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Theodore Dreiser was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, the twelfth of 13 children. His childhood was spent in poverty, or near poverty, and his family moved often. In spite of the constant relocations, Dreiser managed to attend school, and, with the financial aid of a sympathetic high school teacher, mostra altro he was able to attend Indiana University. However, the need for income forced him to leave college after one year and take a job as a reporter in Chicago. Over the next 10 years, Dreiser held a variety of newspaper jobs in Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and finally New York. He published his first novel, Sister Carrie in 1900, but because the publisher's wife considered its language and subject matter too "strong", it was barely advertised and went almost unnoticed. Today it is regarded as one of Dreiser's best works. It is the story of Carrie, a young woman from the Midwest, who manages to rise to fame and fortune on the strength of her personality and ambition, through her acting talent, and via her relationships with various men. Much of the book's controversy came from the fact that it portrayed a young woman who engages in sexual relationships without suffering the poverty and social downfall that were supposed to be the "punishment" for such "sin." Dreiser's reputation has increased instrumentally over the years. His best book and first popular success, An American Tragedy (1925), is now considered a major American novel, and his other works are widely taught in college courses. Like Sister Carrie, An American Tragedy also tells the story of an ambitious young person from the Midwest. In this case, however, the novel's hero is a man who is brought to ruin because of a horrible action he commits - he murders a poor young woman whom he has gotten pregnant, but whom he wants to discard in favor of a wealthy young woman who represents luxury and social advancement. As Dreiser portrays him, the young man is a victim of an economic system that torments so many with their lack of privilege and power and temps them to unspeakable acts. Dreiser is also known for the Coperwood Trilogy - The Financier (1912), The Titan (1914), and the posthumously published The Store (1947). Collectively the three books paint the portrait of a brilliant and ruthless "financial buccaneer." Dreiser is associated with Naturalism, a writing style that also includes French novelist Emile Zola. Naturalism seeks to portray all the social forces that shape the lives of the characters, usually conveying a sense of the inevitable doom that these forces must eventually bring about. Despite this apparent pessimism, Dreiser had faith in socialism as a solution to what he saw as the economic injustices of American capitalism. His socialist views were reinforced by a trip to the newly socialist Soviet Union, and in fact, Dreiser is still widely read in that country. There, as here, he is seen as a powerful chronicler of the injustices and ambitions of his time. Dreiser officially joined the Communist Party shortly before his death in 1945. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra meno
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Theodore Dreiser in George Macy devotees (Luglio 3)
1914: Dreiser - The Titan in Literary Centennials (Novembre 2015)


Well, I liked it. Sad, and Carrie was a bit cold, but it was a fun read. The movie with Laurence Olivier was really sad!!
nogomu | 18 altre recensioni | Oct 19, 2023 |
I read this because the review said it was about a young girl who leaves home to go to Chicago to earn keep. This reminded by my aunt Sarah Alspaugh's story. I also referred it to cousin Heather Popovich. I read the whole book, but it did not give me much insight into my aunt's life. Carrie moved into a life of affluence. My aunt did not (she was a telephone operator, I believe).
jjbinkc | 18 altre recensioni | Aug 27, 2023 |
This is the second place most depressing book I have ever read. It loses out to the first place book because that one could easily drive someone to suicide. This one just gives you a really terrible round of guilt trips.

It is the story of Carrie, who is a younger sister - not a nun - and goes into the city of Chicago for the first time. Following is her journey to, well... what she thinks she wants, due to social constructions and peer pressure and ridiculous societal expectations.

Firstly: the prose was well-written. The dialogue between characters, descriptions, and philosophical musings were interesting. I often felt like I was reading situations from different philosophical perspectives (e.g., this is why this side disapproves, and this is why this side approves), which was a nice, mostly unbiased way to look at things.

The characters were specific, but vague. That's the best I can come up with. I didn't like any of them, but I blame that partially on the fact that they are human, and partially on the fact that I was so bored the whole book that I lose any interest in them I might have had.

Because that's what this book is. Boring. I just finished "The Country of the Pointed Firs" - I know boring by now. Amazingly enough, a book where a relatively great deal happens, like "Sister Carrie" can be as equally boring as "The Country of the Pointed Firs".

This is how the book reads: "So all this happened, and it was kind of bad, kind of okay. And then it all happened again."

"But wait, we're not done yet."

The book could have ended so many times that I was shocked when I saw my Kindle indicating that I wasn't yet halfway through the thing. The novel is almost a response to readers clamoring for more after "THE END" comes up at the end of a story: "Look, here's what happened to them! See? You happy? No? Good!" You weren't bored enough yet? Well, prepare to discover just HOW bored a human being can get!

It's a good study of life in New York and Chicago in the late 19th century, but if you're just looking for an interesting read and don't really hate yourself, go somewhere else.
… (altro)
AnonR | 58 altre recensioni | Aug 5, 2023 |
Sister Carrie presents a collection of complex imperfect characters coping with moral dilemmas within the enticements and brutality of urban life, each suffering or gleaning the results of their decisions.
snash | 58 altre recensioni | Jul 10, 2023 |


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