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Robert Maynard Hutchins (1899–1977)

Autore di Britannica Great Books of the Western World (54 Volumes)

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Robert Hutchins wrote widely about education and is best known for his support of liberal education, which he believed "prepares the young for anything that may happen; it has value under any circumstances. . . . It gets them ready for a lifetime of learning. It connects man with man. It introduces mostra altro all men to the dialogue about the common good of their own country and of the world community. It frees their mind of prejudice. It lays the basis of practical wisdom." He believed that the increasing complexities of civilization did not justify any modification in this approach. "The more technological the society," he says in The Learning Society (1968), "the less ad hoc education can be. The reason is that the more technological the society is, the more rapidly it will change and the less valuable ad hoc education will become. It now seems safe to say that the best practical education is the best theoretical one." After serving as dean of Yale Law School in 1929, Hutchins became (at age 29) president and in 1949 chancellor of the University of Chicago, remaining there until 1951. During this period, he and Mortimer Adler introduced the Great Books program into the Chicago curriculum. They believed that the best education is achieved through reading and understanding the great minds of the past. Later he became associate director of the Ford Foundation and president of the Fund for the Republic. In the latter post, Hutchins faced the oppressive climate for free expression brought about by McCarthyism, but he saw to it that the fund's projects included studies of the federal loyalty-security program, of political blacklisting in the entertainment industries, and of the nature of communism in the United States. He retired as the chief executive officer of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in Santa Barbara, California, a "community of scholars" under the aegis of the Ford Foundation. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra meno
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Opere di Robert Maynard Hutchins

Britannica Great Books: Aristotle I (1952) — A cura di — 319 copie
Gateway to the Great Books (1962) 201 copie
The Great Ideas Today (1961) 59 copie
Britannica Great Books: Aristotle I and II (1952) — A cura di — 35 copie
The Great Ideas Today 1963 (1963) — A cura di — 31 copie
The Learning Society (1968) 30 copie
Education for Freedom (1943) 24 copie
The university of Utopia (1964) 17 copie
No friendly voice (1936) 15 copie
Plato (vol. 7) (2015) 4 copie
Hegel (vol. 46) (1988) 4 copie
Zuckerkandl! 4 copie
Marx (vol. 50) (1988) 3 copie
The power of reason (1963) 3 copie
Milton (vol. 32) (1988) 2 copie
Rabelais (vol. 24) (1988) 2 copie
Montaigne (vol. 25) (1988) 2 copie
William James 1 copia

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Guerra e pace (1868) — A cura di, alcune edizioni27,985 copie
Ricerche sulla natura e le cagioni della ricchezza delle nazioni (1776) — A cura di, alcune edizioni5,961 copie
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Gargantua e Pantagruele (1532) — A cura di, alcune edizioni4,954 copie
Enneadi (1952) — A cura di, alcune edizioni689 copie
Britannica Great Books: Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler (1952) — A cura di, alcune edizioni397 copie
Britannica Great Books: Hippocrates and Galen (1952) — A cura di, alcune edizioni364 copie
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Britannica Great Books: Swift and Sterne (1726) — A cura di, alcune edizioni258 copie
Britannica Great Books: Shakespeare II (1609) — A cura di, alcune edizioni258 copie


Avventura (256) Cervantes (363) classici (2,595) Classico (1,945) consultazione (245) Copertina rigida (316) da leggere (3,041) Don Chisciotte della Mancia (314) EBook (306) Economia (872) Filosofia (1,010) Great Books (756) Guerra (371) Guerre napoleoniche (293) kindle (360) Letteratura (2,306) letteratura classica (325) Letteratura russa (1,119) Letteratura spagnola (1,000) letto (392) Napoleone Bonaparte (236) Narrativa (5,716) non letto (481) Poesia (310) posseduto (273) Romanzo (1,289) romanzo storico (601) Russia (1,020) Russian (717) Saggistica (607) Satira (227) Scienza (286) Spagna (770) Spagnolo (790) Storia (553) Tolstoy (215) Traduzione (370) Umorismo (225) XIX secolo (574) XVII secolo (483)

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12/22/20 I own the complete set (vol 1-54) and keep them at home on the top west shelf of my office; this includes The Great Conversation (which is volume 1) and The Great Ideas (volumes 2-3, the Synopticon); I also have at home Gateway to the Great Books volumes 2-5 (missing 1 and 6-10, see following paragraph). I have only the years 1979, 1981, and 1982 of The Great Ideas Today published each year 1961-1998. [I also have volumes 1-3 of Great Books of the Western World in the BCSA office, although I have them at home at the moment to read on my next sabbatical (Lord willing) as they seem a little nicer set (for reading).]

(Wikipedia) Gateway to the Great Books is a 10-volume series of books originally published by Encyclopædia Britannica Inc. in 1963 and edited by Mortimer Adler and Robert Maynard Hutchins. The set was designed as an introduction to the Great Books of the Western World, published by the same organization and editors in 1952. The set included selections – short stories, plays, essays, letters, and extracts from longer works – by more than one hundred authors. The selections were generally shorter and in some ways simpler than the full-length books included in the Great Books.
… (altro)
keithhamblen | 3 altre recensioni | Dec 22, 2020 |
An anthology, and really a series of journalistic reports. Not greatly insightful. Biological Sciences and Medicine, The Year's Developments In. Leonard Engel & Kenneth Brodney 180-
Literature, The Year's Developments In. Saul Bellow 134-179.
Philosophy, Religion, and Theology, The Year's Developments In. John Herman Randall, Jr. 226-277.
Social Sciences, Law, and History, The Year's Developments In. Reuel Denney 358-392.
An Essay On Time: The Tempo of History (An Analysis). Milton Mayer.83-131.
Death In Venice. Thomas Mann.395-441.
Essay On Population. Robert Malthus.463-554.
Existentialism. Jean-Paul Sartre.443-462.
Has Man's Conquest of Space Increased Or Diminished His Stature? A Symposium (Herbert J. Muller,
Aldous Huxley, Hannah Arendt, Paul Tillich, Harrison Brown).1-82.
Physical Sciences, Technology, and Astronomy, The Year's Developments In.Edward U. Condon 278-357.
Space In Great Books of the Western World. Editors.74-82.
… (altro)
DinadansFriend | Nov 9, 2020 |
This book gives an outline of the 60 Great Books plus the 2-volume Syntopicon..
Mapguy314 | 9 altre recensioni | May 23, 2019 |


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