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The unknown Marx : the contemporary relevance of Marx di Martin Nicolaus1969
La teoria dell'alienazione in Marx di Istvan Meszaros1970
From Alienation to Surplus Value di Paul Walton1972
From Rousseau to Lenin: Studies in Ideology and Society di Lucio Colletti1973
Islam e capitalismo di Maxime Rodinson1974
Leninism under Lenin di Marcel Liebman1975
Socialist Ownership and Political Systems di Wlodzimierz Brus1976
Karl Marx and World Literature di S. S. Prawer1977
The Alternative in Eastern Europe di Rudolf Bahro1978
Karl Marx's Theory of History di G. A. Cohen1979
Capitalism, Conflict and Inflation: Essays in Political Economy di Bob Rowthorn1980
Lenin's Political Thought: Theory and Practice in the Democratic and Socialist Revolutions di Neil Harding1981
The Class Struggle in the Ancient Greek World: From the Archaic Age to the Arab Conquests di G. E. M. de Ste. Croix1982
Eve and the New Jerusalem: Socialism and Feminism in the Nineteenth Century di Barbara Taylor1983
Marx's Lost Aesthetic: Karl Marx and the Visual Arts di Margaret A. Rose1984
The Brenner Debate: Agrarian Class Structure and Economic Development in Pre-industrial Europe di T. H. Aston1985
The Retreat from Class: A New True Socialism di Ellen Meiksins Wood1986
The Roots of Otherness - Russia 1905-7 - V 2 Revolution as A Moment of Truth di Teodor Shanin1987
The Thinking Reed: Intellectuals and the Soviet State from 1917 to the Present di Boris Kagarlitsky1988
The Ideology of the Aesthetic di Terry Eagleton1989
Why Did the Heavens Not Darken di Arno Mayer1990
Citta di quarzo: indagando sul futuro a Los Angeles di Mike Davis1991
A Theory of Human Need di Len Doyal1992
The Education of Desire: Marxists and the Writing of History di Harvey J. Kaye1993
Empire of Civil Society: A Critique of the Realist Theory of International Relations di Justin Rosenberg1994
Il secolo breve : 1914-1991 di Eric Hobsbawm1995
One Hundred Years of Socialism: The West European Left in the Twentieth Century di Donald Sassoon1996
The Making of New World Slavery: From the Baroque to the Modern 1492-1800 di Robin Blackburn1997
Marx: vita pubblica e privata di Francis Wheen1999
The Global Gamble: Washington's Faustian Bid for World Dominance di Peter Gowan2000
Ehud's Dagger: Class Struggle in the English Revolution di James Holstun2001
Race, Class, and Power in the Alabama Coalfields, 1908-21 di Brian Kelly2002
Discovering the Scottish Revolution 1692-1746 di Neil Davidson2003
The Myth of 1648: Class, Geopolitics, and the Making of Modern International Relations di Benno Teschke2003
Beyond Capital: Marx's Political Economy of the Working Class di Michael A. Lebowitz2004
Revolution and Counterrevolution: Class Struggle in a Moscow Metal Factory di Kevin Murphy2005
Framing the Early Middle Ages: Europe and the Mediterranean, 400-800 di Chris Wickham2006
Henryk Grossman and the Recovery of Marxism di Rick Kuhn2007
Nomads, Empires, States: Modes of Foreign Relations and Political Economy, Volume 1 di Kees Van Der Pijl2008
From Economics Imperialism to Freakonomics: The Shifting Boundaries Between Economics and other Social Sciences di Dimitris Milonakis2009
L'enigma del capitale e il prezzo della sua sopravvivenza di David Harvey2010
Theory As History: Essays on Modes of Production and Exploitation di Jairus Banaji2011
Monsters of the Market: Zombies, Vampires, and Global Capitalism di David McNally2012