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Premi assegnati a un libro: Reading Rainbow Program Selection

Premi per copertina

Opere (156)

Night Markets: Bringing Food to a City di Joshua Horwitz
Tar Beach di Faith Ringgold [1992]
Tight Times di Barbara Shook Hazen1983:01
Miss Nelson Is Back di Harry G. Allard Jr.1983:02
Bea and Mr. Jones di Amy Schwartz1983:03
Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain: A Nandi Tale di Verna Aardema1983:04
Louis the Fish di Arthur Yorinks1983:05
Digging Up Dinosaurs di Aliki1983:06
Liang and the Magic Paintbrush di Demi1983:07
Gila Monsters Meet You at the Airport di Marjorie Weinman Sharmat1983:08
Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe di Vera B. Williams1983:09
The Gift of the Sacred Dog di Paul Goble1983:10
Gregory, the Terrible Eater di Mitchell Sharmat1983:11
Three by the Sea di Edward Marshall1983:12
Arthur's Eyes di Marc Brown1983:13
The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash di Trinka Hakes Noble1983:14
Ty's One-Man Band di Mildred Pitts Walter1983:15
Hot-Air Henry di Mary Calhoun1984:16
Simon's Book di Henrik Drescher1984:17
Ox-Cart Man di Donald Hall1984:18
Mystery on the Docks di Thacher Hurd1984:19
A Chair for My Mother di Vera B. Williams1984:20
Paul Bunyan di Steven Kellogg1985:21
The Patchwork Quilt di Valerie Flournoy1985:22
Hill of Fire di Thomas P. Lewis1985:23
The Tortoise and the Hare: An Aesop Fable di Janet Stevens1985:24
Perfect the Pig di Susan Jeschke1985:25
Animal Cafe (Reading Rainbow Book) di John Stadler1986:26
Alistair in Outer Space di Marilyn Sadler1986:27
Feelings (Reading Rainbow Book) di Aliki1986:28
Watch The Stars Come Out di Riki Levinson1986:29
Mama Don't Allow di Thacher Hurd1986:30
Space Case di Edward Marshall1986:31
The Milk Makers di Gail Gibbons1986:32
Imogene's Antlers di David Small1986:33
Germs Make Me Sick! di Melvin Berger1986:34
Abiyoyo di Pete Seeger1986:35
The Life Cycle of a Honeybee di Bobbie Kalman1987:36
Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie di Peter Roop1987:37
Chickens Aren't the Only Ones (World of Nature Series) di Ruth Heller1987:38
The Paper Crane di Molly Bang1987:39
Runaway Duck di David Lyon1987:40
A Three Hat Day di Laura Geringer1987:41
Rumpelstiltskin [Retold by Paul O. Zelinsky] di Paul O. Zelinsky1987:42
Best Friends di Steven Kellogg1987:43
Meanwhile Back at the Ranch di Trinka Hakes Noble1987:44
My Little Island di Frané Lessac1987:45
Bionic Bunny Show (Reading Rainbow Book) di Marc Brown1988:46
Bugs di Joan Richards Wright1988:47
The Robbery at the Diamond Dog Diner di Eileen Christelow1988:48
Brush (Reading Rainbow Book) di Pere Calders1988:49
The Purple Coat (Reading Rainbow Books) di Amy Hest1988:50
Barn Dance! di Bill Jr. Martin1989:51
Duncan & Dolores di Barbara Samuels1989:52
Knots on a Counting Rope di Bill Jr. Martin1989:53
Mummies Made in Egypt (Reading Rainbow Books) di Aliki1989:54
Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale di John Steptoe1989:55
Humphrey the Lost Whale: A True Story di Wendy Tokuda1989:56
Stay Away From the Junkyard! (Reading Rainbow Book) di Tricia Tusa1989:57
Little Nino's Pizzeria di Karen Barbour1989:58
Ludlow Laughs di Jon Agee1989:59
Dinosaur Bob and His Adventures with the Family Lazardo di William Joyce1989:60
Dive to the Coral Reefs di New England Aquarium1990:61
Desert Giant: The World of the Saguaro Cactus di Barbara Bash1990:62
Tooth-Gnasher Superflash di Daniel Pinkwater1990:63
Bored, Nothing to Do di Peter Spier1990:64
Sports Pages (Reading Rainbow Book) di Arnold Adoff1990:65
The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth di Joanna Cole1990:66
Jack, the Seal and the Sea di Gerald Aschenbrenner1990:67
The Bicycle Man di Allen Say1990:68
Florence and Eric Take the Cake di Jocelyn Wild1990:69
Sunken Treasure di Gail Gibbons1990:70
Alistair's Time Machine di Marilyn Sadler1991:71
The Adventures of Taxi Dog di Debra Barracca1991:72
Galimoto di Karen Lynn Williams1991:73
The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush di Tomie DePaola1991:74
Fox on the Job di James Marshall1991:75
Opt: An Illusionary Tale (Picture puffins) di Arline Baum1991:76
Raccoons and Ripe Corn di Jim Arnosky1991:77
The Lady with the Ship on Her Head di Deborah Nourse Lattimore1991:78
Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express di Margaret K. Wetterer1991:79
Snowy Day: Stories and Poems di Caroline Feller Bauer1991:80
The Wall di Eve Bunting1992:82
Sam the Sea Cow (Reading Rainbow Books) di Francine Jacobs1992:83
Rechenka's Eggs di Patricia Polacco1992:84
Sophie and Lou di Petra Mathers1992:85
Come a Tide di George Ella Lyon1992:86
The Piggy in the Puddle di Charlotte Pomerantz1992:87
Seashore Surprises di Rose Wyler1992:88
Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies (Reading Rainbow Books) di Ann Turner1992:89
Berlioz the Bear di Jan Brett1992:90
Amazing Grace di Mary Hoffman1993:91
The Furry News: How to Make a Newspaper di Loreen Leedy1993:92
Mrs. Katz and Tush di Patricia Polacco1993:93
The Salamander Room di Anne Mazer1993:94
Silent Lotus (Reading Rainbow Book) di Jeanne M. Lee1993:95
Follow the Drinking Gourd di Jeanette Winter1993:96
Se dai un biscotto a un topo... di Laura Joffe Numeroff1993:97
Is This a House for Hermit Crab? di Megan McDonald1993:98
And Still the Turtle Watched di Sheila MacGill-Callahan1993:99
June 29, 1999 di David Wiesner1993:100
Nosey Mrs. Rat di Jeffrey Allen1994:101
Borreguita and the Coyote: A Tale from Ayutla, Mexico di Verna Aardema1994:102
Summer (Wildlife Seasons Book) di Ron Hirschi1994:103
Once There Was a Tree di Natalia Romanova1994:104
Appelemando's Dreams di Patricia Polacco1994:105
The Lotus Seed di Sherry Garland1994:106
Hail to Mail di Samuil Marshak1994:107
Stellaluna di Janell Cannon1994:108
My Shadow di Robert Louis Stevenson1994:109
Ruth Law Thrills a Nation di Don Brown1994:110
The Wonderful Towers of Watts di Patricia Zelver1995:111
Martha Speaks di Susan Meddaugh1995:112
Alejandro's Gift di Richard E. Albert1995:113
The Sign Painter's Dream: (Reading Rainbow Book) di Roger Roth1995:114
Archibald Frisby (Reading Rainbow Book) di Michael Chesworth1995:115
Fly Away Home di Eve Bunting1996:116
Uncle Jed's Barbershop di Margaree King Mitchell1996:117
How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World di Marjorie Priceman1996:118
Owen di Kevin Henkes1996:119
How Much Is a Million? di David M. Schwartz1996:120
Always My Dad di Sharon Dennis Wyeth1996:121
Bread Is for Eating di David Gershator1996:122
Hotel Animal di Keith DuQuette1996:123
Someplace Else di Carol P. Saul1996:124
Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin di Lloyd Moss1996:125
On the Day You Were Born di Debra Frasier1997:126
Hip Cat di Jonathan London1997:127
Regina's Big Mistake (Sandpiper paperbacks) di Marissa Moss1997:128
Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message di Chief Jake Swamp1997:129
The Carousel di Liz Rosenberg1997:130
Math Curse di Jon Scieszka1998:131
My Life with the Wave di Catherine Cowan1998:132
Saturday Sancocho (Reading Rainbow Book) di Leyla Torres1998:132
When Aunt Lena Did the Rhumba di Eileen Kurtis-kleinman1998:134
Worksong di Gary Paulsen1998:135
The Shaman's Apprentice: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest di Lynne Cherry2000:136
Pet Stories: You Don't Have to Walk di Marc Brown2000:137
Lemonade for Sale (MathStart 3) di Stuart J. Murphy2001:138
The Secret Shortcut di Mark Teague2001:139
My America: A Poetry Atlas of the United States di Lee Bennett Hopkins2001:140
Badger's Parting Gifts di Susan Varley2001:141
The Tin Forest di Helen Ward2002:142
Max di Bob Graham2002:143
Enemy Pie di Derek Munson2002:144
Our Big Home di Linda Glaser2002:145
Visiting Day di Jacqueline Woodson2004:146
Unique Monique di Maria Rousaki2004:147
Mr. George Baker di Amy Hest2004:148
Beegu di Alexis Deacon2005:149
Two Old Potatoes and Me di John Coy2005:150
The Biggest Test in the Universe di Nancy Poydar2006:151
I Lost My Tooth In Africa di Penda Diakite2006:152
Boxes for Katje di Candace Fleming2006:153
Game Day di Tiki Barber2006:154
Show Way di Jacqueline Woodson2006:155

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