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Pilgrim's Inn di Elizabeth Goudge
The Adventures of Captain Horn di Frank R. StocktonFiction, 1895
The Days of Auld Lang Syne di Ian MaclarenFiction, 1895
Degeneration di Max NordauFiction, 1895
The Manxman di Hall CaineFiction, 1895
The Master di Israel ZangwillFiction, 1895
My Lady Nobody: a novel di Maarten MaartensFiction, 1895
Il prigioniero di Zenda di Anthony HopeFiction, 1895
The Princess Aline di Richard Harding DavisFiction, 1895
Trilby di George Du MaurierFiction, 1895
Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush di Ian MaclarenFiction, 1896
The Damnation of Theron Ware di Harold FredericFiction, 1896
A House-Boat on the Styx di John Kendrick BangsFiction, 1896
Kate Carnegie di Ian MaclarenFiction, 1896
A Lady of Quality di Frances Hodgson BurnettFiction, 1896
The Seats of the Mighty di Gilbert ParkerFiction, 1896
Il segno rosso del coraggio di Stephen CraneFiction, 1896
A Singular Life di Elizabeth Stuart PhelpsFiction, 1896
Tom Grogan di Francis Hopkinson SmithFiction, 1896
The Choir Invisible di James Lane AllenFiction, 1897
The Christian di Hall CaineFiction, 1897
The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him di Paul Leicester FordFiction, 1897
Margaret Ogilvy di J. M. BarrieFiction, 1897
On the face of the waters di Flora Annie Webster SteelFiction, 1897
Phroso di Anthony HopeFiction, 1897
The Pursuit of the House-Boat di John Kendrick BangsFiction, 1897
Quo vadis? di Henryk SienkiewiczFiction, 1897
Sentimental Tommy di J. M. BarrieFiction, 1897
Soldiers of Fortune di Richard Harding DavisFiction, 1897
The adventures of François di S. Weir MitchellFiction, 1898
The battle of the strong di Gilbert ParkerFiction, 1898
Caleb West, Master Diver di Francis Hopkinson SmithFiction, 1898
Helbeck of Bannisdale di Mrs. Humphry WardFiction, 1898
Hugh Wynne, free Quaker di S. Weir Mitchell1898
Penelope's Progress di Kate Douglas WigginFiction, 1898
The Pride of Jennico: Being a Memoir of Captain Basil Jennico di Agnes CastleFiction, 1898
Simon Dale di Anthony HopeFiction, 1898
Aylwin di Theodore Watts-DuntonFiction, 1899
David Harum : a story of American life di Edward Noyes WestcottFiction, 1899
The Day's Work di Rudyard KiplingFiction, 1899
The Market-Place di Harold FredericFiction, 1899
Mr. Dooley in Peace and in War di Finley Peter DunneFiction, 1899
No. 5 John Street di Richard WhiteingFiction, 1899
Red Rock: A Chronicle of Reconstruction di Thomas Nelson PageFiction, 1899
Alice of Old Vincennes di Maurice ThompsonFiction, 1900
Eben Holden di Irving BachellerFiction, 1900
Janice Meredith: A Story of the American Revolution di Paul Leicester FordFiction, 1900
Red Pottage di Mary CholmondeleyFiction, 1900
The Redemption of David Corson di Charles Frederic GossFiction, 1900
The Reign of Law: A Tale of the Kentucky Hemp Fields di James Lane AllenFiction, 1900
Richard Carvel di Winston ChurchillFiction, 1900
To Have and to Hold di Mary JohnstonFiction, 1900
Unleavened Bread di Robert GrantFiction, 1900
When Knighthood Was in Flower di Edwin CaskodenFiction, 1900
The Helmet of Navarre di Bertha RunkleFiction, 1901
The life and death of Richard Yea-and-Nay di Maurice HewlettFiction, 1901
The Puppet Crown di Harold MacGrathFiction, 1901
D'Ri and I di Irving BachellerFiction, 1901
The Right of Way di Gilbert ParkerFiction, 1901
The Visits of Elizabeth di Elinor GlynFiction, 1901
Audrey di Mary JohnstonFiction, 1902
The Blue Flower di Henry Van DykeFiction, 1902
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall di Charles MajorFiction, 1902
The History of Sir Richard Calmady: A Romance di Lucas MaletFiction, 1902
Il mastino dei Baskerville di Arthur Conan DoyleFiction, 1902
The Mississippi Bubble di Emerson HoughFiction, 1902
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch di Alice Hegan RiceFiction, 1902
The Two Vanrevels di Booth TarkingtonFiction, 1902
The Virginian: A Horseman of the Plains di Owen WisterFiction, 1902
Chicago (la febbre del grano) di Frank NorrisFiction, 1903
Gordon Keith di Thomas Nelson PageFiction, 1903
Lady Rose's Daughter di Mrs. Humphry WardFiction, 1903
Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to his Son di George Horace LorimerFiction, 1903
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come di John Fox, Jr.Fiction, 1903
Lovey Mary di Alice Hegan RiceFiction, 1903
The Mettle of the Pasture di James Lane AllenFiction, 1903
The One Woman di Thomas DixonFiction, 1903
Beverly of Graustark di George Barr McCutcheonFiction, 1904
The Crossing di Winston ChurchillFiction, 1904
The Deliverance di Ellen GlasgowFiction, 1904
In the Bishop's Carriage di Miriam MichelsonFiction, 1904
The Masquerader di Katherine Cecil ThurstonFiction, 1904
My Friend Prospero di Henry HarlandFiction, 1904
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm di Kate Douglas WigginFiction, 1904
The Silent Places di Stewart Edward WhiteFiction, 1904
Sir Mortimer di Mary JohnstonFiction, 1904
La casa della gioia di Edith WhartonFiction, 1905
The Clansman di Thomas DixonFiction, 1905
The Gambler di Katherine Cecil ThurstonFiction, 1905
Il giardino di Allah di Robert HichensFiction, 1905
The Marriage of William Ashe di Mrs. Humphry WardFiction, 1905
Nedra di George Barr McCutcheonFiction, 1905
The Princess Passes di C.N. & A.M. WilliamsonFiction, 1905
Rose o' the River di Kate Douglas Smith WigginFiction, 1905
Sandy di Alice Hegan RiceFiction, 1905
The Awakening of Helena Richie di Margaret DelandFiction, 1906
Coniston di Winston ChurchillFiction, 1906
The Fighting Chance di Robert W. ChambersFiction, 1906
La giungla di Upton SinclairFiction, 1906
The House of a Thousand Candles di Meredith NicholsonFiction, 1906
Jane Cable di George Barr McCutcheonFiction, 1906
Lady Baltimore di Owen WisterFiction, 1906
The Spoilers di Rex BeachFiction, 1906
The Wheel of Life di Ellen GlasgowFiction, 1906
The Brass Bowl di Louis Joseph VanceFiction, 1907
The Daughter of Anderson Crow di George Barr McCutcheonFiction, 1907
The doctor : a tale of the Rockies di Ralph ConnorFiction, 1907
Half a Rogue di Harold MacGrathFiction, 1907
The Lady of the Decoration di Frances LittleFiction, 1907
The Port of Missing Men di Meredith NicholsonFiction, 1907
Satan Sanderson di Hallie Erminie RivesFiction, 1907
The Shuttle di Frances Hodgson BurnettFiction, 1907
The Weavers di Gilbert ParkerFiction, 1907
The Younger Set di Robert W. ChambersFiction, 1907
The Barrier di Rex BeachFiction, 1908
The Black Bag di Louis Joseph VanceFiction, 1908
Lewis Rand di Mary JohnstonFiction, 1908
The Lure of the Mask di Harold MacGrathFiction, 1908
The Man From Brodneys di George Barr McCutcheonFiction, 1908
Mr. Crewe's Career di Winston ChurchillFiction, 1908
Peter: A Novel of Which He Is Not the Hero di F. Hopkinson SmithFiction, 1908
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine di John FoxFiction, 1908
54-40 or Fight di Emerson HoughFiction, 1909
The Goose Girl di Harold MacGrathFiction, 1909
The Inner Shrine di Basil KingFiction, 1909
Katrine di Elinor Macartney LaneFiction, 1909
Septimus di William John LockeFiction, 1909
The Silver Horde di Rex BeachFiction, 1909
Truxton King: A Story of Graustark di George Barr McCutcheonFiction, 1909
L'uomo della cuccetta n. 10 di Mary Roberts RinehartFiction, 1909
La finestra sulla notte: Romanzo di Mary Roberts RinehartFiction, 1910
The Kingdom of Slender Swords di Hallie Erminie RivesFiction, 1910
Lord Loveland Discovers America di A. M. WilliamsonFiction, 1910
Max di Katherine Cecil ThurstonFiction, 1910
A Modern Chronicle di Winston ChurchillFiction, 1910
Molly Make-Believe di Eleanor Hallowell AbbottFiction, 1910
Il rosario di Florence L. BarclayFiction, 1910
Simon the Jester di William John LockeFiction, 1910
When A Man Marries di Mary Roberts RinehartFiction, 1910
The Wild Olive di Basil KingFiction, 1910
The Broad Highway di Jeffery FarnolFiction, 1911
The Common Law di Robert W. ChambersFiction, 1911
The Harvester di Gene Stratton-PorterFiction, 1911
The iron woman di Margaret DelandFiction, 1911
The Long Roll di Mary JohnstonFiction, 1911
The Prodigal Judge di Vaughan KesterFiction, 1911
Queed di Henry Sydnor HarrisonFiction, 1911
The Winning of Barbara Worth di Harold Bell WrightFiction, 1911
L'evoluzione creatrice di Henri BergsonNon-Fiction, 1912
Fran di John Breckenridge EllisFiction, 1912
A Hoosier Chronicle.Fiction, 1912
How to Live on 24 Hours a Day di Arnold BennettNon-Fiction, 1912
The Just and the Unjust di Vaughan KesterFiction, 1912
Mark Twain, a biography; the personal and literary life of Samuel Langhorne Clemens di Albert Bigelow PaineNon-Fiction, 1912
The Melting of Molly di Maria Thompson DaviessFiction, 1912
The Montessori method; scientific pedagogy as applied to child education in "The children's houses" with additions and revisions by the author di Maria MontessoriNon-Fiction, 1912
The Net di Rex BeachFiction, 1912
A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil di Jane AddamsNon-Fiction, 1912
The Promised Land di Mary AntinNon-Fiction, 1912
South America : observations and impressions di James BryceNon-Fiction, 1912
The Street Called Straight di Basil KingFiction, 1912
Tante di Anne Douglas SedgwickFiction, 1912
Their Yesterdays di Harold Bell WrightFiction, 1912
Three Plays by Brieux di Eugene BrieuxNon-Fiction, 1912
Woman and Labor di Olive SchreinerNon-Fiction, 1912
Your United States di Arnold BennettNon-Fiction, 1912
The Amateur Gentleman di Jeffery FarnolFiction, 1913
Crowds di Gerald Stanley LeeNon-Fiction, 1913
Germany and the Germans from an American point of view di Price CollierNon-Fiction, 1913
The Heart of the Hills di John FoxFiction, 1913
The Inside of the Cup di Winston ChurchillFiction, 1913
Laddie: A True Blue Story di Gene Stratton-PorterFiction, 1913
The New Freedom di Woodrow WilsonNon-Fiction, 1913
Psychology and industrial efficiency di Hugo MünsterbergNon-Fiction, 1913
T. Tembarom di Frances Hodgson BurnettFiction, 1913
V. V.'s Eyes di Henry Sydnor HarrisonFiction, 1913
The Valiants of Virginia di Hallie Erminie RivesFiction, 1913
The Woman Thou Gavest Me; Being the Story of Mary O’Neill di Hall CaineFiction, 1913
Zone Policeman 88 di Harry Alverson FranckNon-Fiction, 1913
Diane of the Green Van di Leona DalrympleFiction, 1914
The Eyes of the World di Harold Bell WrightFiction, 1914
The Fortunate Youth di William John LockeFiction, 1914
Penrod di Booth TarkingtonFiction, 1914
The Prince of Graustark di George Barr McCutcheonFiction, 1914
The Salamander di Owen JohnsonFiction, 1914
Angela's Business di Henry Sydnor HarrisonFiction, 1915
The Crisis di Winston ChurchillFiction, 1915
Felix O'Day di Francis Hopkinson SmithFiction, 1915
The Harbor di Ernest PooleFiction, 1915
Jaffery di William John LockeFiction, 1915
K di Mary Roberts RinehartFiction, 1915
The Lone Star Ranger di Zane GreyFiction, 1915
Michael O'Halloran di Gene Stratton-PorterFiction, 1915
Pollyanna cresce di Eleanor H. PorterFiction, 1915
The Turmoil di Booth TarkingtonFiction, 1915
The Bars of Iron di Ethel M. DellFiction, 1916
Dear Enemy di Jean WebsterFiction, 1916
The Heart of Rachael di Kathleen Thompson NorrisFiction, 1916
Just David di Eleanor H. PorterFiction, 1916
Life and Gabriella di Ellen Anderson Gholson GlasgowFiction, 1916
Mr. Britling Sees It Through di H. G. WellsFiction, 1916
Nan of Music Mountain di Frank H. SpearmanFiction, 1916
The Real Adventure di Henry Kitchell WebsterFiction, 1916
Seventeen di Booth TarkingtonFiction, 1916
When a Man's a Man di Harold Bell WrightFiction, 1916
The Definite Object di Jeffery FarnolFiction, 1917
God the Invisible King di H. G. Wellsnonfiction, 1917
His Family di Ernest PooleFiction, 1917
The Hundredth Chance di Ethel M. DellFiction, 1917
In the Wilderness; a Novel di Robert Smythe HichensFiction, 1917
The Light in the Clearing di Irving BachellerFiction, 1917
The Plattsburg Manual: A Handbook for Military Training di O. O Ellisnonfiction, 1917
Raymond, Or, Life and Death di Sir Oliver Lodgenonfiction, 1917
The Red Planet di William John LockeFiction, 1917
The Road to Understanding di Eleanor H. PorterFiction, 1917
La storia di Christine di Alice CholmondeleyFiction, 1917
Wildfire di Zane GreyFiction, 1917
Adventures and Letters of Richard Harding Davis di Richard Harding Davisnonfiction, 1918
The Amazing Interlude di Mary Roberts RinehartFiction, 1918
A Daughter of the Land di Gene Stratton-PorterFiction, 1918
Dere Mable: Love Letters of a Rookie di Edward StreeterFiction, 1918
Diplomatic Days di Edith O'Shaughnessynonfiction, 1918
Greatheart di Ethel M. DellFiction, 1918
Laugh and Live di Douglas Fairbanksnonfiction, 1918
The Major di Ralph ConnorFiction, 1918
Oh, Money! Money! di Eleanor H. PorterFiction, 1918
Over here di Edgar A. Guestnonfiction, 1918
The Pawns Count di E. Phillips OppenheimFiction, 1918
Poems di Alan Seegernonfiction, 1918
Recollections di John Morleynonfiction, 1918
Rhymes of a Red Cross Man di Robert W. Servicenonfiction, 1918
Sonia: Between Two Worlds di Stephen McKennaFiction, 1918
A Treasury of War Poetry British and American Poems of the World War 1914-1917 di George Herbert Clarkenonfiction, 1918
The Tree of Heaven di May SinclairFiction, 1918
The U. P. Trail di Zane GreyFiction, 1918
With the colors, songs of the American service di Everard Jack Appletonnonfiction, 1918
Belgium; a personal narrative di Brand Whitlocknonfiction, 1919
Bolshevism di John Spargononfiction, 1919
Cristoforo e Colombo di Elizabeth von ArnimFiction, 1919
Dangerous Days di Mary Roberts RinehartFiction, 1919
The Desert of Wheat di Zane GreyFiction, 1919
La freccia d'oro di Joseph ConradFiction, 1919
In Flanders Fields di John McCraenonfiction, 1919
In Secret di Robert W. ChambersFiction, 1919
L' educazione di Henry Adams di Henry AdamsNonfiction, 1919
I quattro cavalieri dell'Apocalisse di Vicente Blasco IbáñezFiction, 1919
The Seven Purposes, An Experience in Psychic Phenomena di Margaret Cameronnonfiction, 1919
The Sky Pilot: A Tale of the Foothills di Ralph ConnorFiction, 1919
The Tin Soldier di Temple BaileyFiction, 1919
The Years Between di Rudyard Kiplingnonfiction, 1919
A Bully Father: Theodore Roosevelt's Letters to His Children di Theodore Rooseveltnonfiction, 1920
Le conseguenze economiche della pace di John Maynard Keynesnonfiction, 1920
Il grande impostore di E. Phillips OppenheimFiction, 1920
Harriet and the Piper di Kathleen Thompson NorrisFiction, 1920
Kindred of the Dust di Peter B. KyneFiction, 1920
The Lamp in the Desert di Ethel M. DellFiction, 1920
A Man for the Ages di Irving BachellerFiction, 1920
The Man of the Forest di Zane GreyFiction, 1920
Mary Marie di Eleanor H. PorterFiction, 1920
Now It Can Be Told di Philip Gibbsnonfiction, 1920
The Portygee di Joseph C. LincolnFiction, 1920
The Re-Creation of Brian Kent di Harold Bell WrightFiction, 1920
The River's End di James Oliver CurwoodFiction, 1920
Theodore Roosevelt: An Intimate Biography di William Roscoe Thayernonfiction, 1920
White Shadows in the South Seas di Frederick O'Briennonfiction, 1920
The Autobiography of Margot Asquith di Margot Asquithnonfiction, 1921
The Brimming Cup di Dorothy CanfieldFiction, 1921
L'età dell'innocenza di Edith WhartonFiction, 1921
Her Father's Daughter di Gene Stratton-PorterFiction, 1921
THE KINGDOM ROUND THE CORNER di Coningsby DawsonFiction, 1921
The Mirrors of Downing Street di Harold Begbienonfiction, 1921
The Mysterious Rider di Zane GreyFiction, 1921
The Outline of History (Vol. 1) di H. G. Wellsnonfiction, 1921
The peace negotiations, a personal narrative di Robert Lansingnonfiction, 1921
A Poor Wise Man di Mary Roberts RinehartFiction, 1921
The Sheik di E. M. HullFiction, 1921
The Sisters-in-Law: A Novel of Our Time di Gertrude Franklin Horn AthertonFiction, 1921
The Valley of Silent Men di James Oliver CurwoodFiction, 1921
La via principale di Sinclair LewisFiction, 1921
The Americanization of Edward Bok di Edward Boknonfiction, 1922
Babbitt di Sinclair LewisFiction, 1922
The Breaking Point di Mary Roberts RinehartFiction, 1922
Diet and Health with Key to the Calories di Lulu Hunt Petersnonfiction, 1922
Gentle Julia di Booth TarkingtonFiction, 1922
The Head of the House of Coombe di Frances Hodgson BurnettFiction, 1922
Helen of the Old House di Harold Bell WrightFiction, 1922
If Winter Comes di A. S. M. HutchinsonFiction, 1922
Maria Chapdelaine di Louis HémonFiction, 1922
The mind in the making : the relation of intelligence to social reform di James Harvey Robinsonnonfiction, 1922
The mirrors of Washington di Clinton W. Gilbertnonfiction, 1922
The Outline of Science: A Plain Story Simply Told [4-volume set] di J. Arthur Thomsonnonfiction, 1922
Outwitting Our Nerves: A primer of Psychotherapy di Josephine A. Jacksonnonfiction, 1922
Painted Windows: Studies in Religious Personality di Harold Begbienonfiction, 1922
La regina Vittoria di Lytton Stracheynonfiction, 1922
Simon called Peter di Robert KeableFiction, 1922
Storia dell'umanita di Hendrik Willem van Loonnonfiction, 1922
This Freedom di A. S. M. HutchinsonFiction, 1922
To the Last Man di Zane GreyFiction, 1922
Black Oxen di Gertrude AthertonFiction, 1923
The Dim Lantern di Temple BaileyFiction, 1923
Etiquette di Emily Postnonfiction, 1923
Un incantevole aprile di Elizabeth Von ArnimFiction, 1923
The Life and Letters of Walter H. Page di Burton J. Hendricknonfiction, 1923
A Man From Maine di Edward William Boknonfiction, 1923
The Mine with the Iron Door: A Romance di Harold Bell WrightFiction, 1923
The Sea-Hawk di Rafael SabatiniFiction, 1923
Self mastery through conscious autosuggestion di Émile Couénonfiction, 1923
Storia di Cristo di Giovanni Papininonfiction, 1923
Wanderer of the Wasteland di Zane GreyFiction, 1923
Ariel di André Mauroisnonfiction, 1924
Autobiografia di Mark Twainnonfiction, 1924
The Call of the Canyon di Zane GreyFiction, 1924
The coast of folly, a novel di Coningsby DawsonFiction, 1924
The cross word puzzle book di Prosper Buranellinonfiction, 1924
A Gentleman of Courage di James Oliver CurwoodFiction, 1924
Heirs apparent di Philip GibbsFiction, 1924
The Home-Maker di Dorothy Canfield FisherFiction, 1924
The Little French Girl di Anne Douglas SedgwickFiction, 1924
The Midlander di Booth TarkingtonFiction, 1924
Mistress Wilding di Rafael SabatiniFiction, 1924
The new decalogue of science di Albert Edward Wiggamnonfiction, 1924
The Plastic Age di Percy MarksFiction, 1924
Santa Giovanna di George Bernard Shawnonfiction, 1924
So Big. Una storia americana di Edna FerberFiction, 1924
Anatole France himself; a Boswellian record di Jean Jacques Broussonnonfiction, 1925
The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book di Fannie Merritt Farmernonfiction, 1925
Il cappello verde di Michael ArlenFiction, 1925
The Carolinian di Rafael SabatiniFiction, 1925
Il dottor Arrowsmith di Sinclair LewisFiction, 1925
Glorious Apollo di E. BarringtonFiction, 1925
The Keeper of the Bees di Gene Stratton-PorterFiction, 1925
The Man Nobody Knows di Bruce Bartonnonfiction, 1925
One Increasing Purpose di A. S. M. HutchinsonFiction, 1925
The Perennial Bachelor di Anne ParrishFiction, 1925
Soundings di A. Hamilton GibbsFiction, 1925
Tessa : la ninfa fedele di Margaret KennedyFiction, 1925
Twice thirty : some short and simple annals of the road di Edward William Boknonfiction, 1925
When We Were Very Young di A. A. Milnenonfiction, 1925
Auction bridge complete di Milton Cooper Worknonfiction, 1926
Beau Geste di Percival Christopher WrenFiction, 1926
Beau Sabreur di Percival Christopher WrenFiction, 1926
The Blue Window di Temple BaileyFiction, 1926
The Book Nobody Knows di Bruce Bartonnonfiction, 1926
The Hounds of Spring di Sylvia ThompsonFiction, 1926
Jefferson and Hamilton di Claude G. Bowersnonfiction, 1926
The Light of Faith di Edgar A. Guestnonfiction, 1926
Our Times, 1900-1925. 1, The Turn of the Century di Mark Sullivannonfiction, 1926
The Private Life of Helen of Troy di John ErskineFiction, 1926
Show Boat di Edna FerberFiction, 1926
I signori preferiscono le bionde di Anita LoosFiction, 1926
The Silver Spoon di John GalsworthyFiction, 1926
Sorrell and Son di Warwick DeepingFiction, 1926
Ask Me Another! The Question Book di Justin Spaffordnonfiction, 1927
Doomsday di Warwick DeepingFiction, 1927
Elmer Gantry di Sinclair LewisFiction, 1927
The Glorious Adventure di Richard Halliburtonnonfiction, 1927
A Good Woman di Louis BromfieldFiction, 1927
Jalna di Mazo De la RocheFiction, 1927
Lost Ecstasy di Mary Roberts RinehartFiction, 1927
The Old Countess di Anne Douglas SedgwickFiction, 1927
The Plutocrat di Booth TarkingtonFiction, 1927
La rivolta nel deserto di T. E. Lawrencenonfiction, 1927
The Royal Road to Romance di Richard Halliburtonnonfiction, 1927
Tomorrow Morning di Anne ParishFiction, 1927
Twilight Sleep di Edith WhartonFiction, 1927
Why we behave like human beings di George A. Dorseynonfiction, 1927
Bad Girl di Viña DelmarFiction, 1928
Claire Ambler di Booth TarkingtonFiction, 1928
Count Luckner, the Sea Devil di Lowell Thomasnonfiction, 1928
Disraeli: A Picture of the Victorian Age di André Mauroisnonfiction, 1928
La fine dei Greene di S. S. Van DineFiction, 1928
Goethe: The History of a Man di Emil Ludwignonfiction, 1928
Guida della donna intelligente al socialismo di Bernard Shawnonfiction, 1928
L' aquila solitaria: (New York-Parigi senza scalo) di Charles A. Lindberghnonfiction, 1928
Mother India di Katherine Mayononfiction, 1928
Napoleone di Emil Ludwignonfiction, 1928
Old Pybus di Warwick DeepingFiction, 1928
Il ponte di San Luis Rey di Thornton WilderFiction, 1928
Skyward di Richard Evelyn Byrdnonfiction, 1928
The Strange Case of Miss Annie Spragg di Louis BromfieldFiction, 1928
Strano interludio di Eugene O'Neillnonfiction, 1928
Swan Song di John GalsworthyFiction, 1928
Trader Horn di Alfred Aloysius Hornnonfiction, 1928
Wintersmoon di Hugh WalpoleFiction, 1928
The Bishop Murder Case di S. S. Van DineFiction, 1929
The Cradle of the Deep di Joan Lowellnonfiction, 1929
Dark Hester di Anne Douglas SedgwickFiction, 1929
Dodsworth : romanzo di un americano in Europa di Sinclair LewisFiction, 1929
Elizabeth and Essex: A Tragic History di Lytton Stracheynonfiction, 1929
Enrico VIII di Francis Hackettnonfiction, 1929
The Galaxy di Susan ErtzFiction, 1929
John Brown's Body di Stephen Vincent Benétnonfiction, 1929
Joseph and His Brethren di H. W. FreemanFiction, 1929
Mamba's Daughters di DuBose HeywardFiction, 1929
Niente di nuovo sul fronte occidentale di Erich Maria RemarqueFiction, 1929
Peder Victorious di O. E. RølvaagFiction, 1929
The pleasures of philosophy di Will Durantnonfiction, 1929
A Preface to Morals di Walter Lippmannnonfiction, 1929
Roper's Row di Warwick DeepingFiction, 1929
Scarlet Sister Mary di Julia PeterkinFiction, 1929
The Specialist di Charles Salenonfiction, 1929
The tragic era; the revolution after Lincoln di Claude G. Bowersnonfiction, 1929
L' incubo: romanzo di Mary Roberts RinehartFiction, 1930
The Adams Family di James Truslow AdamsNon Fiction, 1930
Angel Pavement di J. B. PriestleyFiction, 1930
The Art of Thinking di Ernest DimnetNon Fiction, 1930
Byron di André MauroisNon Fiction, 1930
Chances di A. Hamilton GibbsFiction, 1930
Cimarron di Edna FerberFiction, 1930
Exile di Warwick DeepingFiction, 1930
Lincoln di Emil LudwigNon Fiction, 1930
Lone Cowboy: My Life Story di Will JamesNon Fiction, 1930
The Outline of History di H. G. WellsNon Fiction, 1930
Ragazzo di Manhattan di Katharine BrushFiction, 1930
The rise of American civilization di Charles Austin BeardNon Fiction, 1930
Rogue Herries di Hugh WalpoleFiction, 1930
The Story of Philosophy: The Lives and Opinions of the World's Greatest Philosophers di Will DurantNon Fiction, 1930
The Strange Death of President Harding: From the Diaries of Gaston B. Means, as Told to May Dixon Thacker di Gaston B. MeansNon Fiction, 1930
Twenty-four hours di Louis BromfieldFiction, 1930
The Woman of Andros di Thornton WilderFiction, 1930
Back Street di Fannie HurstFiction, 1931
Boners: Seriously Misguided Facts- According to Schoolkids. di Alexander AbingdonNon Fiction, 1931
Education of a Princess di Marie, Grand Duchess of RussiaNon Fiction, 1931
Fatal Interview di Edna St. Vincent MillayNon Fiction, 1931
Finch's Fortune di Mazo De la RocheFiction, 1931
Grand Hotel di Vicki Baum1931
Il libro azzurro del Contract Bridge di Ely CulbertsonNon Fiction, 1931
Mexico: A Study of Two Americas di Stuart ChaseNon Fiction, 1931
New Russia's Primer: The Story of the Five-Year Plan di M. IlʹinNon Fiction, 1931
Le opere: Ancella, Landa in fiore di John GalsworthyFiction, 1931
Shadows On The Rock di Willa CatherFiction, 1931
La storia di San Michele di Axel MuntheNon Fiction, 1931
La via del ritorno di Erich Maria RemarqueFiction, 1931
Washington merry-go-round di Robert S. AllenNon Fiction, 1931
A White Bird Flying di Bess Streeter AldrichFiction, 1931
Years of Grace di Margaret Ayer BarnesFiction, 1931
The Epic of America di James Truslow AdamsNon Fiction, 1932
Figli di Pearl S. BuckFiction, 1932
La fontana di Charles MorganFiction, 1932
A Fortune to Share di Vash YoungNon Fiction, 1932
La geografia di Van Loon di Hendrik Willem Van LoonNon Fiction, 1932
Inheritance di Phyllis BentleyFiction, 1932
Magnificent Obsession di Lloyd C. DouglasFiction, 1932
Magnolia Street di Louis GoldingFiction, 1932
The March of Democracy 7-Volume Set di James Truslow AdamsNon Fiction, 1932
Mary's Neck di Booth TarkingtonFiction, 1932
More Merry-Go-Round di Robert S. AllenNon Fiction, 1932
Only Yesterday: An Informal History of the 1920s di Frederick Lewis AllenNon Fiction, 1932
The Sheltered Life di Ellen GlasgowFiction, 1932
The Story of My Life di Clarence DarrowNon Fiction, 1932
Tre amori: romanzo di A. J. CroninFiction, 1932
What we live by di Ernest DimnetNon Fiction, 1932
100,000,000 Guinea Pigs: Dangers in Everyday Foods, Drugs, and Cosmetics di Arthur KalletNon Fiction, 1933
Ann Vickers di Sinclair LewisFiction, 1933
Antonio Adverse: romanzo di Hervey AllenFiction, 1933
The arches of the years di Halliday SutherlandNon Fiction, 1933
come la terra gira di Gladys Hasty CarrollFiction, 1933
E adesso, pover'uomo? di Hans FalladaFiction, 1933
The Farm di Louis BromfieldFiction, 1933
Forgive Us Our Trespasses di Lloyd C. DouglasFiction, 1933
The House of Exile di Nora WalnNon Fiction, 1933
Life Begins at Forty di Walter B. PitkinNon Fiction, 1933
Looking Forward di Franklin D. RooseveltNon Fiction, 1933
Maria Antonietta di Stefan ZweigNon Fiction, 1933
The Master of Jalna di Mazo De la RocheFiction, 1933
Memoirs of a British Agent di Sir Robert Bruce LockartNon Fiction, 1933
Miss Bishop di Bess Streeter AldrichFiction, 1933
Over The River di John GalsworthyFiction, 1933
42 Years in the White House di Irwin Hood HooverNon Fiction, 1934
Addio, Mr Chips! di James HiltonFiction, 1934
Avventura brasiliana di Peter FlemingNon Fiction, 1934
Lamb in His Bosom di Caroline MillerFiction, 1934
Mary Peters di Mary Ellen ChaseFiction, 1934
The native's return; an American immigrant visits Yugoslavia and discovers his old country di Louis AdamicNon Fiction, 1934
Nijinsky di Romola NijinskyNon Fiction, 1934
Oil for the Lamps of China di Alice Tisdale HobartFiction, 1934
Opera d'arte di Sinclair LewisFiction, 1934
Private Worlds di Phyllis BottomeFiction, 1934
Sette storie gotiche di Karen BlixenFiction, 1934
So Red the Rose di Stark YoungFiction, 1934
Stars Fell on Alabama di Carl CarmerNon Fiction, 1934
La storia di Gesu di Charles DickensNon Fiction, 1934
While Rome Burns di Alexander WoollcottNon Fiction, 1934
Within This Present di Margaret Ayer BarnesFiction, 1934
You Must Relax di Edmund JacobsonNon Fiction, 1934
Il cielo e il mio destino di Thornton WilderFiction, 1935
Come and Get It di Edna FerberFiction, 1935
Europa di Robert BriffaultFiction, 1935
Francis the First di Francis HackettNon Fiction, 1935
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R. E. Lee: A Biography di Douglas Southall FreemanNon Fiction, 1935
Rats, Lice and History di Hans ZinsserNon Fiction, 1935
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Skin deep,: The truth about beauty aids--safe and harmful, di M. C. PhillipsNon Fiction, 1935
Vein of Iron di Ellen GlasgowFiction, 1935
Vita col padre di Clarence DayNon Fiction, 1935
Vita di Maria Stuarda di Stefan ZweigNon Fiction, 1935
L' uomo, questo sconosciuto di Alexis CarrelNon Fiction, 1936
An American Doctor's Odyssey: Adventures in Forty-Five Countries di Victor George HeiserNon Fiction, 1936
Around the world in eleven years di Patience AbbeNon Fiction, 1936
La catena del passato di Aldous HuxleyFiction, 1936
Drums along the Mohawk di Walter D. EdmondsFiction, 1936
The Hurricane di Charles Bernard NordhoffFiction, 1936
Inside Europe di John GuntherNon Fiction, 1936
It Can't Happen Here di Sinclair LewisFiction, 1936
The Last Puritan: A Memoir in the Form of a Novel di George SantayanaFiction, 1936
Live Alone and Like It: The Classic Guide for the Single Woman di Marjorie HillisNon Fiction, 1936
Nel bosco d'amore: romanzo di Charles MorganFiction, 1936
The Thinking Reed di Rebecca WestFiction, 1936
Wake Up and Live! di Dorothea BrandeNon Fiction, 1936
The Way of a Transgressor di Negley FarsonNon Fiction, 1936
White Banners di Lloyd C. DouglasFiction, 1936
I Write as I Please di Walter DurantyNon Fiction, 1936
Gli anni di Virginia WoolfFiction, 1937
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Come trattare gli altri e farseli amici di Dale CarnegieNon Fiction, 1937
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E Vittoria regnò di Vaughan WilkinsFiction, 1937
The Flowering of New England di Van Wyck BrooksNon Fiction, 1937
La grande pioggia di Louis BromfieldFiction, 1937
La matematica nella storia e nella vita di Lancelot HogbenNon Fiction, 1937
The Nile; the life-story of a river di Emil LudwigNon Fiction, 1937
Orchids on Your Budget: Live Smartly on What You Have di Marjorie HillisNon Fiction, 1937
Passaggio a Nord-Ovest di Kenneth RobertsFiction, 1937
Present Indicative di Noël CowardNon Fiction, 1937
The return to religion di Henry C. LinkNon Fiction, 1937
Uomini e topi di John SteinbeckFiction, 1937
Via col vento di Margaret MitchellFiction, 1936, 1937
Vita con la mamma di Clarence DayNon Fiction, 1937
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All This, and Heaven Too di Rachel FieldFiction, 1938
Alone di Richard E. ByrdNon Fiction, 1938
And tell of time di Laura KreyFiction, 1938
Ascolta, è il vento di Anne Morrow LindberghNon Fiction, 1938
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Fanny Kemble, a Passionate Victorian di Margaret ArmstrongNon Fiction, 1938
Figlio!...Figlio mio!... di Howard SpringFiction, 1938
Franklin di Carl Van DorenNon Fiction, 1938
The Horse and Buggy Doctor di Arthur E. HertzlerNon Fiction, 1938
I'm a Stranger Here Myself di Ogden NashNon Fiction, 1938
Importanza di vivere di Lin YutangNon Fiction, 1938
The Mortal Storm di Phyllis BottomeFiction, 1938
Vita della signora Curie di Eve CurieNon Fiction, 1938
With Malice Toward Some di Margaret HalseyNon Fiction, 1938
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Days of our years di Pierre van PaassenNon Fiction, 1939
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My Sister and I: The Diary of a Dutch Boy Refugee di Dirk van der HeideNon Fiction, 1941
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Reading I've Liked di Clifton FadimanNon Fiction, 1941
Reveille in Washington, 1860-1865 di Margaret LeechNon Fiction, 1941
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This above all di Eric KnightFiction, 1941
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You Can't Do Business With Hitler di Douglas Phillips MillerNon Fiction, 1941
And Now Tomorrow di Rachel FieldFiction, 1942
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ˆL'‰apostolo di Sholem AschFiction, 1943
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Captain from Castile di Samuel Shellabargerfiction, 1945
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This Side of Innocence di Taylor CaldwellFiction, 1946
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East Side, West Side di Marcia DavenportFiction, 1947
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Kingsblood Royal di Sinclair LewisFiction, 1947
Lydia Bailey di Kenneth RobertsFiction, 1947
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Prince of Foxes di Samuel ShellabargerFiction, 1947
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Melville Goodwin, USA di John P. MarquandFiction, 1951
Return to Paradise di James A. MichenerFiction, 1951
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Il gigante di Edna FerberFiction, 1952
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Below the Salt di Thomas B. CostainFiction, 1957
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Anatomia di un omicidio: romanzo di Robert TraverFiction, 1958
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From the Terrace di John O'HaraFiction, 1958
Ice Palace di Edna FerberFiction, 1958
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Exodus di Leon UrisFiction, 1959
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Poor No More di Robert RuarkFiction, 1959
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Ourselves to Know di John O'HaraFiction, 1960
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Convention di Fletcher KnebelFiction, 1964
Herzog di Saul BellowFiction, 1964
The Man di Irving WallaceFiction, 1964
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The Rector of Justin di Louis AuchinclossFiction, 1964
La spia che venne dal freddo di John le CarréFiction, 1964
This Rough Magic di Mary StewartFiction, 1964
You Only Live Twice: James Bond Secret Agent 007 di Ian FlemingFiction, 1964
The Ambassador di Morris L. WestFiction, 1965
Don't Stop The Carnival di Herman WoukFiction, 1965
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Hotel di Arthur HaileyFiction, 1965
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Up the Down Staircase di Bel KaufmanFiction, 1965
All in the Family di Edwin O'ConnorFiction, 1966
Capable of Honor di Allen DruryFiction, 1966
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Tell No Man di Adela Rogers St. JohnsFiction, 1966
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Vanished di Fletcher KnebelFiction, 1968
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Naked Came the Stranger di Penelope AsheFiction, 1969
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QB VII di Leon UrisFiction, 1970
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Message From Málaga di Helen MacInnesFiction, 1971
The Other di Thomas TryonFiction, 1971
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Ruote di Arthur HaileyFiction, 1971
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Dossier Odessa di Frederick ForsythFiction, 1972
Il gabbiano Jonathan Livingston di Richard BachFiction, 1972
Il mio nome e Asher Lev di Chaim PotokFiction, 1972
Semi-Tough di Dan JenkinsFiction, 1972
Two From Galilee: The Story Of Mary And Joseph di Marjorie HolmesFiction, 1972
The Word di Irving WallaceFiction, 1972
The Billion Dollar Sure Thing di Paul E. ErdmanFiction, 1973
BURR di Gore VidalFiction, 1973
La colazione dei campioni di Kurt VonnegutFiction, 1973
Il console onorario di Graham GreeneFiction, 1973
Il dossier Matlock di Robert LudlumFiction, 1973
Le grotte nelle montagne di Mary StewartFiction, 1973
Once Is Not Enough di Jacqueline SusannFiction, 1973
Sera a Bisanzio di Irwin ShawFiction, 1973
Centennial di James A. MichenerFiction, 1974
La collina dei conigli di Richard AdamsFiction, 1974
E successo qualcosa di Joseph HellerFiction, 1974
I Heard the Owl Call My Name di Margaret CravenFiction, 1974
I mastini della guerra di Frederick ForsythFiction, 1974
Il pirata di Harold RobbinsFiction, 1974
La soluzione sette per cento di Nicholas MeyerFiction, 1974
Lo squalo di Peter BenchleyFiction, 1974
La talpa di John le CarréFiction, 1974
ˆIl ‰club dei Fan di Irving WallaceFiction, 1974
I boss del dollaro di Arthur HaileyFiction, 1975
Il dono di Humboldt di Saul BellowFiction, 1975
La grande rapina al treno di Michael CrichtonFiction, 1975
In cerca di Goodbar di Judith RossnerFiction, 1975
La notte dell'aquila di Jack HigginsFiction, 1975
Ragtime di E. L. DoctorowFiction, 1975
Shōgun di James ClavellFiction, 1975
Sipario. L'ultima avventura di Poirot di Agatha ChristieFiction, 1975
Il tesoro greco di Irving StoneFiction, 1975
ˆI ‰ragazzi del coro: (i chierichetti) di Joseph WambaughFiction, 1975
Addio, Miss Marple di Agatha ChristieFiction, 1976
Avviso di Tempesta di Jack HigginsFiction, 1976
Il candidato di Gore VidalFiction, 1976
Comica finale, ovvero Non piu soli | di Kurt VonnegutFiction, 1976
The Deep di Peter BenchleyFiction, 1976
Dolores di Jacqueline SusannFiction, 1976
Signora sola di Harold RobbinsFiction, 1976
A Stranger in the Mirror di Sidney SheldonFiction, 1976
Touch Not the Cat di Mary StewartFiction, 1976
Trinity di Leon UrisFiction, 1976
L' onorevole scolaro di John le CarréFiction, 1977
Beggarman, Thief di Irwin ShawFiction, 1977
Come salvarsi la vita di Erica JongFiction, 1977
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La baia di James A. MichenerFiction, 1978
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I Folli Muoiono di Mario PuzoFiction, 1978
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Linea di sangue di Sidney SheldonFiction, 1978
Il patto di Robert LudlumFiction, 1978
Scrupoli di Judith KrantzFiction, 1978
Seconda generazione di Howard FastFiction, 1978
The Establishment di Howard FastFiction, 1979
The Matarese Circle di Robert LudlumFiction, 1979
Overload di Arthur HaileyFiction, 1979
Un pezzo da galera di Kurt VonnegutFiction, 1979
Ricordi di un altro giorno di Harold RobbinsFiction, 1979
La scelta di Sophie di William StyronFiction, 1979
The Third World War di Sir John Winthrop HackettFiction, 1979
Tutti gli uomini di Smiley di John le CarréFiction, 1979
L'ultimo incantesimo di Mary StewartFiction, 1979
Il codice Rebecca di Ken FollettFiction, 1980
The Covenant (Volume 2) di James A. MichenerFiction, 1980
Doppio inganno di Robert LudlumFiction, 1980
L'incendiaria di Stephen KingFiction, 1980
L' alternativa del diavolo di Frederick ForsythFiction, 1980
Princess Daisy di Judith KrantzFiction, 1980
Il quinto cavaliere di Larry CollinsFiction, 1980
La rabbia degli angeli di Sidney SheldonFiction, 1980
La saga dei Farrell di Belva PlainFiction, 1980
The Spike di Arnaud de BorchgraveFiction, 1980
L'altro nome dell'amore di Colleen McCulloughFiction, 1981
Cujo di Stephen KingFiction, 1981
The Glitter Dome di Joseph WambaughFiction, 1981
Goodbye, Janette di Harold RobbinsFiction, 1981
Gorky park di Martin Cruz SmithFiction, 1981
Hotel New Hampshire di John IrvingFiction, 1981
Masquerade di Kit WilliamsFiction, 1981
No Time for Tears di Cynthia FreemanFiction, 1981
La nobil casa: un romanzo di Hong Kong contemporanea di James ClavellFiction, 1981
Il terzo peccato mortale di Lawrence SandersFiction, 1981
2010: Odyssey Two di Arthur C. ClarkeFiction, 1982
E.T. l'extra-terrestre di William KotzwinkleFiction, 1982
La figlia di mistral di Judith KrantzFiction, 1982
L' uomo di Pietroburgo di Ken FollettFiction, 1982
Il mosaico di Parsifal di Robert LudlumFiction, 1982
North and South di John JakesFiction, 1982
Padrona del gioco di Sidney SheldonFiction, 1982
Space di James A. MichenerFiction, 1982
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