Premi letterariScottish Children's Book Award

Opere (30)

Little Lost Cowboy di Simon PuttockEarly Years (3-7 Years), 2006
Harry Potter e il principe mezzosangue di J. K. RowlingYounger Readers (8-11 years), 2006
Roxy's Baby di Catherine MacPhailOlder Readers (12-16 years), 2006
Katie's Moose: A Keek-a-boo Book for Wee Folk (Itchy Coo) di Matthew FittEarly Years (3-7 Years), 2007
Chill (Kelpies) di Alex NyeYounger Readers (8-11 years), 2007
Scarlett di Cathy CassidyOlder Readers (12-16 years), 2007
Billy Monster's Daymare di Alan DurantEarly Years (3-7 Years), 2008
L'isola invisibile di D.A. NelsonYounger Readers (8-11 years), 2008
Bunker 10 di Jan-Andrew HendersonOlder Readers (12-16 years), 2008
Manfred the Baddie di John FardellEarly Years (3-7 Years), 2009
First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts di Lari DonYounger Readers (8-11 years), 2009
Ostrich Boys di Keith GrayOlder Readers (12-16 years), 2009
What the Ladybird Heard di Julia DonaldsonBookbug Readers (3-7 Years), 2010
Mr Mumbles di Barry HutchisonYounger Readers (8-11 years), 2010
Grass di Catherine MacPhailOlder Readers (12-16 years), 2010
Dear Vampa di Ross CollinsBookbug Readers (3-7 Years), 2011
Zac and the Dream Pirates di Ross MackenzieYounger Readers (8-11 years), 2011
Wasted di Nicola MorganOlder Readers (12-16 years), 2011
The Day Louis Got Eaten di John FardellBookbug Readers (3-7 Years), 2012
May Contain Nuts di Jonathan MeresYounger Readers (8-11 years), 2012
13th Horseman di Barry HutchisonOlder Readers (12-16 years), 2012
Jumblebum di Chae StrathieBookbug Readers (3-7 Years), 2013
Accidental Time Traveller di Janis MacKayYounger Readers (8-11 years), 2013
Ferryman di Claire McFallOlder Readers (12-16 years), 2013
Robot Rumpus di Sean TaylorBookbug Readers (3-7 Years), 2015
Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens di Alex McCallYounger Readers (8-11 years), 2015
Mosi's War di Catherine MacPhailOlder Readers (12-16 years), 2015
Mouse's First Night at Moonlight School di Simon PuttockBookbug Readers (3-7 Years), 2016
The Nowhere Emporium di Ross Mackenzie 8-11 years
The Piper di Danny WestonOlder Readers (12-16 years), 2016