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John R. W. Stott (1921-2011) has been known worldwide as a preacher, evangelist, and communicator of Scripture. For many years he served as rector of All Souls Church in London, where he carried out an effective urban pastoral ministry. A leader among evangelicals in Britain, the United States, and mostra altro around the world, Stott was a principal framer of the landmark Lausanne Covenant (1974). Stott's many books, including Basic Christianity and The Cross of Christ, have sold millions of copies. In the Bible Speaks Today series, for which he served as New Testament editor, he wrote eight volumes, including The Message of Acts and The Message of Ephesians. mostra meno
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Basic Christianity (1965) 4,063 copie
The Cross of Christ (1986) 3,246 copie
The Message of Acts (1990) 1,488 copie
Understanding the Bible (1972) 1,052 copie
The Incomparable Christ (2001) 590 copie
Why I Am a Christian (2003) 548 copie
Issues Facing Christians Today (1984) — Autore — 518 copie
Men Made New (1966) 414 copie
I Believe in Preaching (1982) 305 copie
Involvement (1985) 192 copie
Authentic Christianity (1995) 188 copie
One People (1656) 160 copie
Balanced Christianity (1975) 148 copie
Your Confirmation (1958) 135 copie
Authentic Jesus (1985) 116 copie
Being a Christian (1950) 97 copie
Focus on Christ (1979) 96 copie
When God's Voice Is Heard (2003) 76 copie
Biblical preaching today (2001) 73 copie
Christ the Liberator (1971) 62 copie
Understanding Christ (1981) 51 copie
Year 2000 (1983) 43 copie
The Bible: Book for Today (1905) 37 copie
Divorce (1972) 20 copie
Abortion (1985) 13 copie
Personal Evangelism (1986) 11 copie
Meaning of Evangelism (1964) 10 copie
Decide for Peace (1986) 9 copie
Free to be Different (1984) 8 copie
Local church evangelism (1990) 8 copie
Cristianismo Equilibrado (2017) 7 copie
Culture & the Bible (1979) 7 copie
Crer E Tambem Pensar (2012) 7 copie
Handling Problems of Peace and War (1988) — Autore — 6 copie
Mensagem De Efesios (2007) 5 copie
The Radical Disciple (2021) 4 copie
The Message of 2 Timothy (2021) 4 copie
The Purpose of the Bible (1974) 3 copie
Lendo Timóteo E Tito (2019) 3 copie
Gálatas 2 copie
2 Timothy (2008) 2 copie
ENTENDA A BIBLIA (2005) 2 copie
Bible Studies Volume 1 (1998) 2 copie
Becoming a Christian (2007) 2 copie
Why I am a Christian (2021) 2 copie
Die große Einladung (2004) 2 copie
Revelations 1 copia
A Reforma 1 copia
Ristiusu alused (1993) 1 copia
Tu porém 1 copia
Tyndale: John 1 copia
Les Epitres de Jean (1985) 1 copia
Efesliler'in Mesaji (2012) 1 copia
Az Efezusi levél (1994) 1 copia
Men Made New 1 copia
Radikální učedník (2021) 1 copia
Iepazīsim Bībeli (1995) 1 copia

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To be honest, this book left me with more questions than answers. It was also very heady listening. I could rarely listen to more than one chapter at a sitting, and was often left wondering which side of the argument the writer was on.
claidheamdanns | 15 altre recensioni | Sep 26, 2023 |
CCCClibrary | 5 altre recensioni | Sep 7, 2023 |

- 長銷35年的經典之作,加碼回饋用心讀者。
- 精彩地圖、簡要圖表、焦點問題,抓住重點更easy。






斯托得 John R. W. Stott,1921年4月27日,斯托得出生於倫敦,從小跟著母親在住家附近的聖公會萬靈堂(All Souls church)參加崇拜。中學時期,斯托得首次清楚地聽見福音並回應神,進而領受召命,要將福音分享出去。二次大戰期間,斯托得在劍橋大學三一學院(Trinity College, Cambridge)攻讀語文和神學,畢業後受邀擔任萬靈堂副牧師,爾後以二十九歲之齡接任萬靈堂教區長,堅守崗位直到退休,退休後仍忠心服事不輟。


除了牧會,斯托得畢生致力於演講和寫作,出版五十多本書,如:《C型觀點──基督徒改變社會的行動力》、《當代基督十架》、《當代基督門徒》、《心意更新的教會》等,並主編「聖經信息系列」(The Bible Speaks Today series),成為當代最具影響力的福音派作家,二〇〇五年獲《時代雜誌》評選為全球百大影響人物,於二〇一一年七月二十七日榮歸天家。
… (altro)
CCCClibrary | 3 altre recensioni | Sep 7, 2023 |
“Why I Am a Christian” by John Stott is a classic Christian book with each chapter expounding on why Stott is a Christian, and the whys that should be behind our own profession of Christian faith as well. The book reads easily and yet inspires with every sentence. Highly recommend!

Some notable quotes from the book:

"Why I am a Christian is due ultimately neither to the influence of my parents and teachers, nor to my personal decision for Christ, but to 'the Hound of Heaven.’ That is, it is due to Jesus Christ Himself, who pursued me relentlessly even when I was running away from Him in order to go my own way."
(Note: this is only the first reason.)

“…we are more than material bodies needing food; we are spiritual beings needing God, needing transcendence.”

“…when worship is real, our hearts and minds are transported beyond time and space to join the whole church on earth and in heaven in the worship of God. Then we know what Jacob meant when he said, ‘Surely the LORD is in this place,’ and sometimes unbelievers coming in will fall down and worship with us, saying, ‘God is really among you!’”
… (altro)
aebooksandwords | 2 altre recensioni | Jul 29, 2023 |


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