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Dorothy Parker (1) [1893–1967]

Questa pagina copre l'autore di The Portable Dorothy Parker [1973 Deluxe Edition].

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8,384 (17,720)1942,373 (3.99)1370
The Portable Dorothy Parker [1973 Deluxe Edition] (Autore) 1,747 copie, 13 recensioni
Complete Stories 904 copie, 13 recensioni
The Portable Dorothy Parker (Autore) 476 copie, 3 recensioni
The Best of Dorothy Parker 331 copie, 4 recensioni
Complete Poems 281 copie, 5 recensioni
The Collected Dorothy Parker 243 copie, 1 recensione
Big Blonde and Other Stories 174 copie, 1 recensione
Enough Rope 172 copie, 5 recensioni
Laments for the Living 136 copie, 3 recensioni
Dorothy Parker Stories 113 copie, 3 recensioni
After Such Pleasures 111 copie, 4 recensioni
Sunset Gun 107 copie, 4 recensioni
Death and taxes 86 copie, 3 recensioni
Saboteur [1942 film] (Screenwriter) 74 copie, 4 recensioni
Constant Reader 62 copie, 2 recensioni
The Ladies of the Corridor 50 copie, 1 recensione
Candide: A Comic Operetta (Lyricist) 50 copie, 1 recensione
The Custard Heart 46 copie, 1 recensione
A Star is Born [1937 film] (Screenwriter) 45 copie, 1 recensione
Piccole Volpi (Screenwriter) 42 copie, 2 recensioni
The Uncollected Dorothy Parker 40 copie, 1 recensione
Here We Are 26 copie
Cor de crema 7 copie
Here We Are {play} 2 copie, 1 recensione
The Last Tea 2 copie
At Her Best 2 copie
The Fan [1949 film] (Writer) 1 copia
Trade Winds [1938 film] (Screenwriter) 1 copia
Suzy [1936 film] (Screenwriter) 1 copia
Story {poem} 1 copia
Horsie 1 copia
Cousin Larry 1 copia
Lolita 1 copia
Contos de Dorothy Parker 1 copia, 1 recensione
The Waltz 1 copia
Mr. Durant 1 copia
Sentiment 1 copia
Too Bad 1 copia
The Best American Short Stories of the Century (Collaboratore) 1,407 copie, 9 recensioni
Children Playing Before a Statue of Hercules (Collaboratore) 1,135 copie, 14 recensioni
50 Great Short Stories (Collaboratore) 1,016 copie, 8 recensioni
Most of the Most of S. J. Perelman (Prefazione, alcune edizioni) 476 copie, 5 recensioni
Secret Ingredients: The New Yorker Book of Food and Drink (Collaboratore) 475 copie, 9 recensioni
Fifty Great American Short Stories (Collaboratore) 367 copie, 3 recensioni
Points of View: Revised Edition (Collaboratore) 364 copie, 6 recensioni
Drinking, Smoking and Screwing: Great Writers on Good Times (Collaboratore) 316 copie, 3 recensioni
A Subtreasury of American Humor (Collaboratore) 242 copie, 2 recensioni
24 Favorite One Act Plays (Collaboratore) 237 copie, 1 recensione
Short Stories from The New Yorker, 1925 to 1940 (Collaboratore) 180 copie, 1 recensione
Twenty Grand Short Stories (Collaboratore) 138 copie, 1 recensione
Ritratto del poeta attraverso le lettere (Collaboratore) 130 copie, 1 recensione
The Norton Book of Personal Essays (Collaboratore) 128 copie, 1 recensione
An Anthology of Famous American Stories (Collaboratore) 120 copie
Read With Me: A Personal Anthology of Memorable Reading (Collaboratore) 118 copie, 2 recensioni
American Wits: An Anthology of Light Verse (Collaboratore) 117 copie, 3 recensioni
The Penguin Book of Women's Humour (Collaboratore) 104 copie
The Virago Book of Wicked Verse (Collaboratore) 75 copie, 1 recensione
Stories from The New Yorker, 1950 to 1960 (Collaboratore) 67 copie, 2 recensioni
The Folio Book of Comic Short Stories (Collaboratore) 65 copie, 1 recensione
The Virago Book of Wanderlust and Dreams (Collaboratore) 34 copie, 1 recensione
An American Omnibus (Collaboratore) 29 copie
Mothers and Daughters: An Anthology (Collaboratore) 29 copie, 1 recensione
Nonsenseorship (Collaboratore) 12 copie
The Voice of the Poet: American Wits (Collaboratore) 8 copie
Teen-Age Treasury for Girls (Collaboratore) 5 copie, 1 recensione
The Best American Short Stories 1958 (Collaboratore) 4 copie
Strange Barriers (Collaboratore) 2 copie
Bedside Bedlam (Quick Reader 137) (Collaboratore) 2 copie
The Best of American Poetry [Audio] (Collaboratore) 1 copia
Save Your Love for Me (Compositore) 1 copia
Schöne Ferien (Collaboratore) 1 copia

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Dorothy Parker, née Rothschild, was born in the West End section of Long Branch, New Jersey, to J. Henry and Elizabeth Rothschild. Her mother died when she was four years old and she had an unhappy childhood. She attended a Catholic grammar school and a finishing school in Morristown, NJ, and her formal education ended when she was 14.

In 1914, she sold her first poem to Vanity Fair. At age 22, she took an editorial job at Vogue, and continued to write poems for newspapers and magazines. In 1917, she joined Vanity Fair, taking over from P.G. Wodehouse as drama critic. At the time, she was the first female critic on Broadway. That same year, she married Edwin P. Parker, a stockbroker, but the marriage was tempestuous, and the couple divorced in 1928.

She became known for her witty writing and conversational repartee, and her wisecrack remarks are still widely repeated. In 1919, she became a founding member of the Algonquin Round Table, the informal gathering of writers who lunched at the Algonquin Hotel in New York City. The group included Alexander Woollcott, Robert Benchley, Harpo Marx, George S. Kaufman, Harold Ross, and Edna Ferber. In 1922, Parker published her first short story, "Such a Pretty Little Picture," for Smart Set.

Over the years, she contributed poetry, fiction and book reviews as the "Constant Reader" columnist. Her first collection of poems, Enough Rope, was published in 1926, and was a bestseller. Her two subsequent collections were Sunset Gun (1928) and Death and Taxes (1931). Her collected fiction was issued in 1930 as Laments for the Living.

During the 1920s, she traveled to Europe several times and befriended Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Gerald and Sara Murphy. She contributed articles and short fiction to The New Yorker and Life. While her work was successful, she suffered from depression and alcoholism, and attempted suicide.

In 1929, she won the O. Henry Award for her short story "Big Blonde." In 1934, Parker married actor-writer Alan Campbell and the couple relocated to Los Angeles, where they became a highly-paid script writing team. They worked for MGM and Paramount and received an Academy Award nomination for A Star Is Born in 1937. They divorced in 1947, and remarried in 1950, but their relationship deteriorated.
She was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1959 and was a visiting professor at California State College in Los Angeles in 1963. That year, she found Alan Parker dead of an apparent suicide. She returned to Manhattan and lived in the Volney Hotel on the Upper East Side for the last 15 years of her life. An ardent supporter of civil rights, she bequeathed her literary estate to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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