di Eve BuntingMiddle Grades, 1990-1991
Through the Hidden Door di Rosemary WellsMiddle Grades, 1990-1991
The Valley in Between di Marilyn Cram DonahueMiddle Grades, 1990-1991
Always and Forever Friends di C. S. AdlerIntermediate, 1990-1991
Angel's Mother's Wedding di Judy DeltonIntermediate, 1990-1991
Beauty di Bill WallaceIntermediate, 1990-1991
The Case of the Watching Boy di Robert NewmanIntermediate, 1990-1991
Don't Call Me Toad! di Mary Francis ShuraIntermediate, 1990-1991
The Friendship di Mildred D. TaylorIntermediate, 1990-1991
General Butterfingers di John Reynolds GardinerIntermediate, 1990-1991
Good-Bye, My Wishing Star di Vicki GroveIntermediate, 1990-1991
Great Advice from Lila Fenwick di Kate McMullanIntermediate, 1990-1991
The Great Flood Mystery di Jane Louise CurryIntermediate, 1990-1991
Is Anybody There? di Eve BuntingIntermediate, 1990-1991
The Legend of the White Doe di William H. HooksIntermediate, 1990-1991
Margaret's Moves di Berniece RabeIntermediate, 1990-1991
Marshmallow Muscles, Banana Brainstorms di Karen T. TahaIntermediate, 1990-1991
Megan's Island di Willo Davis RobertsIntermediate, 1990-1991
A Month of Seven Days di Shirley ClimoIntermediate, 1990-1991
Mrs. Portree's Pony di Lynn HallIntermediate, 1990-1991
Park's Quest di Katherine PatersonIntermediate, 1990-1991
Il villaggio sul mare di Paula FoxIntermediate, 1990-1991
17 Kings and 42 Elephants di Margaret MahyPicture Book, 1991-1992
Box Turtle at Long Pond di William T. GeorgePicture Book, 1991-1992
Captain Snap and the Children of Vinegar Lane di Roni SchotterPicture Book, 1991-1992
Color Dance di Ann JonasPicture Book, 1991-1992
Come a Tide di George Ella LyonPicture Book, 1991-1992
The Egyptian Cinderella di Shirley ClimoPicture Book, 1991-1992
Emmas Christmas di Irene TrivasPicture Book, 1991-1992
The First Dog di Jan BrettPicture Book, 1991-1992
Follow the Drinking Gourd di Jeanette WinterPicture Book, 1991-1992
Growing Colors di Bruce McMillanPicture Book, 1991-1992
Is This a House for Hermit Crab? di Megan McDonaldPicture Book, 1991-1992
Island Boy di Barbara CooneyPicture Book, 1991-1992
Johnny Appleseed di Steven KelloggPicture Book, 1991-1992
The Magic Fan di Keith BakerPicture Book, 1991-1992
Mother Goose and the Sly Fox di Chris ConoverPicture Book, 1991-1992
Playing Marbles di Julie BrinckloePicture Book, 1991-1992
Step into the Night di Joanne RyderPicture Book, 1991-1992
The Warrior and the Wise Man di David WisniewskiPicture Book, 1991-1992
Where the Forest Meets the Sea di Jeannie BakerPicture Book, 1991-1992
Bearstone di Will HobbsMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
Dagmar Schultz and the Angel Edna di Lynn HallMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
Dissidents di Neal ShustermanMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
The Doll in the Garden: A Ghost Story di Mary Downing HahnMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
Dragon's Milk di Susan FletcherMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
Kim/Kimi di Hadley IrwinMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
The Lone Sentinel di Jo DereskeMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
Mad, Mad Monday di Herma SilversteinMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
Mom Is Dating Weird Wayne di Mary Jane AuchMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
The Riddle of Penncroft Farm di Dorothea JensenMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
Say Goodnight, Gracie di Julie Reece DeaverMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
Show Me the Evidence di Alane FergusonMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
Silver di Norma Fox MazerMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
Sniper di Theodore TaylorMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
The Trouble With Mothers di Margery FacklamMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
Vision Quest di Pamela F. ServiceMiddle Grades, 1991-1992
The Broccoli Tapes (An Apple Paperback) di Jan SlepianIntermediate, 1991-1992
Charley Skedaddle di Patricia BeattyMiddle Grades, 1989-1990; Intermediate, 1991-1992
Danger in Quicksand Swamp di Bill WallaceIntermediate, 1991-1992
Five-Finger Discount di Barthe DeClementsIntermediate, 1991-1992
Hedgehogs in the Closet di Joan CarrisIntermediate, 1991-1992
Maudie in the Middle di Phyllis Reynolds NaylorIntermediate, 1991-1992
My Daniel di Pam ConradIntermediate, 1991-1992
No Strings Attached di Kristi HollIntermediate, 1991-1992
Number the Stars di Lois LowryIntermediate, 1991-1992
Orp di Suzy KlineIntermediate, 1991-1992
The Pike River Phantom di Betty Ren WrightIntermediate, 1991-1992
Stinker from Space di Pamela F. ServiceIntermediate, 1991-1992
They're All Named Wildfire di Nancy SpringerIntermediate, 1991-1992
The War at Home di Connie Jordan GreenIntermediate, 1991-1992
What Could Go Wrong? di Willo Davis RobertsIntermediate, 1991-1992
Wild Timothy di Gary L. BlackwoodIntermediate, 1991-1992
The Young Black Stallion di Walter FarleyIntermediate, 1991-1992
Yours Turly, Shirley (Apple Paperbacks) (An Apple Paperback) di Ann M. MartinIntermediate, 1991-1992
La vera storia di Charlotte Doyle di AviMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Aardvarks, Disembark! di Ann JonasPicture Book, 1992-1993
Alison's Zinnia di Anita LobelPicture Book, 1992-1993
Backyard Hunter: The Praying Mantis di Bianca LaviesPicture Book, 1992-1993
Crocodile Beat di Gail JorgensenPicture Book, 1992-1993
Feathers for Lunch di Lois EhlertPicture Book, 1992-1993
Grandpappy di Nancy White CarlstromPicture Book, 1992-1993
The Great Kapok Tree di Lynne CherryPicture Book, 1992-1993
How the Guinea Fowl Got Her Spots: A Swahili Tale of Friendship di Barbara KnutsonPicture Book, 1992-1993
Just Plain Fancy di Patricia PolaccoPicture Book, 1992-1993
Nessa's Fish di Nancy LuennPicture Book, 1992-1993
North Country Night di Daniel San SouciPicture Book, 1992-1993
Osa's Pride di Ann GrifalconiPicture Book, 1992-1993
Ragtime Tumpie di Alan SchroederPicture Book, 1992-1993
A Road Might Lead to Anywhere di Rachel FieldPicture Book, 1992-1993
Sky Dogs di Jane YolenPicture Book, 1992-1993
Tiger Trek di Ted LewinPicture Book, 1992-1993
Train Song di Diane SiebertPicture Book, 1992-1993
The Turnip di Pierr MorganPicture Book, 1992-1993
The Way Home di Henry Handel RichardsonPicture Book, 1992-1993
Brother Moose di Betty LevinMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Una casa per Jeffrey Magee di Jerry SpinelliMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Collidescope di Grace ChetwinMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Dealing with Dragons di Patricia C. WredeMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Following the Mystery Man di Mary Downing HahnMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
The Goats di Brock ColeMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Leave the Cooking to Me di Judie AngellMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Lyddie di Katherine PatersonMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Nightmare di Willo Davis RobertsMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
The Princess in the Pigpen di Jane Resh ThomasMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Quando Elvis venne in città di Jan MarinoMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Scorpions di Walter Dean MyersMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Shades of Gray di Carolyn ReederMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Strange Attractors di William SleatorMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
The Voyage of the Frog di Gary PaulsenMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Where It Stops, Nobody Knows di Amy EhrlichMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Who Invited the Undertaker? di Ivy RuckmanMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Your Move, J.P.! di Lois LowryMiddle Grades, 1992-1993
Aunt Morbelia and the Screaming Skulls di Joan CarrisIntermediate, 1992-1993
Beating Bully O'Brien di Karen Mueller CoombsIntermediate, 1992-1993
The Cookcamp di Gary PaulsenIntermediate, 1992-1993
Dog Days di Colby F. RodowskyIntermediate, 1992-1993
The Ghost Wore Gray di Bruce CovilleIntermediate, 1992-1993
Heads, I Win di Patricia HermesIntermediate, 1992-1993
Herbie Jones, Superhero (aka Hamburgerhead) di Suzy KlineIntermediate, 1992-1993
Kidnapping Kevin Kowalski di Mary Jane AuchIntermediate, 1992-1993
Libby on Wednesday di Zilpha Keatley SnyderIntermediate, 1992-1993
Morning Glory War, The di Judy GlassmanIntermediate, 1992-1993
Our Sixth-Grade Sugar Babies di Eve BuntingIntermediate, 1992-1993
R-T, Margaret, and the Rats of NIMH di Jane Leslie ConlyIntermediate, 1992-1993
Stepbrother Sabotage di Sally WittmanIntermediate, 1992-1993
The Strange Case of the Reluctant Partners di Mark GellerIntermediate, 1992-1993
Thin Air di David GetzIntermediate, 1992-1993
To Grandmother's House We Go di RobertsIntermediate, 1992-1993
The Tormentors di Lynn HallIntermediate, 1992-1993
Toughboy and Sister di Kirkpatrick HillIntermediate, 1992-1993
Weasel di Cynthia DeFeliceIntermediate, 1992-1993
The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen di Lloyd AlexanderMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
Aunt Flossie's Hats (and Crab Cakes Later) di Elizabeth Fitzgerald HowardPicture Book, 1993-1994
Bear di John SchoenherrPicture Book, 1993-1994
Bigmama's di Donald CrewsPicture Book, 1993-1994
Chrysanthemum di Kevin HenkesPicture Book, 1993-1994
From One to One Hundred di Teri SloatPicture Book, 1993-1994
Night Tree di Eve BuntingPicture Book, 1993-1994
Old Black Fly di Jim AylesworthPicture Book, 1993-1994
Pish, Posh, Said Hieronymus Bosch di Nancy WillardPicture Book, 1993-1994
Possum Come A-Knockin' di Nancy Van LaanPicture Book, 1993-1994
The Rag Coat di Lauren MillsPicture Book, 1993-1994
Rain Player di David WisniewskiPicture Book, 1993-1994
Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf di Lois EhlertPicture Book, 1993-1994
Sukey and the Mermaid di Robert D. San SouciPicture Book, 1993-1994
The Terrible Eek di Patricia A. ComptonPicture Book, 1993-1994
The Three Brothers di Carolyn CrollPicture Book, 1993-1994
Time Train di Paul FleischmanPicture Book, 1993-1994
Traveling to Tondo: A Tale of the Nkundo of Zaire di Verna AardemaPicture Book, 1993-1994
Tree of Cranes di Allen SayPicture Book, 1993-1994
Under the Sea from A to Z di Anne DoubiletPicture Book, 1993-1994
Babyface di Norma Fox MazerMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
Il bacio d'argento di Annette Curtis KlauseMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
Bunkhouse Journal di Diane Johnston HammMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
The Clock di James CollierMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
Downriver di Will HobbsMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
Ghost Cadet di Elaine Marie AlphinMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
Marsh Cat di Peter ParnallMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
Monkey Island di Paula FoxMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
The Mouse Rap di Walter Dean MyersMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
My Name Is Sus5an Smith: The 5 Is Silent di Louise PlummerMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
Nothing but the Truth di AviMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
Probably Still Nick Swansen di Virginia Euwer WolffMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
Searching for Dragons di Patricia C. WredeMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
Stepping on the Cracks di Mary Downing HahnMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
There's a Girl in My Hammerlock di Jerry SpinelliMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
The Vandemark Mummy di Cynthia VoigtMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
The Weirdo di Theodore TaylorMiddle Grades, 1993-1994
The 24-hour genie di Lila Sprague McGinnisIntermediate, 1993-1994
Aldo Peanut Butter di Johanna HurwitzIntermediate, 1993-1994
Attaboy, Sam! di Lois LowryIntermediate, 1993-1994
Bobby Baseball di Robert Kimmel SmithIntermediate, 1993-1994
Crane's Rebound di Alison JacksonIntermediate, 1993-1994
Double Dog Dare di Jamie GilsonIntermediate, 1993-1994
The Dragon's Boy di Jane YolenIntermediate, 1993-1994
The Gift of the Girl Who Couldn't Hear di Susan R. ShreveIntermediate, 1993-1994
The Golden Days di Gail RadleyIntermediate, 1993-1994
Journey di Patricia MacLachlanIntermediate, 1993-1994
The Night the Whole Class Slept Over di Stella PevsnerIntermediate, 1993-1994
Nobodies and Somebodies di Doris OrgelIntermediate, 1993-1994
The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks di Nancy McArthurIntermediate, 1993-1994
Randall's Wall di Carol FennerIntermediate, 1993-1994
Samuel's Choice di Richard J. BerlethIntermediate, 1993-1994
The Scariest Night di Betty Ren WrightIntermediate, 1993-1994
The Trading Game di Alfred SloteIntermediate, 1993-1994
Wanted...Mud Blossom di Betsy ByarsIntermediate, 1993-1994
Anansi Goes Fishing di Eric A. KimmelPicture Book, 1995-1996
Chicken Sunday di Patricia PolaccoPicture Book, 1995-1996
Cowboy Country di Ann Herbert ScottPicture Book, 1995-1996
The Five-Dog Night di Eileen ChristelowPicture Book, 1995-1996
The Ice Horse di Candace ChristiansenPicture Book, 1995-1996
If Anything Ever Goes Wrong at the Zoo di Mary Jean HendrickPicture Book, 1995-1996
Komodo! di Peter SísPicture Book, 1995-1996
The Korean Cinderella di Shirley ClimoPicture Book, 1995-1996
The Lemon Drop Jar di Christine WidmanPicture Book, 1995-1996
A Million Fish...More or Less di Patricia McKissack Picture Book, 1995-1996
Puss in Boots di Lincoln KirsteinPicture Book, 1995-1996
Seven Loaves of Bread di Ferida WolffPicture Book, 1995-1996
Sister Yessa's Story di Karen R. GreenfieldPicture Book, 1995-1996
Stellaluna di Janell CannonPicture Book, 1995-1996
The Three Princes: A Tale from the Middle East di Eric A. KimmelPicture Book, 1995-1996
Uncle Jed's Barbershop di Margaree King MitchellPicture Book, 1995-1996
View from the Air di Reeve LindberghPicture Book, 1995-1996
When the Frost Is on the Punkin di James Whitcomb RileyPicture Book, 1995-1996
Ask Me Something Easy di Natalie HoneycuttMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
Buffalo Gal di Bill WallaceMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
Champions: Stories of Ten Remarkable Athletes di Bill LittlefieldMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
L'isola di Timothy di Theodore TaylorMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
Make Lemonade di Virginia Euwer WolffMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
Me, My Sister and I di Mary E. RyanMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
Poor Girl, Rich Girl di Johnniece Marshall WilsonMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
Savage Carrot di Ingrid TomeyMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
The Soul of the Silver Dog di Lynn HallMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
A Taste of Smoke di Marion Dane BauerMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
Tunes for Bears to Dance To di Robert CormierMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
What Daddy Did di Neal ShustermanMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
Whatever Happened to Janie? di Caroline B. CooneyMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
Who is Eddie Leonard? di Harry MazerMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
Winners And Losers di Stephen HoffiusMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
Wolf by the Ears di Ann RinaldiMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
Words of Stone di Kevin HenkesMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
Year of Impossible Goodbyes di Sook Nyul ChoiMiddle Grades, 1995-1996
The Battle for the Castle di Elizabeth WinthropIntermediate, 1995-1996
Children of the Dust Bowl di Jerry StanleyIntermediate, 1995-1996
Come Away Home di Tom SmithIntermediate, 1995-1996
Escape from Slavery: Five Journeys to Freedom di Doreen RappaportIntermediate, 1995-1996
The Eyes of Gray Wolf di Jonathan LondonIntermediate, 1995-1996
Front Porch Stories: at the One-Room School di Eleanora E. TateIntermediate, 1995-1996
Goodbye, Vietnam di Gloria WhelanIntermediate, 1995-1996
Grandpa's Mountain di Carolyn ReederIntermediate, 1995-1996
Josie's Troubles di Phyllis Reynolds NaylorIntermediate, 1995-1996
Keep Ms. Sugarman in the Fourth Grade di Elizabeth LevyIntermediate, 1995-1996
The Latchkey Dog di Mary Jane AuchIntermediate, 1995-1996
The Leaves in October di Karen AckermanIntermediate, 1995-1996
Poison Ivy and Eyebrow Wigs di Bonnie PryorIntermediate, 1995-1996
Scoop Snoops di Constance HiserIntermediate, 1995-1996
The Shiniest Rock of All di Nancy Ruth PattersonIntermediate, 1995-1996
The Spanish Kidnapping Disaster di Mary Downing HahnIntermediate, 1995-1996
Stealing Home di Mary StolzIntermediate, 1995-1996
Winter Camp di Kirkpatrick HillIntermediate, 1995-1996
The Barn di Avi1996-1997
Big Pumpkin di Erica SilvermanPicture Book, 1996-1997
Fish Faces di Norbert WuPicture Book, 1996-1997
Five Live Bongos di George Ella LyonPicture Book, 1996-1997
Henry the Sailor Cat di Mary CalhounPicture Book, 1996-1997
The Last Dragon di Susan Miho NunesPicture Book, 1996-1997
The Lion's Whiskers: An Ethiopian Folktale di Nancy Raines DayPicture Book, 1996-1997
The Long Haired Girl di Doreen RappaportPicture Book, 1996-1997
Luka's Quilt di Georgia GubackPicture Book, 1996-1997
Meet Danitra Brown di Nikki GrimesPicture Book, 1996-1997
Nora: Maybe a Ghost Story di Constance C. GreenePicture Book, 1996-1997
Pigsty di Mark TeaguePicture Book, 1996-1997
Saturday Market di Patricia GrossmanPicture Book, 1996-1997
See the Ocean di Estelle CondraPicture Book, 1996-1997
Small Green Snake di Libba Moore GrayPicture Book, 1996-1997
Three Cheers for Tacky di Helen LesterPicture Book, 1996-1997
The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig di Eugene TrivizasPicture Book, 1996-1997
The Toll-Bridge Troll di Patricia Rae WolffPicture Book, 1996-1997
Tops and Bottoms di Janet StevensPicture Book, 1996-1997
Whistling Dixie di Marcia K. VaughanPicture Book, 1996-1997
Adam and Eve and Pinch-Me di Julie JohnstonMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
Alice the Brave di Phyllis Reynolds NaylorMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
Catherine di Karen CushmanMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
Earthshine di Theresa NelsonMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
I Hadn't Meant to Tell You This di Jacqueline WoodsonMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
Heads or Tails: Stories from the Sixth Grade (Jack Henry) di Jack GantosMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
Lostman's River di Cynthia DeFeliceMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
The Man in the Ceiling di Jules FeifferMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
My Name Is Brain Brian (Apple Paperbacks) di Jeanne BetancourtMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
Night Terrors di Jim MurphyMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
Shadowmaker di Joan Lowery NixonMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
Sparrow Hawk Red di Ben MikaelsenMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
Tell Me Everything di Carolyn ComanMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
Tell Them We Remember di Susan D. BachrachMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
Thwonk di Joan BauerMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
True Champions: Great Athletes and Their Off-The-Field Heroics di Nathan AasengMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
Weirdos of the Universe, Unite! di Pamela F. ServiceMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
Wolf at the Door di Barbara CorcoranMiddle Grades, 1996-1997
I Am Lavina Cumming: A Novel of the American West (Historical Fiction for Young Readers) di Susan LowellIntermediate, 1996-1997
The Amazing Impossible Erie Canal di Cheryl HarnessIntermediate, 1996-1997
Away to Me, Moss di Betty LevinIntermediate, 1996-1997
The Best School Year Ever di Barbara RobinsonIntermediate, 1996-1997
Blackwater Swamp di Bill WallaceIntermediate, 1996-1997
Bound for Oregon di Jean Van LeeuwenIntermediate, 1996-1997
Chevrolet Saturdays di Candy Dawson BoydIntermediate, 1996-1997
Il dispettosangolo di Susan CooperIntermediate, 1996-1997
The Fear Place di Phyllis Reynolds NaylorIntermediate, 1996-1997
Joshua T. Bates Takes Charge di Susan ShreveIntermediate, 1996-1997
Live from the Fifth Grade di Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKennaIntermediate, 1996-1997
McMummy di Betsy ByarsIntermediate, 1996-1997
Nothing but Trouble di Betty Ren WrightIntermediate, 1996-1997
Ozzie on His Own di Johanna HurwitzIntermediate, 1996-1997
Pink and Say di Patricia PolaccoIntermediate, 1996-1997
The Richest Kids in Town di Peg KehretIntermediate, 1996-1997
Rifka va in America di Karen HesseIntermediate, 1996-1997
Stranded di Ben MikaelsenIntermediate, 1996-1997
Time for Andrew: A Ghost Story di Mary Downing HahnIntermediate, 1996-1997
Poppy di AviIntermediate, 1997-1998
There's an Owl in the Shower di Jean Craighead GeorgeIntermediate, 1997-1998
All the Places to Love di Patricia MacLachlanPicture Book, 1997-1998
Alphabet City di Stephen T. JohnsonPicture Book, 1997-1998
The Always Prayer Shawl di Sheldon ObermanPicture Book, 1997-1998
The Bear that Heard Crying di Natalie Kinsey-WarnockPicture Book, 1997-1998
Bit by Bit di Steve SanfieldPicture Book, 1997-1998
Can I Have a Stegosaurus, Mom? Can I? Please!? di Lois G. GramblingPicture Book, 1997-1998
Coyote Steals the Blanket di Janet StevensPicture Book, 1997-1998
Down the Road di Alice SchertlePicture Book, 1997-1998
The Floating House di Scott Russell SandersPicture Book, 1997-1998
The Golden Goose di Jacob GrimmPicture Book, 1997-1998
Hog-Eye di Susan MeddaughPicture Book, 1997-1998
O Is for Orca: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet Book di Andrea HelmanPicture Book, 1997-1998
More Than Anything Else di Marie BradbyPicture Book, 1997-1998
Papa Gatto di Ruth SandersonPicture Book, 1997-1998
Piggie Pie! di Margie PalatiniPicture Book, 1997-1998
A Regular Flood of Mishap di Tom BirdseyePicture Book, 1997-1998
Snowballs di Lois EhlertPicture Book, 1997-1998
Sunflower House di Eve BuntingPicture Book, 1997-1998
Two of Everything di Lily Toy HongPicture Book, 1997-1998
Basta guardare il cielo di Rodman PhilbrickMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
Bigger di Patricia CalvertMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
Cezanne Pinto: A Memoir di Mary StolzMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
Climb or Die di Edward MyersMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
Cyberstorm di Gloria SkurzynskiMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
The Great Fire di Jim MurphyMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
Hannah In Between di Colby RodowskyMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
Heart of a Champion di Carl DeukerMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
Marrying Malcolm Murgatroyd di Mame FarrellMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
Nothing Grows Here di Jean ThesmanMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
Out of Nowhere di Ouida SebestyenMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
Running Out of Time di Margaret Peterson HaddixMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
Runs With Horses di Brian BurksMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
Someone Was Watching di David PatneaudeMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
Spirit Seeker di Joan Lowery NixonMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
Spite Fences di Trudy KrisherMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
To the Top of the World: Adventures with Arctic Wolves di Jim BrandenburgMiddle Grades, 1997-1998
The 13th Floor: A Ghost Story di Sid FleischmanIntermediate, 1997-1998
The Absolutely True Story... di Willo Davis RobertsIntermediate, 1997-1998
Ambra Chiaro non è un colore di Paula DanzigerIntermediate, 1997-1998
Brian's Winter di Gary PaulsenIntermediate, 1997-1998
Danger at the Fair di Peg KehretIntermediate, 1997-1998
The In-Between Days di Eve BuntingIntermediate, 1997-1998
Just Call Me Stupid di Tom BirdseyeIntermediate, 1997-1998
Kate Shelley: Bound for Legend di Robert D. San SouciIntermediate, 1997-1998
A Llama in the Family di Johanna HurwitzIntermediate, 1997-1998
Marvin Redpost: Alone in His Teacher's House di Louis SacharIntermediate, 1997-1998
The Night Crossing di Karen AckermanIntermediate, 1997-1998
Once on This Island di Gloria WhelanIntermediate, 1997-1998
Il parco dei mirtilli di Cynthia RylantIntermediate, 1997-1998
Sable di Karen HesseIntermediate, 1997-1998
The storm di Marc HarshmanIntermediate, 1997-1998
That Horse Whiskey! di C. S. AdlerIntermediate, 1997-1998
The Kid Who Ran For President di Dan GutmanIntermediate, 1998-1999
The King's Shadow di Elizabeth AlderMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
The Adventures Of Sparrowboy di Brian PinkneyPicture Book, 1998-1999
Aunt Nancy and Old Man Trouble di Phyllis RootPicture Book, 1998-1999
The Bat in the Boot di Annie CannonPicture Book, 1998-1999
Birdie's Lighthouse di Deborah HopkinsonPicture Book, 1998-1999
Creepy, Crawly Baby Bugs di Sandra MarklePicture Book, 1998-1999
For the Love of the Game: Michael Jordan and Me (Trophy Picture Books) di Eloise GreenfieldPicture Book, 1998-1999
Leah's Pony di Elizabeth FriedrichPicture Book, 1998-1999
Little Red Riding Hood: A Newfangled Prairie Tale di Lisa Campbell ErnstPicture Book, 1998-1999
McDuff Moves In di Rosemary WellsPicture Book, 1998-1999
Molly Limbo di Margaret HodgesPicture Book, 1998-1999
My Dog Never Says Please di Suzanne WilliamsPicture Book, 1998-1999
Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the Rud di Lynn PlourdePicture Book, 1998-1999
A Place Called Freedom di Scott Russell SandersPicture Book, 1998-1999
Red Bird di Barbara MitchellPicture Book, 1998-1999
Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter di Diane StanleyPicture Book, 1998-1999
Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett di Steven KelloggPicture Book, 1998-1999
Smoky Mountain Rose: An Appalachian Cinderella di Alan SchroederPicture Book, 1998-1999
The Trees of the Dancing Goats di Patricia PolaccoPicture Book, 1998-1999
Young Abe Lincoln di Cheryl HarnessPicture Book, 1998-1999
Anastasia Absolutely di Lois LowryMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
Countdown di Ben MikaelsenMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
Crash di Jerry SpinelliMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
The Dark Stairs di Betsy ByarsMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
The Escape From Home di AviMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
Far North di Will HobbsMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
Graveyard Girl di Anna MyersMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
Loch di Paul ZindelMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
Mr. Lincoln’s Drummer di G. Clifton WislerMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
The Music of Dolphins di Karen HesseMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
Orphan Train Rider: One Boy's True Story di Andrea WarrenMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
Ribbons di Laurence YepMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
The Second Bend in the River di Ann RinaldiMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
True North di Kathryn LaskyMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
A Very Personal Computer di Justine RendalMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963 di Christopher Paul CurtisMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
Who's There? di Stephanie S. TolanMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
The Window di Jeanette IngoldMiddle Grades, 1998-1999
Backyard Rescue di Hope RydenIntermediate, 1998-1999
Blue Sky, Butterfly di Jean Van LeeuwenIntermediate, 1998-1999
Caleb's Choice di G. Clifton WislerIntermediate, 1998-1999
Child of the Wolves di Elizabeth HallIntermediate, 1998-1999
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey di Susan WojciechowskiIntermediate, 1998-1999
Danger Along the Ohio di Patricia WillisIntermediate, 1998-1999
Dead Letter di Betsy ByarsIntermediate, 1998-1999
Earthquake Terror di Peg KehretIntermediate, 1998-1999
Falling Up: Poems and Drawings di Shel SilversteinIntermediate, 1998-1999
Family for Sale di Eth CliffordIntermediate, 1998-1999
An Island Far from Home di John DonahueIntermediate, 1998-1999
Journey into Terror di Bill WallaceIntermediate, 1998-1999
No More Nice di Amy MacDonaldIntermediate, 1998-1999
Shiloh Season di Phyllis Reynolds NaylorIntermediate, 1998-1999
Sticks di Joan BauerIntermediate, 1998-1999
The Tarantula in My Purse di Jean Craighead GeorgeIntermediate, 1998-1999
Tarantula Shoes di Tom BirdseyeIntermediate
The Wind Wagon di Celia Barker LottridgeIntermediate, 1998-1999
Antarctic Antics: A Book of Penguin Poems di Judy SierraPicture Book, 1999-2000
Counting Is for the Birds di Frank Mazzola Jr.Picture Book, 1999-2000
Doodle Dandies: Poems That Take Shape di J. Patrick LewisPicture Book, 1999-2000
Fanny's Dream di Caralyn BuehnerPicture Book, 1999-2000
Flashlight di Betsy JamesPicture Book, 1999-2000
The Library Dragon di Carmen Agra DeedyPicture Book, 1999-2000
Little Oh di Laura Krauss MelmedPicture Book, 1999-2000
Mailing May di Michael O. TunnellPicture Book, 1999-2000
Measuring Penny di Loreen LeedyPicture Book, 1999-2000
Moonstruck di Gennifer CholdenkoPicture Book, 1999-2000
The Most Beautiful Kid in the World di Jennifer A. EricssonPicture Book, 1999-2000
Nobody Owns the Sky: The Story of "Brave Bessie" Coleman di Reeve LindberghPicture Book, 1999-2000
The Pillow War di Matt NovakPicture Book, 1999-2000
The Red Racer di Audrey WoodPicture Book, 1999-2000
Shaggy, Waggy Dogs (And Others) di Stephanie CalmensonPicture Book, 1999-2000
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly di Simms TabackPicture Book, 1999-2000
Top Cat di Lois EhlertPicture Book, 1999-2000
Winter Lullaby di Barbara SeulingPicture Book, 1999-2000
Another Way to Dance di Martha SouthgateMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
Babcock di Joe CottonwoodMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
The Beasties di William SleatorMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
Being Youngest di Jim HeynenMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
Charles A. Lindbergh: A Human Hero di James Cross GiblinMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
I Dream of Murder di Catherine DexterMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
The Frog Princess of Pelham di Ellen ConfordMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
Ghost Canoe di Will HobbsMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
Jubilee Journey di Carolyn MeyerMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
Kennedy Assassinated! The World Mourns: A Reporter's Story di Wilborn HamptonMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
Lily's Crossing di Patricia Reilly GiffIntermediate, 1999-2000
Moving Mama to Town di Ronder Thomas YoungMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
Sacred Shadows di Maxine Rose SchurMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
Seedfolks di Paul FleischmanMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
Stones in Water di Donna Jo NapoliMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
Tangerine di Edward BloorMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
The Terrorist di Caroline B. CooneyMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
Under a Different Sky di Deborah SavageMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
Under the Blood-Red Sun di Graham SalisburyMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
Virtual War di Gloria SkurzynskiMiddle Grades, 1999-2000
Come Morning di Leslie Davis GuccioneIntermediate, 1999-2000
The Ghost in Room 11 di Betty Ren WrightIntermediate, 1999-2000
The Great Turkey Walk di Kathleen KarrIntermediate, 1999-2000
Journey to Nowhere di Mary Jane AuchIntermediate, 1999-2000
Mean Margaret di Tor SeidlerIntermediate, 1999-2000
Out of Darkness: The Story of Louis Braille di Russell FreedmanIntermediate, 1999-2000
Run Away Home di Patricia C. MckissackIntermediate, 1999-2000
A Season of Comebacks di Kathy MackelIntermediate, 1999-2000
Shadow Of The Wolf di Gloria WhelanIntermediate, 1999-2000
Spring Break di Johanna HurwitzIntermediate, 1999-2000
Sun & Spoon di Kevin HenkesIntermediate, 1999-2000
Toenails, Tonsils, and Tornadoes di Bonnie PryorIntermediate, 1999-2000
Tornado di Betsy ByarsIntermediate, 1999-2000
Tracks in the Snow di Lucy Jane BledsoeIntermediate, 1999-2000
The Turnabout Shop di Colby RodowskyIntermediate, 1999-2000
Virtual Cody di Betsy DuffeyIntermediate, 1999-2000
When Jessie Came Across the Sea di Amy HestIntermediate, 1999-2000
White Water di P.J. PetersenIntermediate, 1999-2000
A Bad Case of Stripes di David ShannonPicture Book, 2000-2001
The Biggest, Best Snowman di Margery CuylerPicture Book, 2000-2001
Boss of the Plains di Laurie CarlsonPicture Book, 2000-2001
Duke Ellington: The Piano Prince and His Orchestra di Andrea Davis PinkneyPicture Book, 2000-2001
Elizabeti's Doll di Stephanie Stuve-BodeenPicture Book, 2000-2001
The Enormous Carrot di Vladimir VaginPicture Book, 2000-2001
The Gingerbread Man di Jim AylesworthPicture Book, 2000-2001
Heat Wave di Helen KettemanPicture Book, 2000-2001
Honk!: The Story of a Prima Swanerina di Pamela Duncan EdwardsPicture Book, 2000-2001
Insectlopedia di Douglas FlorianPicture Book, 2000-2001
Journey Home di Lawrence McKayPicture Book, 2000-2001
Loud Emily di Alexis O'NeillPicture Book, 2000-2001
Raising Dragons di Jerdine NolenPicture Book, 2000-2001
Raising Yoder's Barn di Jane YolenPicture Book, 2000-2001
Snow di Uri ShulevitzPicture Book, 2000-2001
Still Life Stew di Helena Clare PittmanPicture Book, 2000-2001
Tale of a Tail di Judit Z. BodnarPicture Book, 2000-2001
Yoko di Rosemary WellsPicture Book, 2000-2001
Zelda and Ivy di Laura McGee KvasnoskyPicture Book, 2000-2001
Bloomability di Sharon CreechMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
Chuck Close: Up Close di Jan GreenbergMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child di Francisco JimenezMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
Crush di Ellen ConfordMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
Curses, Inc. and Other Stories di Vivian Vande VeldeMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
Foster's War di Carolyn ReederMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
Gideon's People di Carolyn MeyerMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
In viaggio con Madeline di Joan BauerMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
Looking Back: A Book of Memories di Lois LowryMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
The Maze di Will HobbsMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
Il mio amico Harold di Gary PaulsenMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
P.S. Longer Letter Later di Ann M. MartinMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
Perloo the Bold di AviMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
Petey di Ben MikaelsenMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade di Diane WilsonMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
The Sacrifice di Diane MatcheckMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
The Shakespeare Stealer di Gary BlackwoodMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
Whirligig di Paul FleischmanMiddle Grades, 2000-2001
Abe Lincoln for Class President di Todd StrasserIntermediate, 2000-2001
Across the Lines di Carolyn ReederIntermediate, 2000-2001
Behind the Bedroom Wall di Laura E. WilliamsIntermediate, 2000-2001
Box Top Dreams di Miriam GlassmanIntermediate, 2000-2001
Brian's Return di Gary PaulsenIntermediate, 2000-2001
Danger In The Desert di T.S. FieldsIntermediate, 2000-2001
Faith and the Electric Dogs di Patrick JenningsIntermediate, 2000-2001
The Ghost of Fossil Glen di Cynthia DeFeliceIntermediate, 2000-2001
Graveyards of the Dinosaurs di Shelley TanakaIntermediate, 2000-2001
Jip: His Story di Katherine PatersonIntermediate, 2000-2001
Lone Wolf di Kristine L. FranklinIntermediate, 2000-2001
A Long Way from Chicago di Richard PeckIntermediate, 2000-2001
Mary on Horseback di Rosemary WellsIntermediate, 2000-2001
The Mouse of Amherst di Elizabeth SpiresIntermediate, 2000-2001
Reaching Dustin di Vicki GroveIntermediate, 2000-2001
Riding Freedom di Pam Muñoz RyanIntermediate, 2000-2001
Sort of Forever di Sally WarnerIntermediate, 2000-2001
Talking with Adventurers di Pat CummingsIntermediate, 2000-2001
When Birds Could Talk And Bats Could Sing di Virginia HamiltonIntermediate, 2000-2001
Il ragazzo cannone di Kimberly Willis Holt2001-2002
Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride di Pam Muñoz RyanPicture Book, 2001-2002
The Babe & I di David A. AdlerPicture Book, 2001-2002
The Blizzard’s Robe di Robert SabudaPicture Book, 2001-2002
Cook-a-Doodle-Doo di Janet StevensPicture Book, 2001-2002
Flicker Flash di Joan Bransfield GrahamPicture Book, 2001-2002
Full Belly Bowl di Jim AylesworthPicture Book, 2001-2002
Gigantic!: How Big Were the Dinosaurs? di Patrick O'BrienPicture Book, 2001-2002
The Grannyman di Judy SchachnerPicture Book, 2001-2002
The Hatseller And The Monkeys di Baba Wague DiakitePicture Book, 2001-2002
Horace and Morris But Mostly Dolores di James HowePicture Book, 2001-2002
Molly Bannaky di Chris K. SoentpietPicture Book, 2001-2002
My Rows and Piles of Coins di Tololwa M. MollelPicture Book, 2001-2002
Raising Sweetness di Diane StanleyPicture Book, 2001-2002
Shibumi and the Kitemaker di Mercer MayerPicture Book, 2001-2002
The Summer My Father Was Ten di Pat BrissonPicture Book, 2001-2002
The Wacky Wedding a Book of Alphabet Antics di Pamela Duncan EdwardsPicture Book, 2001-2002
Weslandia di Paul FleischmanPicture Book, 2001-2002
Zia Natalina di Elise PrimaveraPicture Book, 2001-2002
The 6th Grade Nickname Game di Gordon KormanMiddle Grades, 2001-2002
All Alone in the Universe di Lynne Rae PerkinsMiddle Grades, 2001-2002
The Beetle and Me: A Love Story di Karen Romano YoungMiddle Grades, 2001-2002
Bradley and the Billboard di Mame FarrellMiddle Grades, 2001-2002
Cast Two Shadows: The American Revolution in the South di Ann RinaldiMiddle Grades, 2001-2002
Close to a Killer di Marsha QualeyMiddle Grades, 2001-2002
Dave at Night di Gail Carson LevineMiddle Grades, 2001-2002
A Door Near Here di Heather QuarlesMiddle Grades, 2001-2002
Downsiders di Neal ShustermanMiddle Grades, 2001-2002
Max The Mighty di Rodman PhilbrickMiddle Grades, 2001-2002
Safe at Second di Scott JohnsonMiddle Grades, 2001-2002
Sandry’s Book di Tamora PierceMiddle Grades, 2001-2002
Soldier's Heart di Gary PaulsenMiddle Grades, 2001-2002
The Wild Kid di Harry MazerMiddle Grades, 2001-2002
The Birthday Room di Kevin HenkesIntermediate, 2001-2002
Can You Feel the Thunder? di Lynn E. McElfreshIntermediate, 2001-2002
Il caso dei fuochi d'artificio di Laurence YepIntermediate, 2001-2002
Cody Unplugged di Betsy DuffeyIntermediate, 2001-2002
Faraway Summer di Johanna HurwitzIntermediate, 2001-2002
Jason's Gold di Will HobbsIntermediate, 2001-2002
Love from Your Friend, Hannah di Mindy Warshaw SkolskyIntermediate, 2001-2002
Nowhere to Call Home di Cynthia DeFeliceIntermediate, 2001-2002
The Ocean Within di V. M. CaldwellIntermediate, 2001-2002
Ordinary Miracles di Stephanie S. TolanIntermediate, 2001-2002
Pioneer Girl: Growing Up on the Prairie di Andrea WarrenIntermediate, 2001-2002
Preacher's Boy di Katherine PatersonIntermediate, 2001-2002
The Runaways di Zilpha Keatley SnyderIntermediate, 2001-2002
Seeing Lessons di Spring HermannIntermediate, 2001-2002
The Starplace di Vicki GroveIntermediate, 2001-2002
Thomas di Bonnie PryorIntermediate, 2001-2002
Trainwreck : Kansas 1892 di Kathleen DueyIntermediate, 2001-2002
William Shakespeare & the Globe di AlikiIntermediate, 2001-2002
Abbie Against the Storm di Marcia K. VaughanPicture Book, 2002-2003
Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type di Doreen CroninPicture Book, 2002-2003
Crawdad Creek di Scott Russell SandersPicture Book, 2002-2003
Gotta Go! Gotta Go! di Sam SwopePicture Book, 2002-2003
In November di Cynthia RylantPicture Book, 2002-2003
A is for Salad (Picture Puffins) di Mike LesterPicture Book, 2002-2003
Jake Johnson: The Story of A Mule di Tres SeymourPicture Book, 2002-2003
Kindle Me a Riddle: A Pioneer Story di Roberta KarimPicture Book, 2002-2003
The Language of Birds di Rafe MartinPicture Book, 2002-2003
The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) di Philemon SturgesPicture Book, 2002-2003
The Lizard Man of Crabtree County di Lucy A. NolanPicture Book, 2002-2003
Mole Music di David McPhailPicture Book, 2002-2003
The Raft di Jim LaMarchePicture Book, 2002-2003
Red-Eyed Tree Frog di Joy CowleyPicture Book, 2002-2003
Stella Louella's Runaway Book di Lisa Campbell ErnstPicture Book, 2002-2003
Sweet Strawberries di Phyllis Reynolds NaylorPicture Book, 2002-2003
Welcome Comfort di Patricia PolaccoPicture Book, 2002-2003
Wemberly Worried di Kevin HenkesPicture Book, 2002-2003
Yoshi's Feast di Kimiko KajikawaPicture Book, 2002-2003
Cecil in Space di Sid HiteMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
The Dark Side of Nowhere di Neal ShustermanMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
Death at Devil's Bridge di Cynthia DeFeliceMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
Esperanza Rising di Pam Muñoz RyanMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
The Exchange Student di Kate GilmoreMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
Firegold di Dia CalhounMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
Francie di Karen EnglishMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn di Dorothy HooblerMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
Good Night, Maman di Norma Fox MazerMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
Jazmin's Notebook di Nikki GrimesMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
L' alfabeto del silenzio di E. L. KonigsburgMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
My Life in Dog Years di Gary PaulsenMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
Nose Pickers from Outer Space di Gordon KormanMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
Rats di Paul ZindelMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
La rivincita di Lois LowryMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief di Wendelin Van DraanenMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
Shipwreck Season di Donna HillMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
Stealing Freedom di Elisa CarboneMiddle Grades, 2002-2003
The Barn Burner di Patricia WillisIntermediate, 2002-2003
The Battlefield Ghost di Margery CuylerIntermediate, 2002-2003
The Boxes di William SleatorIntermediate, 2002-2003
The Captain's Dog: My Journey with the Lewis and Clark Tribe di Roland SmithIntermediate, 2002-2003
Dear Mrs. Ryan, You're Ruining My Life di Jennifer B. JonesIntermediate, 2002-2003
The Ghost of Lizard Light di Elvira WoodruffIntermediate, 2002-2003
The Kite Fighters di Linda Sue ParkIntermediate, 2002-2003
The Landry News di Andrew ClementsIntermediate, 2002-2003
Missing in the Mountains di Terri FieldsIntermediate, 2002-2003
The Moonlight Man di Betty Ren WrightIntermediate, 2002-2003
The Riches of Oseola McCarty di Evelyn ColemanIntermediate, 2002-2003
Ruthie's Gift di Kimberly Brubaker BradleyIntermediate, 2002-2003
See the Stars: Your First Guide to the Night Sky di Ken CroswellIntermediate, 2002-2003
Suitcase di Mildred Pitts WalterIntermediate, 2002-2003
Through My Eyes di Ruby BridgesIntermediate, 2002-2003
La vagabonda di Sharon CreechIntermediate, 2002-2003
Winners Take All (All-Star Sports Story) di Fred BowenIntermediate, 2002-2003
The Year of Miss Agnes di Kirkpatrick HillIntermediate, 2002-2003
Joey Pigza Loses Control di Jack GantosIntermediate, 2003-2004
Midnight Magic di AviMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
The Word Eater di Mary Amato2003-2004
And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon di Janet StevensPicture Book, 2003-2004
Bedhead di Margie PalatiniPicture Book, 2003-2004
Book! Book! Book! di Deborah BrussPicture Book, 2003-2004
A Bus of Our Own di Freddi Williams EvansPicture Book, 2003-2004
Cindy Ellen: A Wild Western Cinderella di Susan LowellPicture Book, 2003-2004
A Cool Drink of Water di Barbara KerleyPicture Book, 2003-2004
A Fine, Fine School di Sharon CreechPicture Book, 2003-2004
Gleam and Glow di Eve BuntingPicture Book, 2003-2004
The Hickory Chair di Lisa Rowe FraustinoPicture Book, 2003-2004
Jubal's Wish di Audrey WoodPicture Book, 2003-2004
The Legend of the Teddy Bear di Frank MurphyPicture Book, 2003-2004
Little Cliff and the Porch People di Clifton L. TaulbertPicture Book, 2003-2004
Locust Pocus: Poems to Bug You di Douglas Kaine McKelveyPicture Book, 2003-2004
Milo's Hat Trick di Jon AgeePicture Book, 2003-2004
Shrinking Violet di Cari BestPicture Book, 2003-2004
Sidewalk Chalk: Poems of the City di Carole Boston WeatherfordPicture Book, 2003-2004
The Tale Of Tricky Fox di Jim AylesworthPicture Book, 2003-2004
Waiting for Wings di Lois EhlertPicture Book, 2003-2004
The Worrywarts di Pamela Duncan EdwardsPicture Book, 2003-2004
The Art of Keeping Cool di Janet Taylor LisleMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
Battle Dress di Amy EfawMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
Blizzard!: The Storm That Changed America di Jim MurphyMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
The Boxer (Sunburst Book) di Kathleen KarrMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
Burning Up di Caroline B. CooneyMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
Fever 1793 di Laurie Halse AndersonMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
Guts di Gary PaulsenMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
Haunting at Home Plate di David PatneaudeMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
In the Forests of the Night di Amelia Atwater-RhodesMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
Just Ella di Margaret Peterson HaddixMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
Locked Inside di Nancy WerlinMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
Memories of Summer di Ruth WhiteMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
Night Hoops di Carl DeukerMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
No More Dead Dogs di Gordon KormanMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
Songs of Power di Hilari BellMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
Talenti nascosti di David LubarMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
Touching Spirit Bear di Ben MikaelsenMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
Zach's Lie di Roland SmithMiddle Grades, 2003-2004
All the Way Home di Patricia Reilly GiffIntermediate, 2003-2004
Dancing In Cadillac Light di Kimberly Willis HoltIntermediate, 2003-2004
Dinosaur Named Sue: The Story of a Colossal Fossil di Pat RelfIntermediate, 2003-2004
The Girl With 500 Middle Names di Margaret Peterson HaddixIntermediate, 2003-2004
The Graduation of Jake Moon di Barbara ParkIntermediate, 2003-2004
The Janitor's Boy di Andrew ClementsIntermediate, 2003-2004
Love That Dog di Sharon CreechIntermediate, 2003-2004
Love, Ruby Lavender di Deborah WilesIntermediate, 2003-2004
My Brother Made Me Do It di Peg KehretIntermediate, 2003-2004
No More Nasty di Amy MacDonaldIntermediate, 2003-2004
Odysseus in the Serpent Maze di Jane YolenIntermediate, 2003-2004
The Puzzle in the Portrait di Eleanor Florence RoselliniIntermediate, 2003-2004
The Secret School di AviIntermediate, 2003-2004
Shooting For The Moon: The Amazing Life and Times of Annie Oakley di Stephen KrenskyIntermediate, 2003-2004
The Time Bike di Jane LangtonIntermediate, 2003-2004
The Truth About Great White Sharks di Mary M. CerulloIntermediate, 2003-2004
When Mack Came Back di Brad StricklandIntermediate, 2003-2004
Big, Bad and a Little Bit Scary di Wade ZaharesPicture Book, 2004-2005
Brave Harriet: The First Woman to Fly the English Channel di Marissa MossPicture Book, 2004-2005
The Burger and the Hot Dog di Jim AylesworthPicture Book, 2004-2005
Dig, Wait, Listen: A Desert Toad's Tale di April Pulley SayrePicture Book, 2004-2005
Dumpy La Rue (Owlet Book) di Elizabeth WinthropPicture Book, 2004-2005
Emily's art di Peter CatalanottoPicture Book, 2004-2005
The Great Gracie Chase: Stop That Dog! di Cynthia RylantPicture Book, 2004-2005
H is for Hoosier: An Indiana Alphabet di Bruce LangtonPicture Book, 2004-2005
Jin Woo di Eve BuntingPicture Book, 2004-2005
The Journey di Sarah StewartPicture Book, 2004-2005
Look out, Jack! The Giant is Back! di Tom BirdseyePicture Book, 2004-2005
Looking Out for Sarah di Glenna LangPicture Book, 2004-2005
Mabela the Clever di Margaret Read MacDonaldPicture Book, 2004-2005
The Other Side di Jacqueline WoodsonPicture Book, 2004-2005
Sophie's Masterpiece: A Spider's Tale di Eileen SpinelliPicture Book, 2004-2005
Sorry di Jean Van LeeuwenPicture Book, 2004-2005
The Web Files di Margie PalatiniPicture Book, 2004-2005
Widget di Lyn Rossiter McFarlandPicture Book, 2004-2005
Winter Shoes for Shadow Horse di Linda Oatman HighPicture Book, 2004-2005
Angelfish di Laurence YepMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
Boston Jane: An Adventure di Jennifer L. HolmMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
A Boy at War: A Novel of Pearl Harbor di Harry MazerMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
Christmas After All : the Great Depression Diary of Minnie Swift di Kathryn LaskyMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
Following Fake Man di Barbara Ware HolmesMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
Girl in Blue di Ann RinaldiMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
Hope Was Here di Joan BauerMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
The Last Book in the Universe di Rodman PhilbrickMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
Lord of the Deep di Graham SalisburyMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
Memory Boy di Will WeaverMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
A Piece of Heaven di Sharon Dennis WyethMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
Raising the Shades di Doug WilhelmMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
A Sailor Returns di Theodore TaylorMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
Shipwrecked!: The True Adventures of a Japanese Boy di Rhoda BlumbergMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
Things Not Seen di Andrew ClementsMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
The Tiger Rising di Kate DiCamilloMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
Il Vangelo secondo Larry di Janet TashjianMiddle Grades, 2004-2005
Above and Beyond di Susan BonnersIntermediate, 2004-2005
Belle Teal di Ann M. MartinIntermediate, 2004-2005
The Beloved Dearly di Doug CooneyIntermediate, 2004-2005
Clay di Colby RodowskyIntermediate, 2004-2005
Don't Tell Anyone di Peg KehretIntermediate, 2004-2005
A Face First di Priscilla CummingsIntermediate, 2004-2005
Forging Freedom: A True Story of Heroism During The Holocaust di Hudson TalbottIntermediate, 2004-2005
Fur-Ever Yours, Booker Jones di Betsy DuffeyIntermediate, 2004-2005
Leonardo's Horse di Jean FritzIntermediate, 2004-2005
My Brother, the Robot di Bonnie BeckerIntermediate, 2004-2005
Ollie's Cabin in the Woods di Robert F. HessongIntermediate, 2004-2005
Pictures of Hollis Woods di Patricia Reilly GiffIntermediate, 2004-2005
Qwerty Stevens Stuck in Time with Benjamin Franklin di Dan GutmanIntermediate, 2004-2005
The Summer of Riley di Eve BuntingIntermediate, 2004-2005
Toasting Marshmallows: Camping Poems di Kristine O'Connell GeorgeIntermediate, 2004-2005
The Two Princesses of Bamarre di Gail Carson LevineIntermediate, 2004-2005
Valley of Death di Gloria SkurzynskiIntermediate, 2004-2005
The Victory Garden di Lee KochenderferIntermediate, 2004-2005
A Week in the Woods di Andrew ClementsIntermediate, 2004-2005
About Arachnids: A Guide for Children (About...) di Cathryn SillPicture Book, 2005-2006
Alphathoughts: Alphabet Poems di Lee Bennett HopkinsPicture Book, 2005-2006
Becoming Butterflies di Anne RockwellPicture Book, 2005-2006
Big Al and Shrimpy di Andrew ClementsPicture Book, 2005-2006
bow wow meow meow: it's rhyming cats and dogs di Douglas FlorianPicture Book, 2005-2006
The Bugliest Bug di Carol Diggory ShieldsPicture Book, 2005-2006
Can You Hear a Rainbow? di Jamee Riggio HeelanPicture Book, 2005-2006
Earthquack! di Margie PalatiniPicture Book, 2005-2006
Epossumondas di Coleen SalleyPicture Book, 2005-2006
First Day In Grapes di L. King PerezPicture Book, 2005-2006
George Washington's Teeth di Deborah ChandraPicture Book, 2005-2006
Hey, Daddy: Animal Fathers and Their Babies di Mary BattenPicture Book, 2005-2006
Mother to Tigers di George Ella LyonPicture Book, 2005-2006
The Princess and the Pizza di Mary Jane AuchPicture Book, 2005-2006
The Sea Chest di Toni BuzzeoPicture Book, 2005-2006
Shoeless Joe & Black Betsy di Phil BildnerPicture Book, 2005-2006
Summer Sun Risin' di W. Nikola-LisaPicture Book, 2005-2006
What's Up, What's Down? di Lola M. SchaeferPicture Book, 2005-2006
Willie Wins di Almira Astudillo GillesPicture Book, 2005-2006
7 x 9 = Trouble! di Claudia MillsIntermediate, 2005-2006
Aliens from Earth di Mary BattenIntermediate, 2005-2006
Because of Anya di Margaret Peterson HaddixIntermediate, 2005-2006
Blue Eyes Better di Ruth Wallace-BrodeurIntermediate, 2005-2006
Granny Torrelli Makes Soup di Sharon CreechIntermediate, 2005-2006
Here's What You Do When You Can't Find Your Shoe di Andrea PerryIntermediate, 2005-2006
In the Shadow of the Mammoth di Patricia Nikolina ClarkIntermediate, 2005-2006
Macaroni Boy di Katherine AyresIntermediate, 2005-2006
The Meanest Hound Around di Carol WallaceIntermediate, 2005-2006
The Monsters of Morley Manor di Bruce CovilleIntermediate, 2005-2006
Night of the Living Gerbil di Elizabeth LevyIntermediate, 2005-2006
Sliding Into Home di Dori Hillestad ButlerIntermediate, 2005-2006
Spy Cat di Peg KehretIntermediate, 2005-2006
Stink Alley di Jamie GilsonIntermediate, 2005-2006
A Strong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie "Peanut" Johnson di Michelle Y. GreenIntermediate, 2005-2006
SuperCroc and the Origin of Crocodiles di Christopher SloanIntermediate, 2005-2006
Surviving the Applewhites di Stephanie S. TolanIntermediate, 2005-2006
Trout and Me di Susan ShreveIntermediate, 2005-2006
Vermeer e il codice segreto di Blue BalliettIntermediate, 2006-2007
Actual Size di Steve JenkinsPicture Book, 2006-2007
Beatrice Doesn't Want To di Laura NumeroffPicture Book, 2006-2007
Boxes for Katje di Candace FlemingPicture Book, 2006-2007
Diary of a Worm di Doreen CroninPicture Book, 2006-2007
The Firekeeper's Son di Linda Sue ParkPicture Book, 2006-2007
A Good Night for Freedom di Barbara Olenyik MorrowPicture Book, 2006-2007
I'm Still Here in the Bathtub: Brand New Silly Dilly Songs di Alan KatzPicture Book, 2006-2007
John Philip Duck di Patricia PolaccoPicture Book, 2006-2007
Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook di Michael GarlandPicture Book, 2006-2007
My Penguin Osbert di Elizabeth Cody KimmelPicture Book, 2006-2007
My Teacher for President di Kay WintersPicture Book, 2006-2007
The Neighborhood Mother Goose di Nina CrewsPicture Book, 2006-2007
Papa's Mark di Gwendolyn Battle-LavertPicture Book, 2006-2007
I Saw a Bullfrog di Ellen SternPicture Book, 2006-2007
Souperchicken di Mary Jane AuchPicture Book, 2006-2007
Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving di Laurie Halse AndersonPicture Book, 2006-2007
The Umbrella di Jan BrettPicture Book, 2006-2007
Wild About Books di Judy SierraPicture Book, 2006-2007
Becoming Naomi León di Pam Muñoz RyanIntermediate, 2006-2007
The Boy on Fairfield Street: How Ted Geisel Grew Up to Become Dr. Seuss di Kathleen KrullIntermediate, 2006-2007
Chig and the Second Spread di Gwenyth SwainIntermediate, 2006-2007
Crandalls' Castle di Betty Ren WrightIntermediate, 2006-2007
Germ Hunter: A Story about Louis Pasteur di Elaine Marie AlphinIntermediate, 2006-2007
The Ghost of Cutler Creek di Cynthia DeFeliceIntermediate, 2006-2007
The Harmonica di Tony JohnstonIntermediate, 2006-2007
Hoop Kings di Charles R. Smith Jr.Intermediate, 2006-2007
Ida B: . . . and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World di Katherine HanniganIntermediate, 2006-2007
Izzy's Place di Marc KornblattIntermediate, 2006-2007
The Last Holiday Concert di Andrew ClementsIntermediate, 2006-2007
Major Taylor, Champion Cyclist di Lesa Cline-RansomeIntermediate, 2006-2007
Oliver's Game di Matt TavaresIntermediate, 2006-2007
Owen Foote, Mighty Scientist di Stephanie GreeneIntermediate, 2006-2007
Say What? di Margaret Peterson HaddixIntermediate, 2006-2007
Shredderman: Attack of the Tagger di Wendelin Van DraanenIntermediate, 2006-2007
The Stranger Next Door di Peg KehretIntermediate, 2006-2007
The Teacher's Funeral: A Comedy in Three Parts di Richard PeckIntermediate, 2006-2007
The Homework Machine di Dan GutmanIntermediate, 2008-2009
Aliens Are Coming!: The True Account Of The 1938 War Of The Worlds Radio Broadcast di Meghan McCarthyPicture Book, 2008-2009
The Bake Shop Ghost di Jacqueline K. OgburnPicture Book, 2008-2009
Bats at the Beach di Brian LiesPicture Book, 2008-2009
The Boy Who Loved Words di Roni SchotterPicture Book, 2008-2009
The Bravest of the Brave di Shutta CrumPicture Book, 2008-2009
Carmine: A Little More Red di Melissa SweetPicture Book, 2008-2009
Count Me a Rhyme: Animal Poems by the Number di Jane YolenPicture Book, 2008-2009
Dad, Jackie, and Me di Myron UhlbergPicture Book, 2008-2009
The Great Fuzz Frenzy di Janet StevensPicture Book, 2008-2009
Leaf Man di Lois EhlertPicture Book, 2008-2009
Letters from a Desperate Dog di Eileen ChristelowPicture Book, 2008-2009
Lilly's Big Day di Kevin HenkesPicture Book, 2008-2009
Magnus at the Fire di Jennifer ArmstrongPicture Book, 2008-2009
A Million Dots di Andrew ClementsPicture Book, 2008-2009
Over in the Ocean: In a Coral Reef di Marianne BerkesPicture Book, 2008-2009
Rosa di Nikki GiovanniPicture Book, 2008-2009
The Shivers in the Fridge di Fran ManushkinPicture Book, 2008-2009
Show Way di Jacqueline WoodsonPicture Book, 2008-2009
The Tortoise and the Hare Race Again di Dan BernsteinPicture Book, 2008-2009
Alabama Moon di Watt KeyMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Black Duck di Janet Taylor LisleMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Day of Tears di Julius LesterMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Down the Rabbit Hole di Peter AbrahamsMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Escape!: The Story of the Great Houdini di Sid FleischmanMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy: The Hero Revealed di William BonifaceIntermediate, 2008-2009
Fairest di Gail Carson LevineMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Gentle's Holler di Kerry MaddenMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Hattie Big Sky di Kirby LarsonMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Heat di Mike LupicaMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Jumping the Scratch di Sarah WeeksMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Il ladro di fulmini di Rick Riordan Middle Grades, 2008-2009
The Legend of Bass Reeves di Gary PaulsenMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
The Lighthouse Land di Adrian McKintyMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
La Linea di Ann JaramilloMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Listening for Lions di Gloria WhelanMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Outbreak! Plagues That Changed History di Bryn BarnardMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Penny from Heaven di Jennifer L. HolmMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Runaway di Wendelin Van DraanenMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Weedflower di Cynthia KadohataMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Yellow Star di Jennifer RoyMiddle Grades, 2008-2009
Defiance di Valerie HobbsIntermediate, 2008-2009
Free Baseball di Sue CorbettIntermediate, 2008-2009
Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott di Russell FreedmanIntermediate, 2008-2009
Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue di Anna Harwell CelenzaIntermediate, 2008-2009
Into the Firestorm: A Novel of San Francisco, 1906 di Deborah HopkinsonIntermediate, 2008-2009
Journey to the Bottomless Pit di Elizabeth MitchellIntermediate, 2008-2009
The Legend of Hong Kil Dong: The Robin Hood of Korea di Anne Sibley O'BrienIntermediate, 2008-2009
Mom for Mayor di Nancy EdwardsIntermediate, 2008-2009
Niente giochi nell'acquario di Cynthia LordIntermediate, 2008-2009
Room One: A Mystery or Two di Andrew ClementsIntermediate, 2008-2009
The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs di Betty G. BirneyIntermediate, 2008-2009
The Sloppy Copy Slipup di DyAnne DiSalvo-RyanIntermediate, 2008-2009
The SOS File di Betsy ByarsIntermediate, 2008-2009
Tour America: A Journey Through Poems and Art di Diane SiebertIntermediate, 2008-2009
Water Street di Patricia Reilly GiffIntermediate, 2008-2009
Winnie at Her Best di Jennifer Richard JacobsonIntermediate, 2008-2009
After Ever After di Jordan SonnenblickMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
Bamboo People di Mitali PerkinsMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
Because of Mr. Terupt di Rob BuyeaIntermediate, 2012-2013
Borrowed Names: Poems About Laura Ingalls Wilder, Madam C.J. Walker, Marie Curie, and Their Daughters di Jeannine AtkinsMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity di Mac BarnettIntermediate, 2012-2013
The Crossing: How George Washington Saved The American Revolution di Jim MurphyMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
Crunch di Leslie ConnorIntermediate & Middle Grades, 2012-2013
Dark Emperor & Other Poems of the Night di Joyce SidmanIntermediate, 2012-2013
The Dreamer di Pam Muñoz RyanMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
Eggs over Evie di Alison JacksonIntermediate, 2012-2013
The Familiars di Adam Jay EpsteinIntermediate, 2012-2013
The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester di Barbara O'ConnorIntermediate, 2012-2013
Flygirl di Sherri L. SmithMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
Forge di Laurie Halse AndersonMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall di Mary Downing HahnIntermediate, 2012-2013
Ghostopolis di Doug TenNapelMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
Happenstance Found (The Books of Umber) di P. W. CataneseMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
Hard Gold: The Colorado Gold Rush of 1859 di AviIntermediate, 2012-2013
The Hive Detectives: Chronicle of a Honey Bee Catastrophe di Loree Griffin BurnsMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
In una notte buia e spaventosa di Adam GidwitzMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
Kakapo Rescue: Saving the World's Strangest Parrot di Sy MontgomeryIntermediate, 2012-2013
Kubla Khan: The Emperor of Everything di Kathleen KrullIntermediate, 2012-2013
Lizards di Nic BishopIntermediate, 2012-2013
A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story di Linda Sue ParkMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
Love, Aubrey di Suzanne LaFleurIntermediate, 2012-2013
La mia vita con Yoda di Tom AnglebergerIntermediate, 2012-2013
The Mostly True Adventures Of Homer P. Figg di Rodman PhilbrickMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
The Night Fairy di Laura Amy SchlitzIntermediate, 2012-2013
One Crazy Summer di Rita Williams-GarciaIntermediate, 2012-2013
Out of My Mind di Sharon M. DraperMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
The Search for WondLa di Tony DiTerlizziMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
Seeds of Change: Planting a Path to Peace di Jen Cullerton JohnsonIntermediate, 2012-2013
Sharing the Seasons: A Book of Poems di Lee Bennett HopkinsIntermediate, 2012-2013
Slob di Ellen PotterMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
Sources of Light di Margaret McMullanMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
Surviving the Angel of Death: The Story of a Mengele Twin in Auschwitz di Eva Mozes KorMiddle Grades, 2012-2013
Touch Blue di Cynthia LordIntermediate, 2012-2013
Turtle in Paradise di Jennifer L. HolmIntermediate, 2012-2013
Virals di Kathy ReichsMiddle Grades, 2012-2013

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