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Altri nomi: Tik Tok Awards (Inglese)
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The TikTok Book Awards are all about celebrating the books, independent book shops, authors and creators that are loved by the #BookTok community. So it was only right that we gave the power over mostra altro to the people to decide on the winners, and our BookTok community didn't disappoint.

Thousands voted on the TikTok hub for their favourite authors, books and bookshops, from a carefully curated shortlist decided by some of the UK's biggest names in the world of literature, publishing and #BookTok; including acclaimed authors Candice Braithwaite and Elizabeth Day, alongside representatives from publishers Bloomsbury and Bonnier.
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Tutto, Best book I wish I could read again for the first time (1), Best book to end a reading slump (1), Best booktok revival (1), Libro dell'anno (1)
Tutto, 2023 (4)