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While this one is a clean, Christian marraige of conviencnce novel, I did not see the main couple as a couple at all. They hardly ever interacted due to their differing jobs on the ranch.

Tropes: marriage of convienence, single parent

Content: kissing (nothing more)

3 Stars
libraryofemma | Apr 18, 2024 |
Daniel was scarred and lost an eye when confronting a rustler as part of his job with the Brotherhood. His fiancée broke their engagement, and Daniel decided he'd never marry. As he is riding into Bethany Springs, a spooked horse with a young woman on her back is racing towards Daniel. That is his introduction to Molly. As he helps her and as her horse ruins his shirt, he feels something towards Molly, and she feels it back. But how is Daniel to find her when neither has asked the other's name? Find her he does as he goes to the miners' homes to let them know they owe no rent until the mine reopens following an accident at the mine. He also learns she is alone with a young girl in the house while the menfolk are away. Since there are thieves in the area, Daniel stays to protect them. Will their feelings come out for each other? What happens when the menfolk come home?

I loved this sweet story. Though Molly worked hard, I envied her as Daniel tried as much as he could to help her and protect her. He sometimes made mistakes, but he did it from love. I liked Elsie, the young girl. She could not shut her mouth for anything. Didn't matter the looks she got, she just kept going. I liked Amelia, Daniel's mother. She raised three boys on her own after her husband's death and kept them mostly under control. I also loved the compassion of Molly and Daniel towards Elsie and the thieves.

This was a marvelous story. I look forward to the rest of the series to see how Daniel's brothers fare.
… (altro)
Sheila1957 | Dec 17, 2022 |