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The Unusual Story of the Silent Duchess (2018) 7 copie, 1 recensione
A Duke Under Her Spell (2019) 4 copie
The Betrayed Lady Winters 3 copie, 2 recensioni
The Rise of a Forsaken Lady (2019) 3 copie, 1 recensione
Almost a Duchess, Never a Lady (2021) 2 copie, 1 recensione
Her Grace, the Governess (2021) 1 copia


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Set aside a long day for this complicated Regency romance involving slimy Nathan Hopkins, Viscount of Rowton, and his designs upon the Jennings sisters.
Quakerwidow | Apr 17, 2024 |
Well this was just delightful! I always love a downtrodden heroine and appreciated Eleanor’s struggle with her “demons” of negative self-talk. I also enjoyed the mystery even if I did figure it out rather early on. I do wish the book had included Hugh reacting to learning of Eleanor’s dyslexia but it seemed like the intrigue overshadowed the angst (and more importantly, the requisite healing) towards the end. (3.5 stars)
Rhiannon.Mistwalker | Aug 19, 2022 |
Misunderstandings lead to Lady Ivy Winters disliking Duke Royce Merrick, the man her father hopes she will marry. When her father collapses, the police arrest the son Ewan on suspicion of poisoning his father. While Ivy belives the guilty party is Merrick.
Didn't like the character of Ivy, and was surprised the police arrested anyone without first having proof of poison. Also the writing style was not to my taste.
Vesper1931 | 1 altra recensione | Jul 29, 2021 |
Lady Penelope has no desire to be on the marriage mart or to be courted by her brother's best friend. Stephen Russell, Baron of Hillbrook. Her brother Edward, Earl of Allerton persuades her to arrange a ball but when a death occurs newly employed footman, Heath Moore, is assigned as her bodyguard.
A romance with little mystery with characters I didn't take to. The story just didn't catch my imagination.
Vesper1931 | Jul 29, 2021 |



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