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Opere (50)

Accidental Creatures di Anne HarrisNovel, 1999
Bending the Landscape: Original Gay and Lesbian Writing: Science Fiction di Nicola GriffithOther Work, 1999
China Mountain Zhang di Maureen F. McHughHall of Fame, 1999
Dark Water's Embrace di Stephen LeighNovel, 1999
Shadow Man di Melissa ScottPeople's Choice, 1999
Uranian Worlds: A Guide to Alternative Sexuality in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror (Science Fiction Series) di Eric GarberHall of Fame, 1999
Being John Malkovich [1999 film] di Spike JonzeOther Work, 2000
Dapple: A Hwarhath Historical Romance di Eleanor ArnasonShort Fiction, 2000
The Gumshoe, the Witch, and the Virtual Corpse di Keith HartmanPeople's Choice, 2000
The Rocky Horror picture show di Jim SharmanHall of Fame Media, 2000
Slow River di Nicola GriffithHall of Fame, 2000
Swordspoint di Ellen KushnerHall of Fame, 2000
The Wild Swans di Peg KerrNovel, 2000
Angeli pericolosi di Francesca Lia BlockHall of Fame, 2001
Children of God di Mary Doria RussellHall of Fame, 2001
Jumping Off The Planet di David GerroldNovel, 2001
The Sparrow di Mary Doria RussellHall of Fame, 2001
Terra imperiale di Arthur C. ClarkeHall of Fame, 2001
Bending the landscape : Horror di Nicola GriffithOther Work, 2002
Dhalgren di Samuel R. DelanyHall of Fame, 2002
The Female Man di Joanna RussHall of Fame, 2002
The Song of the Earth di Hugh NissensonNovel, 2002
Was di Geoff RymanHall of Fame, 2002
Fire Logic di Laurie J. MarksNovel, 2003
La mano sinistra delle tenebre di Ursula K. Le Guin2003
Queer Fear 2: Gay Horror Fiction di Michael RoweOther Work, 2003
Three Letters from the Queen of Elfland [short fiction] di Sarah MonetteShort Fiction, 2003
Gotham Central, Vol. 2: Half a Life di Greg RuckaOther Work, 2004
Lark till Dawn, Princess {short story} di Barth AndersonShort Fiction, 2004
The Salt Roads di Nalo HopkinsonNovel, 2004
Earth Logic di Laurie J. MarksNovel, 2005
Cagebird di Karin LowacheeNovel, 2006
The Future is Queer: A Science Fiction Anthology di Richard LabontéOther Work, 2007
In the Quake Zone di David GerroldShort Fiction, 2007
The Language Of Moths di Christopher BarzakShort Fiction, 2007
Vellum di Hal DuncanNovel, 2007
Ever So Much More than Twenty [short fiction] di Joshua LewisShort Fiction, 2008
Wicked Gentlemen di Ginn HaleNovel, 2008
Hell and Earth di Elizabeth BearNovel, 2009
Ink and Steel di Elizabeth BearNovel, 2009
The Behold Of The Eye di Hal DuncanShort Fiction, 2010
The Steel Remains di Richard K. MorganNovel, 2010
Under the Poppy di Kathe KojaNovel, 2011
Honeyed Words di J. A. PittsNovel, 2012
La canzone di Achille di Madeline MillerNovel, 2013
Fairs' Point di Melissa ScottNovel [Published in 2013], 2014/2015
Death By Silver di Melissa ScottNovel [Published in 2014], 2014/2015
Luna: New Moon di Ian McDonaldNovel, 2016
Mother of Souls di Heather Rose Jones2017
Passing Strange di Ellen Klages2018