Premi letterariNational Book Award finalist

Opere (1,390)

Il canto del boia di Norman Mailer Paperback
The Fate of the Earth di Jonathan Schell Hardcover
Io me ne vado di Katherine Paterson Paperback
Lo scrittore fantasma di Philip Roth Hardcover
Killers of the Dream di Lillian SmithNonfiction, 1950
ˆL'‰universo e Einstein di Lincoln BarnettNonfiction, 1950
Lincoln finds a general; a military study of the Civil War di Kenneth P. WilliamsNonfiction, 1950
The Mature Mind di H. A. OverstreetNonfiction, 1950
This I Remember di Eleanor RooseveltNonfiction, 1950
L' ammutinamento del Caine: romanzo della seconda guerra mondiale di Herman Wouk Fiction, 1952
L'eletto di Thomas MannFiction, 1952
Il giovane Holden di J. D. Salinger Fiction, 1952
The Grass Harp: Including A Tree of Night and Other Stories di Truman CapoteFiction, 1952
Un letto di tenebre di William StyronFiction, 1952
Melville Goodwin, USA di John P. MarquandFiction, 1952
Requiem per una monaca di William FaulknerFiction, 1952
The strange children di Caroline GordonFiction, 1952
La veglia all'alba di James AgeeFiction, 1952
The Witch Diggers di Jessamyn WestFiction, 1952
The Autobiography of William Carlos Williams (New Directions Paperbook) di William Carlos WilliamsNonfiction, 1952
Charles Evans Hughes di Merlo J. PuseyNonfiction, 1952
Colletti bianchi: la classe media americana di C. Wright MillsNonfiction, 1952
The conduct of life di Lewis MumfordNonfiction, 1952
The Far Side of Paradise: A Biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald di Arthur MizenerNonfiction, 1952
Henry James di F. W. DupeeNonfiction, 1952
Jefferson and the Rights of Man di Dumas MaloneNonfiction, 1952
Life in America di Marshall B. DavidsonNonfiction, 1952
Il linguaggio dimenticato di Erich FrommNonfiction, 1952
The Origins of Totalitarianism di Hannah ArendtNonfiction, 1952
Reunion and Reaction: The Compromise of 1877 and the End of Reconstruction di C. Vann WoodwardNonfiction, 1952
Thomas Jefferson : A Biography di Nat SchachnerNonfiction, 1952
The Uprooted: The Epic Story of the Great Migrations That Made the American People di Oscar HandlinNonfiction, 1952
A Walker in the City di Alfred KazinNonfiction, 1952
Washington di Douglas Southall FreemanNonfiction, 1952
The Collected Earlier Poems of William Carlos Williams di William Carlos WilliamsPoetry, 1952
Nones di W. H. AudenPoetry, 1952
Selected Poems of Horace Gregory di Horace GregoryPoetry, 1952
Build-Up di William Carlos WilliamsFiction, 1953
The Catherine Wheel di Jean StaffordFiction, 1953
The Gathering Darkness di Thomas GallagherFiction, 1953
Jefferson Selleck di Carl JonasFiction, 1953
The Landsmen di Peter MartinFiction, 1953
Many Mansions di Isabel BoltonFiction, 1953
A Shower of Summer Days di May SartonFiction, 1953
La valle dell'Eden di John SteinbeckFiction, 1953
Il vecchio e il mare di Ernest HemingwayFiction, 1953
Winds of Morning di H.L. DavisFiction, 1953
Abramo Lincoln di Benjamin P. ThomasNonfiction, 1953
Beyond the high Himalayas di William O. DouglasNonfiction, 1953
The Big Change: America Transforms Itself 1900-1950 di Frederick Lewis AllenNonfiction, 1953
Birth of a World: Bolivar in Terms of His People di Waldo David FrankNonfiction, 1952
The confident years: 1885-1915 di Van Wyck BrooksNonfiction, 1953
George Washington Volume 5 Victory with the Help of France di Douglas Southall FreemanNonfiction, 1953
Grant Rises in the West: The First Year, 1861-1862 di Kenneth P. WilliamsNonfiction, 1953
Lincoln the President: Midstream di J. G. RandallNonfiction, 1953
Rendezvous with Destiny: A History of Modern American Reform di Eric F. GoldmanNonfiction, 1953
Rome and a Villa di Eleanor ClarkNonfiction, 1953
Sam Clemens of Hannibal di Dixon WecterNonfiction, 1953
The Shores of Light: A Literary Chronicle of the Twenties and Thirties di Edmund WilsonNonfiction, 1953
The spirit of liberty; papers and addresses di Learned HandNonfiction, 1953
The Uses of the Past: Profiles of Former Societies di Herbert J. MullerNonfiction, 1953
Ushant: An Essay di Conrad AikenNonfiction, 1953
William Faulkner: A Critical Study (4th Edition) di Irving HoweNonfiction, 1953
Witness di Whittaker ChambersNonfiction, 1953
EARLY And LATE TESTAMENT. di Stanley BurnshawPoetry, 1953
Kentucky Is My Land di Jesse StuartPoetry, 1953
A Mask for Janus di W. S. MerwinPoetry, 1953
A Song of Joy, and other poems. di Byron Herbert ReecePoetry, 1953
The Court of Memory di Frank RooneyFiction, 1955
The Dollmaker di Harriette ArnowFiction, 1955
The Huge Season di Wright MorrisFiction, 1955
The Last Hunt di Milton LottFiction, 1955
Lord Grizzly di Frederick ManfredFiction, 1955
La notte del cacciatore di Davis GrubbFiction, 1955
Pictures from an Institution di Randall JarrellFiction, 1955
Quel fantastico giovedì di John SteinbeckFiction, 1955
I semi del male di William MarchFiction, 1955
The View from Pompey's Head di Hamilton BassoFiction, 1955
Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and The War Years {1-volume} di Carl Sandburg Nonfiction, 1955
Bent's Fort di David LavenderNonfiction, 1955
Beyond the Hundredth Meridian: John Wesley Powell and the Second Opening of the West di Wallace StegnerNonfiction, 1955
But We Were Born Free: di Elmer Davis Nonfiction, 1955
The Challenge of Man's Future: An Inquiry Concerning the Condition of Man During the Years That Lie Ahead di Harrison BrownNonfiction, 1955
Great River: The Rio Grande in North American History. Vol. 1, Indians and Spain. Vol. 2, Mexico and the United States. 2 vols. in one di Paul HorganNonfiction, 1955
The Roosevelt Family of Sagamore Hill di Hermann HagedornNonfiction, 1955
Scenes and portraits : memories of childhood and youth di Van Wyck BrooksNonfiction, 1955
The Second Tree from the Corner di E. B. WhiteNonfiction, 1955
Collected Poems di Louise BoganPoetry, 1955
The desert music, and other poems di William Carlos WilliamsPoetry, 1955
Hungerfield and other poems di Robinson JeffersPoetry, 1955
The Love Letters of Phyllis McGinley di Phyllis McGinleyPoetry, 1955
Poems, 1923-1954 di E. E. CummingsPoetry, 1955
Selected Poems di Marya ZaturenskaPoetry, 1955
Songs for Eve di Archibald MacLeishPoetry, 1955
La banda degli angeli di Robert Penn WarrenFiction, 1956
The Black Prince and other stories di Shirley Ann GrauFiction, 1956
Bride Of Innisfallen & Other Stories: And Other Stories di Eudora WeltyFiction, 1956
Faithful Are the Wounds di May SartonFiction, 1956
Marjorie morningstar ragazza del nostro tempo: Romanzo. Unica traduzione autorizzata [dall'inglese] a cura di Luciana Ag di Herman WoukFiction, 1956
La polvere e la gloria di MacKinlay KantorFiction, 1956
The Spider's House di Paul BowlesFiction, 1956
La vita che salvi puo essere la tua di Flannery O'ConnorFiction, 1956
Africa di John GuntherNonfiction, 1956
The Age of Reform di Richard HofstadterNonfiction, 1956
The Edge of the Sea di Rachel CarsonNonfiction, 1956
Gift from the Sea di Anne Morrow LindberghNonfiction, 1956
The land they fought for; the story of the South as the Confederacy, 1832-1865 di Clifford DowdeyNonfiction, 1956
Memorie: Anni di decisioni di Harry S. TrumanNonfiction, 1956
Notre-Dame of Paris di Allan TemkoNonfiction, 1956
Part of Our Time: Some Ruins and Monuments of the Thirties di Murray KemptonNonfiction, 1956
The scrolls from the Dead Sea di Edmund WilsonNonfiction, 1956
The Solitary Singer: A Critical Biography of Walt Whitman di Gay Wilson AllenNonfiction, 1956
They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45 di Milton MayerNonfiction, 1956
As If: Poems New and Selected di John CiardiPoetry, 1956
Birthdays From the Ocean (Poems) di Isabella GardnerPoetry, 1956
Poems: North & south. A cold spring di Elizabeth BishopPoetry, 1956
Selected Poems Including the Woman at the Washington Zoo di Randall JarrellPoetry, 1956
Further Fables for Our Time di James ThurberFiction, 1957
Generations of Men di John Clinton HuntFiction, 1957
Greenwillow di B. J. ChuteFiction, 1957
The Last Hurrah di Edwin O'ConnorFiction, 1957
Passeggiata selvaggia di Nelson AlgrenFiction, 1957
The Presence of Grace di J. F. PowersFiction, 1957
Queste mille colline di A.B. Jr GuthrieFiction, 1957
La resa dei conti di Saul BellowFiction, 1957
A Single Pebble di John HerseyFiction, 1957
La stanza di Giovanni di James BaldwinFiction, 1957
The Voice at the Back Door di Elizabeth SpencerFiction, 1957
Atomic quest, a personal narrative di Arthur Holly ComptonNonfiction, 1957
Autumn Across America di Edwin Way TealeNonfiction, 1957
The Crucial Decade–and After di Eric F. GoldmanNonfiction, 1957
Franklin D. Roosevelt: The Triumph di Freidel FrankNonfiction, 1957
Guides to Straight Thinking, With 13 Common Fallacies. di Stuart ChaseNonfiction, 1957
John Quincy Adams and the Union di Samuel Flagg BemisNonfiction, 1957
Profiles in Courage di John F. KennedyNonfiction, 1957
The Raven and the Whale: Poe, Melville, and the New York Literary Scene di Perry MillerNonfiction, 1957
Revolt of the moderates di Samuel LubellNonfiction, 1957
Richard the Third di Paul Murray KendallNonfiction, 1957
Roosevelt: The Lion and the Fox, 1882-1940 di James MacGregor BurnsNonfiction, 1957
Segregation: The Inner Conflict in the South di Robert Penn WarrenNonfiction, 1957
Storia di una suora di Kathryn HulmeNonfiction, 1957
This Hallowed Ground: The Story of the Union Side of the Civil War di Bruce CattonNonfiction, 1957
The Transformations of Man di Lewis MumfordNonfiction, 1957
L'uomo dell'organizzazione di William H. WhyteNonfiction, 1957
Green armor on green ground; poems in the twenty-four official Welsh meters and some, in free meters, on Welsh themes di Rolfe HumphriesPoetry, 1957
Green with Beasts di W. S. MerwinPoetry, 1957
In Defense of the Earth di Kenneth RexrothPoetry, 1957
In the rose of time; poems 1931-1956 di Robert FitzgeraldPoetry, 1957
Like a bulwark di Marianne MoorePoetry, 1957
New and Selected Poems di Kenneth FearingPoetry, 1957
Poems old and new di Wheelock John HallPoetry, 1957
Section: Rock-Drill 85-95 de los cantares di Ezra PoundPoetry, 1957
This Tilting Dust di Leah Bodine DrakePoetry, 1957
Unicorn and Other Poems di Anne Morrow LindberghPoetry, 1957
Villa Narcisse: The Garden, the Staues and the Pool di Katherine HoskinsPoetry, 1957
Il mito del padre di James Agee1958
The Birth of a Grandfather di May SartonFiction, 1958
Love Among the Cannibals di Wright MorrisFiction, 1958
Ossessione amorosa: romanzo di James Gould CozzensFiction, 1958
Pnin di Vladimir NabokovFiction, 1958
The Return of Lady Brace di Nancy Wilson RossFiction, 1958
La rivolta di Atlante: romanzo di Ayn Rand Fiction, 1958
Something About a Soldier di Mark HarrisFiction, 1958
The Velvet Horn di Andrew LytleFiction, 1958
Il ‰commesso di Bernard MalamudFiction, 1958
Alexander Hamilton in the American tradition di Louis M. HackerNonfiction, 1958
As France Goes di David SchoenbrunNonfiction, 1958
Bridge to the Sun di Gwen TerasakiNonfiction, 1958
Citadel: The Story of the U.S. Senate di William Smith WhiteNonfiction, 1958
Mr. Baruch di Margaret L. CoitNonfiction, 1958
Nuclear weapons and foreign policy di Henry KissingerNonfiction, 1958
I persuasori occulti di Vance PackardNonfiction, 1958
Poets in a Landscape di Gilbert HighetNonfiction, 1958
The Reformation di Will DurantNonfiction, 1958
Ricordi di un'educazione cattolica di Mary McCarthyNonfiction, 1958
The Twentieth Maine: A Classic Story of Joshua Chamberlain and His Volunteer Regiment di John J. PullenNonfiction, 1958
HD Selected Poems di Hilda DoolittlePoetry, 1958
Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana: Poems di Eli SiegelPoetry, 1958
In Time Like Air: Poems di May SartonPoetry, 1958
Opus Posthumous: Poems, Plays, Prose di Wallace StevensPoetry, 1958
Time without number di Daniel BerriganPoetry, 1958
Lolita di Vladimir Nabokov 1959
Anatomia di un omicidio: romanzo di Robert Traver Fiction, 1959
From the Terrace di John O'HaraFiction, 1959
The Lost Country di J. R. SalamancaFiction, 1959
The Winthrop Woman di Anya SetonFiction, 1959
Zenzero: romanzo di J. P. DonleavyFiction, 1959
The Americans: The Colonial Experience di Daniel J. BoorstinNonfiction, 1959
The Civil War: A Narrative: Volume 1: Fort Sumter to Perryville di Shelby FooteNonfiction, 1959
Journey to the beginning di Edgar SnowNonfiction, 1959
Marlborough's Duchess di Louis KronenbergerNonfiction, 1959
Naked to Mine Enemies: The Life of Cardinal Wolsey di Charles W. FergusonNonfiction, 1959
Only in America di Harry GoldenNonfiction, 1959
Private di Lester AtwellNonfiction, 1959
Russia, the atom and the West di George F. KennanNonfiction, 1959
La societa opulenta di John Kenneth GalbraithNonfiction, 1959
Vita activa. La condizione umana di Hannah Arendt Nonfiction, 1959
The Wall Between di Anne BradenNonfiction, 1959
95 Poems di E. E. CummingsPoetry, 1959
The Collected Poems of Theodore Roethke di Theodore RoethkePoetry, 1959
J.B.: A Play in Verse di Archibald MacLeishPoetry, 1959
I Marry You: A Sheaf of Love Poems di John CiardiPoetry, 1959
Poems of a Jew di Karl ShapiroPoetry, 1959
l'amante della guerra di John HerseyFiction, 1960
L'avvocato del diavolo di Morris L. WestFiction, 1960
The Cave di Robert Penn WarrenFiction, 1960
The Cool World di Warren MillerFiction, 1960
L'incubo di Hill House di Shirley JacksonFiction, 1960
The Light Infantry Ball di Hamilton BassoFiction, 1960
Malcolm di James PurdyFiction, 1960
Men Die di H. L. HumesFiction, 1960
Mrs. Bridge di Evan S. ConnellFiction, 1960
La pistola di James JonesFiction, 1960
Poorhouse Fair di John UpdikeFiction, 1960
Pursuit of the Prodigal di Louis AuchinclossFiction, 1960
Il re della pioggia di Saul BellowFiction, 1960
The Return of Hyman Kaplan di Leo RostenFiction, 1960
Snopes: The Hamlet, The Town, The Mansion (Modern Library) di William FaulknerFiction, 1960
The Third Choice di Elizabeth JanewayFiction, 1960
Wake Up, Stupid di Mark HarrisFiction, 1960
Act One: An Autobiography di Moss HartNonfiction, 1960
Alexander Hamilton: portrait in paradox di John Chester MillerNonfiction, 1960
Asa Gray, 1810-1888 di A. Hunter DupreeNonfiction, 1960
The Coming of the New Deal, 1933-1935 di Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.Nonfiction, 1960
The curse of the misbegotten: A tale of the house of O'Neill di Croswell BowenNonfiction, 1960
Edison: A Biography di Matthew JosephsonNonfiction, 1960
Endurance: l'incredibile viaggio di Shackleton al Polo Sud di Alfred LansingNonfiction, 1960
The fourth branch of Government di Douglass CaterNonfiction, 1960
The Harmless People di Elizabeth Marshall ThomasNonfiction, 1960
The House of Intellect (Perennial Classics) di Jacques BarzunNonfiction, 1960
Human nature and the human condition di Joseph Wood KrutchNonfiction, 1960
John Paul Jones: A Sailor's Biography di Samuel Eliot MorisonNonfiction, 1960
Life in the crystal palace di Alan HarringtonNonfiction, 1960
A Life in the Theatre di Tyrone GuthrieNonfiction, 1960
I Marauders di Charlton OgburnNonfiction, 1960
Pickett's Charge di George StewartNonfiction, 1960
Power without property; a new development in American political economy di Adolf Augustus BerleNonfiction, 1960
Two gentle men : the lives of George Herbert and Robert Herrick di Marchette ChuteNonfiction, 1960
The War for the Union, Vol. 1: The Improvised War, 1861-1862 di Allan NevinsNonfiction, 1960
The Years with Ross di James ThurberNonfiction, 1960
Il buio oltre la siepe di Harper Lee 1961
The Body of a Young Man di Mildred WalkerFiction, 1961
Ceremony in Lone Tree di Wright MorrisFiction, 1961
The Child Buyer di John HerseyFiction, 1961
Il cielo e dei violenti di Flannery O'ConnorFiction, 1961
Corri, coniglio di John UpdikeFiction, 1961
Generation Without Farewell di Kay BoyleFiction, 1961
The House of Five Talents di Louis AuchinclossFiction, 1961
The Light in the Piazza di Elizabeth SpencerFiction, 1961
Pace separata: romanzo di John KnowlesFiction, 1961
Asimov's New Guide to Science di Isaac AsimovNonfiction, 1961
Chancellor Robert R. Livingston of New York, 1746-1813 di George DangerfieldNonfiction, 1961
Charles Sumner and the Coming of the Civil War di David Herbert DonaldNonfiction, 1961
Felix Frankfurter Reminisces di Felix FrankfurterNonfiction, 1961
The Firmament of Time di Loren EiseleyNonfiction, 1961
Goodbye to a River: A Narrative di John GravesNonfiction, 1961
My wilderness: the Pacific West di William O. DouglasNonfiction, 1961
Name And Address: An Autobiography di Thomas Stanley MatthewsNonfiction, 1961
The Politics of Upheaval, 1935-1936 di Arthur M. SchlesingerNonfiction, 1961
Thomas Wolfe, a biography di Elizabeth NowellNonfiction, 1961
Tre maestri dell'architettura moderna di Peter BlakeNonfiction, 1961
Bone Thoughts di George StarbuckPoetry, 1961
Collected Poems di Yvor WintersPoetry, 1961
Collected poems, 1930-1960, including 51 new poems di Richard EberhartPoetry, 1961
Exclusions of a Rhyme Poems and Epigrams di J. V. CunninghamPoetry, 1961
Homage to Clio di W. H. AudenPoetry, 1961
KNOWLEDGE OF THE EVENING. POEMS 1950-1960. di John Frederick NimsPoetry, 1961
New and Selected Poems di Howard NemerovPoetry, 1961
The Opening of the Field di Robert DuncanPoetry, 1961
Outlanders : [poems] di Theodore WeissPoetry, 1961
The summer anniversaries di Donald JusticePoetry, 1961
To Bedlam and Part Way Back di Anne SextonPoetry, 1961
Wilderness of ladies; [poems] di Eleanor Ross TaylorPoetry, 1961
Among the Dangs di George P. ElliottFiction, 1962
The Chateau di William MaxwellFiction, 1962
Comma 22 di Joseph HellerFiction, 1962
False Entry di Hortense CalisherFiction, 1962
Franny e Zooey di J. D. SalingerFiction, 1962
The Morning and the Evening (Voices of the South) di Joan WilliamsFiction, 1962
Una nuova vita di Bernard MalamudFiction, 1962
Revolutionary road di Richard YatesFiction, 1962
The Spinoza of Market Street di Isaac Bashevis SingerFiction, 1962
L'uomo del banco dei pegni di Edward Lewis WallantFiction, 1962
African Genesis: A Personal Investigation Into the Animal Origins and Nature of Man di Robert ArdreyNonfiction, 1962
The architecture of America; a social and cultural history di John E. BurchardNonfiction, 1962
Children of Sanchez di Oscar LewisNonfiction, 1962
John Bunyan di Ola Elizabeth WinslowNonfiction, 1962
Lafcadio Hearn di Elizabeth StevensonNonfiction, 1962
The Making of the President 1960 di Theodore H. WhiteNonfiction, 1962
A matter of life and death di Virgilia PetersonNonfiction, 1962
Nobody Knows My Name: More Notes of a Native Son di James BaldwinNonfiction, 1962
Sinclair Lewis: An American Life di Mark SchorerNonfiction, 1962
I sogni della ragione di Rene DubosNonfiction, 1962
Vita e morte delle grandi citta: saggio sulle metropoli americane di Jane JacobsNonfiction, 1962
The will of Zeus; a history of Greece from the origins of Hellenic culture to the death of Alexander di Stringfellow BarrNonfiction, 1962
Adam before his mirror di Ned O'GormanPoetry, 1962
Fact of Crystal di Abbie Huston EvansPoetry, 1962
The fortune teller; poems di John HolmesPoetry, 1962
The gardener, and other poems di John Hall WheelockPoetry, 1962
Helen in Egypt di Hilda DoolittlePoetry, 1962
In the Stoneworks di John CiardiPoetry, 1962
The Islanders di Philip BoothPoetry, 1962
The Jacob's Ladder di Denise LevertovPoetry, 1962
Looking Glass di Isabella GardnerPoetry, 1962
Madonna of the cello, poems di Robert BaggPoetry, 1962
Medusa in Gramercy Park di Horace GregoryPoetry, 1962
Fuoco pallido di Vladimir NabokovFiction, 1963
The Golden Spur di Dawn PowellFiction, 1963
La nave dei folli di Katherine Anne PorterFiction, 1963
Pigeon Feathers and Other Stories di John UpdikeFiction, 1963
Chekhov: A Biography di Ernest Joseph SimmonsNonfiction, 1963
Contemporaries di Alfred KazinNonfiction, 1963
The Guns of August di Barbara W. TuchmanNonfiction, 1963
John Adams di Page SmithNonfiction, 1963
O'Neill di Arthur GelbNonfiction, 1963
Patriotic Gore: Studies in the Literature of the American Civil War di Edmund WilsonNonfiction, 1963
Primavera silenziosa di Rachel Carson Nonfiction, 1963
The Rothschilds: A Family Portrait di Frederic MortonNonfiction, 1963
All My Pretty Ones di Anne SextonPoetry, 1963
Collected poems, 1937-1962 di Winfield Townley ScottPoetry, 1963
The drawbridge di Donald F. DrummondPoetry, 1963
For Love: Poems Nineteen Fifty to Nineteen Sixty di Robert CreeleyPoetry, 1963
In the Clearing di Robert FrostPoetry, 1963
Next Room of the Dream di Howard NemerovPoetry, 1963
Pictures from Brueghel and Other Poems di William Carlos WilliamsPoetry, 1963
Thank you, and other poems di Kenneth KochPoetry, 1963
Il gruppo di Mary McCarthy1964
Prima gli idioti di Bernard MalamudFiction, 1964
The Will di Harvey SwadosFiction, 1964
Anti-Intellectualism in American Life di Richard HofstadterScience Philosophy, and Religion, 1964
Apollinaire: Poet Among the Painters (Penguin Literary Biographies) di Francis SteegmullerScience Philosophy, and Religion, 1964
Beyond The Melting Pot: The Negroes, Puerto Ricans, Jews, Italians and Irish of New York City di Nathan GlazerScience Philosophy, and Religion, 1964
Change, hope and the bomb di David Eli LilienthalScience Philosophy, and Religion, 1964
The Civil War: A Narrative: Volume 2: Fredericksburg to Meridian di Shelby FooteScience Philosophy, and Religion, 1964
The Fabulous Life of Diego Rivera di Bertram D. WolfeScience Philosophy, and Religion, 1964
The First New Nation: The United States in Historical and Comparative Perspective di Seymour Martin LipsetScience Philosophy, and Religion, 1964
John Keats di Walter Jackson BateScience Philosophy, and Religion, 1964
The Last Horizon di Raymond Fredric DasmannScience Philosophy, and Religion, 1964
La prossima volta il fuoco: due lettere di James BaldwinScience Philosophy and Religion, 1964
The Quiet Crisis di Stewart L. UdallScience Philosophy, and Religion, 1964
The South and the Southerner di Ralph McGillScience Philosophy, and Religion, 1964
Success story, the life and times of S. S. McClure di Peter LyonScience Philosophy, and Religion, 1964
Wasp Farm di Howard Ensign EvansScience Philosophy, and Religion, 1964
At the End of the Open Road di Louis SimpsonPoetry, 1964
The Moving Target di W. S. MerwinPoetry, 1964
To mix with time, new and selected poems di May SwensonPoetry, 1964
The Life of the Drama di Eric BentleyArts and Letters, 1965
Poiché ero carne di Edward DahlbergArts and Letters, 1965
Shadow and Act di Ralph EllisonArts and Letters, 1965
O Strange New World di Howard Mumford JonesArts and Letters, 1965
The Theatre of Revolt: Studies in modern drama from Ibsen to Genet di Robert BrusteinArts and Letters, 1965
To an Early Grave di Wallace MarkfieldFiction, 1965
V. di Thomas PynchonFiction, 1965
The Martyred di Richard E. KimFiction, 1965
The Rector of Justin di Louis AuchinclossFiction, 1965
Seconda pelle: romanzo di John HawkesFiction, 1965
Short Friday and Other Stories di Isaac Bashevis SingerFiction, 1965
Zaschita Luzinia di Vladimir NabokovFiction, 1965
Age of the Democratic Revolution: The Struggle, Volume II di R. R. PalmerHistory and Biography, 1965
Il Fondatore dei Kennedy di Richard J. WhalenHistory and Biography, 1965
Henry Adams: The Major Phase (Belknap Press) di Ernest SamuelsHistory and Biography, 1965
Pedro Martinez a Mexican Peasant and His Family di Oscar LewisHistory and Biography, 1965
Rehearsal for Reconstruction: The Port Royal Experiment (Galaxy Books) di Willie Lee RoseHistory and Biography, 1965
3. : L'età di transizione di René WellekArts and Letters, 1966
4. : Dal Realismo al Simbolismo di René WellekArts and Letters, 1966
Beyond Culture: Essays on Literature and Learning di Lionel TrillingArts and Letters, 1966
The myth and the powerhouse di Philip RahvArts and Letters, 1966
Starting out in the thirties di Alfred KazinArts and Letters, 1966
Trials of the word;: Essays in American literature and the humanistic tradition di R. W. B. LewisArts and Letters, 1966
At Play in the Fields of the Lord di Peter MatthiessenFiction, 1966
Everything That Rises Must Converge: Stories di Flannery O'ConnorFiction, 1966
The liberation of Lord Byron Jones di Jesse Hill FordFiction, 1966
Pericles on 31st Street di Harry Mark PetrakisFiction, 1966
The Bill of rights; its origin and meaning di Irving BrantHistory and Biography, 1966
Charles Francis Adams, Jr., 1835-1915: The Patrician at Bay di Edward Chase KirklandHistory and Biography, 1966
The Lost Revolution: The U.S. in Vietnam, 1946-1966 di Robert ShaplenHistory and Biography, 1966
The Making of the President 1964 di Theodore H. WhiteHistory and Biography, 1966
The Peacemakers: The Great Powers and American Independence di Richard Brandon MorrisHistory and Biography, 1966
Alla corte di mio padre di Isaac Bashevis SingerArts and Letters, 1967
Contro l'interpretazione di Susan SontagArts and Letters, 1967
Daumier, man of his time di Oliver W. LarkinArts and Letters, 1967
James Boswell: The Earlier Years, 1740-1769 di Frederick A. PottleArts and Letters, 1967
Robert Frost - The Early Years, 1874-1915 di Lawrence Roger ThompsonArts and Letters, 1967
All in the Family di Edwin O'ConnorFiction, 1967
A Dream of Kings di Harry Mark PetrakisFiction, 1967
The Embezzler di Louis AuchinclossFiction, 1967
The Last Gentleman: A Novel di Walker PercyFiction, 1967
Office Politics di Wilfrid SheedFiction, 1967
The Icon and the Axe : An Interpretive History of Russian Culture di James H. BillingtonHistory and Biography, 1967
James Russell Lowell di Martin B. DubermanHistory and Biography, 1967
Journey to the Frontier: Two Roads to the Spanish Civil War di Peter StanskyHistory and Biography, 1967
The Problem of Slavery in Western Culture di David Brion DavisHistory and Biography, 1967
Social origins of Dictatorship and Democracy. Lord and Peasant in the making of the modern World di Barrington MooreHistory and Biography, 1967
Looking Up at Leaves di Barbara HowesPoetry, 1967
Necessities of Life di Adrienne RichPoetry, 1967
Rivers and Mountains di John AshberyPoetry, 1967
Tell me, tell me; granite, steel, and other topics di Marianne MoorePoetry, 1967
The Tin Can and Other Poems di William Jay SmithPoetry, 1967
Morte a Credito di Louis-Ferdinand CélineRalph Manheim, Translation, 1967
Poemas escogidos di Rafael AlbertiBen Belitt, Translation, 1967
Le confessioni di Nat Turner di William Styron Fiction, 1968
Danny l'eletto di Chaim PotokFiction, 1968
A Garden of Earthly Delights di Joyce Carol OatesFiction, 1968
Perch‚e siamo nel Vietnam? : romanzo di Norman MailerFiction, 1968
Country Judge di Pedro PradoL. B. Simpson, Translation, 1968
Le donne al parlamento di AristophanesDouglass Parker, Translation, 1968
The Manor di Isaac Bashevis SingerElaine Gottlieb and Joseph Singer, Translation, 1968
Mother and son; a Brazilian tale di Gilberto FreyreBarbara Shelby, Translation, 1968
Sofia Petrovna di Lydia ChukovskayaArlene B. Werth, Translation, 1968
Beardsley di Stanley WeintraubArts and Letters, 1968
Music, the Arts, and Ideas: Patterns and Predictions in Twentieth-Century Culture (Centennial Publications of the Univer di Leonard B. MeyerArts and Letters, 1968
New Poets: American and British Poetry Since World War II di M. L. RosenthalArts and Letters, 1968
A primer of ignorance di R. P. BlackmurArts and Letters, 1968
Stop-Time: A Memoir di Frank ConroyArts and Letters, 1968
The Cold War As History di Louis J. HalleHistory and Biography, 1968
Lost New York di Nathan SilverHistory and Biography, 1968
To move a nation; the politics of foreign policy in the administration of John F. Kennedy di Roger HilsmanHistory and Biography, 1968
Woodrow Wilson: the academic years di Henry W. BragdonHistory and Biography, 1968
La cultura di Weimar. L'outsider come insider di Peter GayArts and Letters, 1969
George Eliot: A Biography di Gordon S. HaightArts and Letters, 1969
Men in Dark Times di Hannah ArendtArts and Letters, 1969
Victorian Minds: A Study of Intellectuals in Crisis and Ideologies in Transition di Gertrude HimmelfarbArts and Letters, 1969
La casa dell'allegria: storie da stampare, incidere su nastro, recitare di John BarthFiction, 1969
Expensive People di Joyce Carol OatesFiction, 1969
A Fan's Notes di Frederick ExleyFiction, 1969
The Pursuit of Happiness di Thomas RogersFiction, 1969
The Crime of Punishment di Karl MenningerThe Sciences, 1969
La doppia elica di James D. Watson The Sciences, 1969
A portrait of Isaac Newton di Frank Edward ManuelThe Sciences, 1969
So Human an Animal di Rene DubosThe Sciences, 1969
Constance di Patricia ClappChildren's Literature, 1969
The Endless Steppe: Growing Up in Siberia di Esther HautzigChildren's Literature, 1969
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