Premi letterariWorld Fantasy Award Nominee

Opere (872)

Black Helicopters {Expanded} di Caitlín R. Kiernan
Merlin's Ring di H. Warner MunnNovel, 1975
A Midsummer Tempest di Poul AndersonNovel, 1975
The Events at Poroth Farm di T. E. D. KleinShort Fiction, 1975
A Father's Tale {short story} di Sterling E. LanierShort Fiction, 1975
Sticks {novelette} di Karl Edward WagnerShort Fiction, 1975
From Evil's Pillow di Basil CopperCollection, 1975
Le notti di Salem di Stephen King Novel, 1976
The barrow troll di David DrakeShort Fiction, 1976
Born of the Winds di Brian LumleyShort Fiction, 1976
The Ghastly Priest Doth Reign [short story] di Manly Wade WellmanShort Fiction, 1976
Deathbird Stories di Harlan EllisonCollection, 1976
The Early Long: The Hounds of Tindalos di Frank Belknap LongCollection, 1976
Far lands other days di E. Hoffmann PriceCollection, 1976
Dark Crusade di Karl Edward WagnerNovel, 1977
The Doll Who Ate His Mother di Ramsey CampbellNovel, 1977
Il drago e il George di Gordon R. DicksonNovel, 1977
Le gesta di Re Artu e dei suoi nobili cavalieri di John SteinbeckNovel, 1977
The Sailor on the Seas of Fate di Michael MoorcockNovel, 1977
The Companion di Ramsey CampbellShort Fiction, 1977
Dark Wings di Fritz LeiberShort Fiction, 1977
It Only Comes Out at Night di Dennis EtchisonShort Fiction, 1977
Two Suns Setting di Karl Edward WagnerShort Fiction, 1977
Was ist Leben? [Kurzgeschichte] di Robert SheckleyShort Fiction, 1977
Cinnabar di Edward BryantAnthology / Collection, 1977
Far Reaches of Fear di Ramsey CampbellAnthology / Collection, 1977
Flashing swords! #3 : warriors and wizards di Lin CarterAnthology / Collection, 1977
The Height of the Scream di Ramsey CampbellAnthology / Collection, 1977
Molto dopo mezzanotte di Ray BradburyAnthology / Collection, 1977
The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant The Unbeliever di Stephen DonaldsonNovel, 1978
The Hour of the Oxrun Dead di Charles L. GrantNovel, 1978
The Bagful of Dreams di Jack VanceShort Fiction, 1978
Jeffty Is Five di Harlan EllisonShort Fiction, 1978
Loveman's Comeback di Ramsey CampbellShort Fiction, 1978
Manatee Gal Ain't You Coming Out Tonight di Avram DavidsonShort Fiction, 1978
When All The Children Call My Name di Charles L. GrantShort Fiction, 1978
Cold Chills di Robert BlochAnthology / Collection, 1978
Swords and Ice Magic di Fritz LeiberAnthology / Collection, 1978
Whispers: An Anthology of Fantasy and Horror di Stuart David SchiffAnthology / Collection, 1978
The Year's Best Horror Stories: Series V di Gerald W. PageAnthology / Collection, 1978
L' ombra dello scorpione di Stephen KingNovel, 1979
The Black Castle di Les DanielsNovel, 1979
Night's Master di Tanith LeeNovel, 1979
The Sound of Midnight di Charles L. GrantNovel, 1979
Hear Me Now, My Sweet Abbey Rose di Charles L. GrantShort Fiction, 1979
The Magic Goes Away [short story] di Larry NivenShort Fiction, 1979
Sleep Well Of Nights [A Good Night's Sleep] di Avra AvramShort Fiction, 1979
Within The Walls Of Tyre di Michael BishopShort Fiction, 1979
Heroes and Horrors di Fritz LeiberAnthology / Collection, 1979
Night Winds di Karl Edward WagnerAnthology / Collection, 1979
The Redward Edward Papers di Avram DavidsonAnthology / Collection, 1979
A volte ritornano di Stephen KingAnthology / Collection, 1979
The Year's Best Horror Stories: Series VI di Gerald W. PageAnthology / Collection, 1979
Harpist in the Wind di Patricia A. McKillipBest Novel, 1980
La zona morta di Stephen KingBest Novel, 1980
The Dancers of Arun di Elizabeth A. LynnNovel, 1980
The Dark Bright Water di Patricia WrightsonNovel, 1980
The Last Call of Mourning di Charles L. GrantNovel, 1980
The Palace di Chelsea Quinn YarbroNovel, 1980
The Button Molder [short story] di Fritz LeiberShort Fiction, 1980
Petey di T. E. D. KleinShort Fiction, 1980
Saturday's Shadow di William F. NolanShort Fiction, 1980
Nightmares di Charles L. GrantAnthology / Collection, 1980
Shadows 2 di Charles L. GrantAnthology / Collection, 1980
Thieves' World di Robert AsprinAnthology / Collection, 1980
Whispers II di Stuart SchiffAnthology / Collection, 1980
The Year's Finest Fantasy: Volume 2 di Terry CarrAnthology / Collection, 1980
Ariosto di Chelsa quinn yarbroNovel, 1981
Firelord di Parke GodwinNovel, 1981
The Mist di Stephen KingNovel, 1981
Shadowland di Peter StraubNovel, 1981
Cabin 33 di Chelsea Quinn YarbroShort Fiction, 1981
Children Of The Kingdom di T. E. D. KleinShort Fiction, 1981
Unicorn Tapestry di Suzy McKee CharnasShort Fiction, 1981
Dragons of Light di Orson Scott CardAnthology / Collection, 1981
Mummy: A Chrestomathy of Cryptology di Bill PronziniAnthology / Collection, 1981
New Terrors 1 di Ramsey CampbellAnthology / Collection, 1981
Shadows 3 di Charles L. GrantAnthology / Collection, 1981
Shatterday di Harlan EllisonAnthology / Collection, 1981
L' albergo bianco di D. M. ThomasNovel, 1982
L'artiglio del conciliatore di Gene WolfeNovel, 1982
The Nameless di Ramsey CampbellNovel, 1982
The War Hound and the World's Pain di Michael MoorcockNovel, 1982
Ealdwood [novella] di C. J. CherryhNovella, 1982
Mythago Wood [novelette] di Robert HoldstockNovella, 1982
The River of Night's Dreaming (Short story) di Karl Edward WagnerNovella, 1982
Coin Of The Realm di Charles L. GrantShort Story, 1982
Fairy Tale di Jack DannShort Story, 1982
Fantasy Annual IV di Terry CarrAnthology / Collection, 1982
Shadows 4 di Charles L. GrantAnthology / Collection, 1982
Tales from the Nightside di Charles L. GrantAnthology / Collection, 1982
Whispers III di Stuart David SchiffAnthology / Collection, 1982
Il battello del delirio di George R. R. MartinNovel, 1983
The Nestling di Charles L. GrantNovel, 1983
Phantom di Thomas TessierNovel, 1983
La spada del littore: /Il libro del nuovo sole!: terzo volume di Gene WolfeNovel, 1983
The Breathing Method [short fiction] di Stephen KingNovella, 1983
Horrible imaginings [short fiction] di Fritz LeiberNovella, 1983
Night's Swift Dragons di Charles L. GrantNovella, 1983
Firestorm di Steve Rasnic TemShort Story, 1983
The Man Who Met Picasso di Michael SwanwickShort Story, 1983
Petra di Greg BearShort Story, 1983
The Dark Country di Dennis EtchisonAnthology / Collection, 1983
Hecate's Cauldron di Susan M. ShwartzAnthology / Collection, 1983
Perpetual Light di Alan RyanAnthology / Collection, 1983
Shadows 5 di Charles L. GrantAnthology / Collection, 1983
Stagioni diverse di Stephen KingAnthology / Collection, 1983
The Armageddon Rag di George R. R. MartinNovel, 1984
Lyonesse di Jack VanceNovel, 1984
Pet Sematary di Stephen KingNovel, 1984
Tea with the Black Dragon di R. A. MacAvoyNovel, 1984
The Wandering Unicorn di Manuel Mujica LainezNovel, 1984
The Lurking Duck di Scott BakerNovella, 1984
The Monkey's Bride di Michael BishopNovella, 1984
Nunc Dimittis di Tanith LeeNovella, 1984
The Red Hawk di Elizabeth A. LynnNovella, 1984
The Hundred Year Christmas - Signed - 1 / 1000 di David MorrellShort Story, 1984
Into Whose Hands di Karl Edward WagnerShort Story, 1984
The Silent Cradle di Leigh KennedyShort Story, 1984
Solitario's Eyes di Lucius ShepardShort Story, 1984
Wong's Lost And Found Emporium [short story] di William F. WuShort Story, 1984
Gallery of Horror di Charles L. GrantAnthology / Collection, 1984
Red as Blood; or, Tales from the Sisters Grimmer di Tanith LeeAnthology / Collection, 1984
Shadows 6 di Charles L. GrantAnthology / Collection, 1984
Tales of Wonder di Jane YolenAnthology / Collection, 1984
Archer's Goon di Diana Wynne JonesNovel, 1985
Cerimonia di sangue di T. E. D. KleinNovel, 1985
Il talismano di Stephen King Novel, 1985
The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet {novella} di Stephen KingNovella, 1985
In The Sumerian Marshes di Gerald PearceNovella, 1985
Jacqueline Ess: her will and testament di Clive BarkerNovella, 1985
The Man Who Painted the Dragon Griaule di Lucius ShepardNovella, 1985
Bad Medicine [short story] di Jack DannShort Story, 1985
Night Crawlers di Robert R. McCammonShort Story, 1985
The Fire When It Comes di Parke GodwinAnthology / Collection, 1985
Masques: All New Works of Horror and the Supernatural di J. N. WilliamsonAnthology / Collection, 1985
Night Visions: In the blood di Alan RyanAnthology / Collection, 1985
The Songbirds of Pain di Garry KilworthAnthology / Collection, 1985
Viriconium Nights di M. John HarrisonAnthology / Collection, 1985
Scelti dalle tenebre di Anne Rice 1986
The Dream Years di Lisa GoldsteinNovel, 1986
Gioco dannato di Clive BarkerNovel, 1986
Illywhacker di Peter CareyNovel, 1986
Winterking di Paul HazelNovel, 1986
Do I Dare to Eat a Peach? di Chelsea Quinn YarbroNovella, 1986
Flight [short story] di Peter DickinsonNovella, 1986
The Gorgon Field [novella] di Kate WilhelmNovella, 1986
The Jaguar Hunter [short story] di Lucius ShepardShort Story, 1986
Return of the Dust Vampires di Sharon N. FarberShort Story, 1986
The Slovo Stove di Avram DavidsonShort Story, 1986
Books of Blood 4-6 di Clive BarkerAnthology / Collection, 1986
Dragonfield and Other Stories di Jane YolenAnthology / Collection, 1986
Faery! di Terri WindlingAnthology / Collection, 1986
Night Visions 2: Dead Image di Charles L. GrantAnthology / Collection, 1986
Scheletri di Stephen KingAnthology / Collection, 1986
Venere nera di Angela CarterAnthology / Collection, 1986
Whispers V di Stuart David SchiffAnthology / Collection, 1986
La carezza della paura di Charles L. GrantNovel, 1987
It di Stephen KingNovel, 1987
Il soldato della nebbia di Gene WolfeNovel, 1987
Strangers di Dean KoontzNovel, 1987
Talking Man di Terry BissonNovel, 1987
The Tricksters di Margaret MahyNovel, 1987
Chance [short story] di Connie WillisNovella, 1987
Night Moves [short story] di Tim PowersNovella, 1987
Schiavi dell'inferno di Clive BarkerNovella, 1987
The boy who plaited manes (short story) di Nancy SpringerShort Story, 1987
The Brains of Rats [short story] di Michael BlumleinShort Story, 1987
The End Of The Whole Mess [short story] di Stephen KingShort Story, 1987
Pain di Whitley StrieberShort Story, 1987
The Rise And Fall Of Father Alex di Amyas NaegeleShort Story, 1987
They're Coming for You {short story} di Les DanielsShort Story, 1987
Tight Little Stitches in a Dead Man's Back di Joe R. LansdaleShort Story, 1987
Black Wine di Ramsey CampbellAnthology / Collection, 1987
Cutting Edge di Dennis EtchisonAnthology / Collection, 1987
Dreams of Dark and Light di Tanith LeeAnthology / Collection, 1987
Merlin's Booke di Jane YolenAnthology / Collection, 1987
Night Visions: The Hellbound Heart di George R. R. MartinAnthology / Collection, 1987
The Players of Luck di Will ShetterlyAnthology / Collection, 1987
Aegypt di John CrowleyNovel, 1988
Misery di Stephen KingNovel, 1988
Il mondo in un tappeto di Clive BarkerNovel, 1988
On Stranger Tides di Tim PowersNovel, 1988
Il settimo figlio di Orson Scott CardNovel, 1988
Swan Song di Robert R. McCammonNovel, 1988
Best Friends [short story] di Robert R. McCammonNovella, 1988
The Boy Who Came Back From the Dead di Alan RodgersNovella, 1988
A Hypothetical Lizard [short fiction] di Alan MooreNovella, 1988
Nesting Instinct di Scott BakerNovella, 1988
The Pear-Shaped Man [short fiction] di George R. R. MartinNovella, 1988
Shades [short fiction] di Lucius ShepardNovella, 1988
Angel [short fiction] di Pat CadiganShort Story, 1988
Hogfoot Right and Bird-Hands (short story) di Garry KilworthShort Story, 1988
In the House of Gingerbread di Gene WolfeShort Story, 1988
Pamela's Get [short fiction] di David J. SchowShort Story, 1988
Splatter: A Cautionary Tale [short fiction] di Douglas E. WinterShort Story, 1988
In the Field of Fire di Jeanne Van Buren DannAnthology, 1988
Masques II: All-New Stories of Horror and the Supernatural di J. N. WilliamsonAnthology, 1988
Night Visions Hardshell di Paul J. MikolAnthology, 1988
Other Edens di Christopher EvansAnthology, 1988
The Year's Best Horror Stories: XV di Karl Edward WagnerAnthology, 1988
Night's Sorceries di Tanith LeeCollection, 1988
Polyphemus di Michael SheaCollection, 1988
Scared Stiff di Ramsey CampbellCollection, 1988
Why Not You and I? di Karl Edward WagnerCollection, 1988
Fade di Robert CormierNovel, 1989
The Last Coin di James P. BlaylockNovel, 1989
La notte del drive-in di Joe R. LansdaleNovel, 1989
Il silenzio degli innocenti di Thomas HarrisNovel, 1989
Sleeping in Flame di Jonathan CarrollNovel, 1989
The Gardener di Sheri S. TepperNovella, 1989
The Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter [short fiction] di Lucius ShepardNovella, 1989
Life of Buddha [short fiction] di Lucius ShepardShort Story, 1989
Metastasis di Dan SimmonsShort Story, 1989
Night They Missed the Horror Show [short fiction] di Joe R. LansdaleShort Story, 1989
Night visions 6: All Original Stories di Paul J. MikolAnthology, 1989
Prime Evil: New Stories by the Masters of Modern Horror di Douglas E. WinterAnthology, 1989
Silver Scream di David J. SchowAnthology, 1989
The Blood Kiss di Dennis EtchisonCollection, 1989
Cabal {collection} di Clive BarkerCollection, 1989
Charles Beaumont: Selected Stories di Charles BeaumontCollection, 1989
The Knight and Knave of Swords di Fritz LeiberCollection, 1989
A Child Across the Sky di Jonathan CarrollNovel, 1990
Danza macabra di Dan SimmonsNovel, 1990
In A Dark Dream di Charles GrantNovel, 1990
Soldat d'Aretê Il soldato dell'arete di Gene WolfeNovel, 1990
The Stress of Her Regard di Tim PowersNovel, 1990
Apartheid, Superstrings, and Mordecai Thubana di Michael BishopNovella, 1990
A Dozen Tough Jobs di Howard WaldropNovella, 1990
The Father of Stones di Lucius ShepardNovella, 1990
On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert with Dead Folks di Joe R. LansdaleNovella, 1990
'Yore Skin's Jes's Soft 'n Purdy' He Said di Chet WilliamsonShort Story, 1990
The Edge of the World [short fiction] di Michael SwanwickShort Story, 1990
Mr. Fiddlehead {story} di Jonathan CarrollShort Story, 1990
A Sad Last Love at the Diner of the Damned di Edward BryantShort Story, 1990
Varicose Worms di Scott BakerShort Story, 1990
Blood Is Not Enough : 17 Stories of Vampirism di Ellen DatlowAnthology, 1990
Il libro dei morti viventi di John SkippAnthology, 1990
Razored Saddles di Joe R. LansdaleAnthology, 1990
Blue World di Robert R. McCammonCollection, 1990
By Bizarre Hands di Joe R. LansdaleCollection, 1990
Harlan Ellison's Watching di Harlan EllisonCollection, 1990
Novelty: Four Stories di John CrowleyCollection, 1990
Buona Apocalisse a tutti! di Terry Pratchett Novel, 1991
Mary Reilly di Valerie MartinNovel, 1991
Tigana di Guy Gavriel KayNovel, 1991
The Barrens [short story] di F. Paul WilsonNovella 1991
Black Cocktail {novella} di Jonathan CarrollNovella 1991
The Hemingway Hoax [Novella] di Joe HaldemanNovella 1991
Bears Discover Fire [short fiction] di Terry BissonShort Story, 1991
The Last Feast of Harlequin [short fiction] di Thomas LigottiShort Story, 1991
Stephen [short fiction] di Elizabeth MassieShort Story, 1991
Borderlands 1 di Thomas F. MonteleoneAnthology, 1991
Dark Voices 2 di David SuttonAnthology, 1991
Fantasex di Ellen DatlowAnthology, 1991
Walls of Fear di Kathryn CramerAnthology, 1991
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Third Annual Collection di Terri WindlingAnthology, 1991
The Brains of Rats di Michael BlumleinCollection, 1991
Houses Without Doors di Peter StraubCollection, 1991
The Leiber Chronicles: Fifty Years of Fritz Leiber di Fritz LeiberCollection, 1991
Prayers To Broken Stones di Dan SimmonsCollection, 1991
Bone Dance di Emma BullNovel, 1992
Hunting the Ghost Dancer di A. A. AttanasioNovel, 1992
The Little Country di Charles de LintNovel, 1992
Outside the Dog Museum di Jonathan CarrollNovel, 1992
The Paper Grail di James P. BlaylockNovel, 1992
The Gallery of His Dreams [short fiction] di Kristine Kathryn RuschNovella, 1992
Gwydion And The Dragon [novelette] di C. J. CherryhNovella, 1992
Our Lady of the Harbour [short story] di Charles de LintNovella, 1992
The Pavilion of Frozen Women [novelette] di S. P. SomtowNovella, 1992
To Become a Sorcerer di Darrell SchweitzerNovella, 1992
The Better Boy di Tim PowersShort Story, 1992
The Conjure Man di Charles de LintShort Story, 1992
Pity The Monsters di Charles de LintShort Story, 1992
Famous Fantastic Mysteries di Martin H. GreenbergAnthology, 1992
Final Shadows di Charles L. GrantAnthology, 1992
Sulle orme del re di Martin H. GreenbergAnthology, 1992
When the Music's Over di Lewis ShinerAnthology, 1992
A Whisper of Blood di Ellen DatlowAnthology, 1992
The Bone Forest di Robert HoldstockCollection, 1992
Grimscribe di Thomas LigottiCollection, 1992
Lafferty in Orbit di R. A. LaffertyCollection, 1992
More Shapes Than One: A Book of Stories di Fred ChappellCollection, 1992
Night of the Cooters di Howard WaldropCollection, 1992
Anno Dracula: romanzo di Kim NewmanNovel 1993
Briar Rose di Jane YolenNovel 1993
Photographing Fairies di Steven G. SzilagyiNovel 1993
Was di Geoff RymanNovel 1993
Paperjack di Charles de LintNovella, 1993
The Territory [short fiction] di Bradley DentonNovella, 1993
Uh-Oh City {novella} di Jonathan CarrollNovella, 1993
Unmasking (Axolotl Press series) di Nina Kiriki HoffmanNovella, 1993
Alfred di Lisa GoldsteinShort Story, 1993
The Arbitrary Placement of Walls di Martha SoukupShort Story, 1993
Bridges di Charles de LintShort Story, 1993
Calcutta, Lord of Nerves [short story] di Poppy Z. BriteShort Story, 1993
The Winterberry di Nicholas A. DiCharioShort Story, 1993
Freak Show di F. Paul WilsonAnthology, 1993
Grails: Quests, Visitations and Other Occurrences di Richard GilliamAnthology, 1993
Narrow Houses: Tales of Superstition, Suspense, and Fear di Peter CrowtherAnthology, 1993
Northern FrightsAnthology, 1993
Lord Kelvin's Machine di James P. BlaylockCollection, 1993
Meeting in Infinity: Allegories & Extrapolations di John KesselCollection, 1993
Mr. Fox and Other Feral Tales (Anthology) di Norman PartridgeCollection, 1993
Sleepside: The Collected Fantasies of Greg Bear di Greg BearCollection, 1993
Spiritwalk di Charles de LintCollection, 1993
Cuore d'acciaio di Michael SwanwickNovel, 1994
Drawing Blood di Poppy Z. BriteNovel, 1994
The Innkeeper's Song di Peter S. BeagleNovel, 1994
Lord of the Two Lands di Judith TarrNovel, 1994
Skin di Kathe KojaNovel, 1994
The Throat di Peter StraubNovel, 1994
The Erl-King [novelette] di Elizabeth HandNovella, 1994
Mefisto in Onyx [short fiction] di Harlan EllisonNovella, 1994
The Night We Buried Road Dog [novella] di Jack CadyNovella, 1994
Wall, Stone, Craft [short fiction] di Walter Jon WilliamsNovella, 1994
Death in Bangkok di Dan SimmonsShort Story, 1994
England Underway [novelette] di Terry BissonShort Story, 1994
The Little Green Ones [short fiction] di Les DanielsShort Story, 1994
The Moon Is Drowning While I Sleep di Charles de LintShort Story, 1994
Some Strange Desire [novelette] di Ian McDonaldShort Story, 1994
Something Worse di Terry LamsleyShort Story, 1994
Troll Bridge [short story] di Neil GaimanShort Story, 1994
Christmas Forever di David G. HartwellAnthology, 1994
The Oxford Book of Modern Fairy Tales di Alison LurieAnthology, 1994
Sinistre: An Anthology of Rituals di George Hatch (Editor)Anthology, 1994
Snow White, Blood Red di Ellen DatlowAnthology, 1994
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Sixth Annual Collection di Ellen DatlowAnthology, 1994
Angels & Visitations di Neil GaimanCollection, 1994
Antiquities: Seven Stories di John CrowleyCollection, 1994
Hogfoot Right and Bird-hands di Garry KilworthCollection, 1994
Il posto dei sogni di Charles de LintCollection, 1994
Transients and Other Disquieting Stories di Darrell SchweitzerCollection, 1994
Under the Crust: Supernatural Tales of Buxton di Terry LamsleyCollection, 1994
Gli artigli degli angeli di Jonathan CarrollNovel, 1995
Brittle Innings di Michael Bishop Novel, 1995
The Circus of the Earth and the Air di Brooke StevensNovel, 1995
Love & Sleep di John CrowleyNovel, 1995
Waking the Moon di Elizabeth HandNovel, 1995
Fee di Peter StraubNovella, 1995
The God Who Slept With Women di Brian W. AldissNovella, 1995
The Last Time di Lucius ShepardNovella, 1995
Out of the Night, When the Full Moon Is Bright ... [short fiction] di Kim NewmanNovella, 1995
A Slow Red Whisper of Sand di Robert DevereauxNovella, 1995
The Changeling's Tale di Michael SwanwickShort Story, 1995
The Homecoming [short fiction] di Nicholas RoyleShort Story, 1995
The Sisterhood of Night [short fiction] di Steven MillhauserShort Story, 1995
To Receive is Better [short fiction] di Michael Marshall SmithShort Story, 1995
Black Thorn, White Rose di Ellen DatlowAnthology, 1995
Love in Vein: Twenty Original Tales of Vampiric Erotica di Poppy Z. BriteAnthology, 1995
Shadows Over Innsmouth di Stephen JonesAnthology, 1995
The Early Fears di Robert BlochCollection, 1995
The Earth Wire and Other Stories di Joel LaneCollection, 1995
Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque di Joyce Carol OatesCollection, 1995
Travellers in Magic di Lisa GoldsteinCollection, 1995
All the Bells on Earth di James P. BlaylockNovel, 1996
Expiration Date di Tim PowersNovel, 1996
Requiem di Graham JoyceNovel, 1996
The Silent Strength of Stones di Nina Kiriki HoffmanNovel, 1996
Terra rossa e pioggia scrosciante di Vikram ChandraNovel, 1996
Ether, Or [novelette] di Ursula K. Le GuinNovella, 1996
Home For Christmas di Nina Kiriki HoffmanNovella, 1996
The Insipid Profession of Jonathan Hornebom di Jonathan LethemNovella, 1996
More Tomorrow [short story] di Michael Marshall SmithNovella, 1996
Where They Are Hid di Tim PowersNovella, 1996
Angel Thing di Petrina SmithShort Story, 1996
Dragons Fin Soup di S. P. SomtowShort Story, 1996
Loop di Douglas E. WinterShort Story, 1996
The Perseids [short story] di Robert Charles WilsonShort Story, 1996
The Singing Marine di Kit ReedShort Story, 1996
Dark Love di Nancy A. CollinsAnthology, 1996
Dark Terrors di Stephen JonesAnthology, 1996
High Fantastic: Colorado's Fantasy, Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction di Steve Rasnic TemAnthology, 1996
She's Fantastical: The First Anthology of Australian Women's Speculative Fiction, Magical Realism and Fantasy di Lucy SussexAnthology, 1996
Death Stalks the Night di Hugh B. CaveCollection, 1996
The Ivory and the Horn di Charles de LintCollection, 1996
The Secret of This Book: 20-Odd Stories / Common Clay: 20-Odd Stories di Brian AldissCollection, 1996
Tu e un quarto di Jonathan CarrollCollection, 1996
The 37th Mandala di Marc LaidlawNovel, 1997
The Bear Went Over the Mountain: A Novel (Owl Book) di William KotzwinkleNovel, 1997
Cronache del ghiaccio e del fuoco di George R. R. MartinNovel, 1997
Devil's Tower di Mark SumnerNovel, 1997
The Golden Key di Kate ElliottNovel, 1997
Shadow of Ashland di Terence M. GreenNovel, 1997
Beauty and the Opéra Or the Phantom Beast (novelette) di Suzy McKee CharnasNovella, 1997
Blood of the Dragon [novella] di George R. R. MartinNovella, 1997
GI Jesus [short story] di Susan PalwickNovella, 1997
Hell Hath Enlarged Herself di Michael Marshall SmithNovella, 1997
The Dead Cop di Dennis EtchisonShort Fiction, 1997
Underbed (short story) di Graham MastertonShort Fiction, 1997
Dark Terrors 2 di Stephen JonesAnthology, 1997
The Shimmering Door di Katharine KerrAnthology, 1997
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Ninth Annual Collection di Ellen DatlowAnthology, 1997
Bad Intentions di Norman PartridgeCollection, 1997
Conference with the Dead di Terry LamsleyCollection, 1997
Midnight Promises di Richard ChizmarCollection, 1997
The Nightmare Factory di Thomas LigottiCollection, 1997
The Pavilion of Frozen Women di S. P. SomtowCollection, 1997
Storie di Bibbia per adulti di James MorrowCollection, 1997
American Goliath di Harvey JacobsNovel, 1998
Il club Dumas o L'ombra di Richelieu di Arturo Pérez-ReverteNovel, 1998
Dry Water di Eric S. NylundNovel, 1998
The Gift di Patrick O'LearyNovel, 1998
Trader di Charles de LintNovel, 1998
Coppola's Dracula di Kim NewmanNovella, 1998
The Dripping Of Sundered Wineskins di Brian HodgeNovella, 1998
The Zombies of Madison County di Douglas E. WinterNovella, 1998
Audience di Jack WomackShort Fiction, 1998
Fortune and Misfortune [short story] di Lisa GoldsteinShort Fiction, 1998
Get a Grip di Paul ParkShort Fiction, 1998
The Inner Inner City {short story} di Robert Charles WilsonShort Fiction, 1998
Dark Terrors 3 di Stephen JonesAnthology, 1998
Modern Classics of Fantasy di Gardner R. DozoisAnthology, 1998
Northern Frights 4 di Don HutchisonAnthology, 1998
Revelations di Douglas E. WinterAnthology, 1998
Driving Blind di Ray BradburyCollection, 1998
Fractal Paisleys di Paul Di FilippoCollection, 1998
A Geography of Unknown Lands di Michael SwanwickCollection, 1998
Giant Bones di Peter S. BeagleCollection, 1998
The Martyring di Thomas SullivanNovel, 1999
Mockingbird di Sean StewartNovel, 1999
Sailing to Sarantium (The Sarantium Mosaic) ההפלגה לסרנטיום di Guy Gavriel KayNovel, 1999
Someplace to be Flying di Charles de LintNovel, 1999
Cold {story} di A. S. ByattNovella, 1999
Dragonfly di Ursula K. Le GuinNovella, 1999
The Hedge Knight di George R. R. MartinNovella, 1999
Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff di Peter StraubNovella, 1999
The Death Of The Duke di Ellen KushnerShort Fiction, 1999
Every Angel Is Terrifying di John KesselShort Fiction, 1999
Shoggoth's Old Peculiar di Neil GaimanShort Fiction, 1999
Travels with the Snow Queen di Kelly LinkShort Fiction, 1999
The Best of Crank! di Bryan CholfinAnthology, 1999
Dark Terrors 4 di Stephen JonesAnthology, 1999
Legends I: New Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy di Robert SilverbergAnthology, 1999
Starlight 2 di Patrick Nielsen HaydenAnthology, 1999
The Cleft and Other Odd Tales di Gahan WilsonCollection, 1999
Last Summer at Mars Hill di Elizabeth HandCollection, 1999
Manitou Man di Graham MastertonCollection, 1999
The Night We Buried Road Dog di Jack CadyCollection, 1999
I giardini della luna di Steven EriksonNovel, 2000
The Rainy Season di James P. BlaylockNovel, 2000
A Red Heart of Memories di Nina Kiriki HoffmanNovel, 2000
Tamsin di Peter S. BeagleNovel, 2000
A Witness To Life di Terence M. GreenNovel, 2000
Crocodile Rock di Lucius ShepardNovella, 2000
Scarlet And Gold di Tanith LeeNovella, 2000
The Winds of Marble Arch [short story] di Connie WillisNovella, 2000
The Wizard Retires di Michael MeddorNovella, 2000
Amerikanski Dead at the Moscow Morgue, or: Children of Marx and Coca-Cola di Kim NewmanShort Fiction, 2000
The Dynasters Vol. I On the Downs di Howard WaldropShort Fiction, 2000
The Grammarian's Five Daughters di Eleanor ArnasonShort Fiction, 2000
Human Bay di Robert ReedShort Fiction, 2000
Naming The Dead di Paul J. McAuleyShort Fiction, 2000
The Parwat Ruby di Delia ShermanShort Fiction, 2000
999 Racconti Inediti per un millennio da Brivido di Al SarrantonioAnthology, 2000
Dark Detectives: An Anthology of Supernatural Mysteries di Stephen JonesAnthology, 2000
Northern Frights 5 di Don HutchisonAnthology, 2000
The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Twelfth Annual Collection di Ellen DatlowAnthology, 2000
Cuori in Atlantide di Stephen KingCollection, 2000
Deep into that Darkness Peering di Tom PiccirilliCollection, 2000
Necromancies and Netherworlds: Uncanny Stories di Darrell SchweitzerCollection, 2000
Il cannocchiale d'ambra di Philip PullmanNovel, 2001
The Grand Ellipse di Paula VolskyNovel, 2001
Lord of Emperors di Guy Gavriel KayNovel, 2001
Perdido Street Station di China MiévilleNovel, 2001
Blue Kansas Sky [short story] di Michael BishopNovella, 2001
Chip Crockett's Christmas Carol di Elizabeth HandNovella, 2001
Mr. Dark's Carnival di Glen HirshbergNovella, 2001
Mr. Simonelli, or The Fairy Widower {short story} di Susanna ClarkeNovella, 2001
Seventy-Two Letters {novella} di Ted ChiangNovella, 2001
Down Here In The Garden di Tia V. TravisShort Fiction, 2001
Is There Anybody There? di Kim NewmanShort Fiction, 2001
Lincoln In Frogmore di Andy DuncanShort Fiction, 2001
The Raggle Taggle Gypsy-o di Michael SwanwickShort Fiction, 2001
The Saltimbanques di Terry DowlingShort Fiction, 2001
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