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(eng) Kristin Cashore has been writing in-house type educational publications for several years; those nonfiction early readers in topics such as history, politics and biology are written by the SAME Kristin Cashore who authored (novels) Graceling and Fire. Please do not split the author!


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Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Simmons College (M.A.|Children's Literature)
Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA
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dog runner
packer in candy factory
editorial assistant
legal assistant
freelance writer
Faye Bender
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Kristin Cashore grew up in a rural area of the northeast Pennsylvania, as the second of four daughters. During her childhood she read constantly. She received a bachelor's degree from Williams College and a master's from the Center for the Study of Children's Literature at Simmons College, where she worked with Liza Ketchum and was named a Virginia Haviland Scholar. She has worked as a dog runner, a packer in a candy factory, an editorial assistant, and a legal assistant. She is a freelance educational writer who writes content for textbooks and teacher editions, as well as book reviews for The Horn Book Guide and other publications. Since 2008 she also wrote fantasy novels for Young Adults.

She has lived in Pennsylvania, Florida, Sydney, Boston, Cambridge, Austin, Italy and even London before settling, for the moment, in Massachusetts.
Nota di disambiguazione
Kristin Cashore has been writing in-house type educational publications for several years; those nonfiction early readers in topics such as history, politics and biology are written by the SAME Kristin Cashore who authored (novels) Graceling and Fire. Please do not split the author!




Wilhelmina begins to see and hear things that lead her to former classmate James Fang; the two of them tentatively begin to work together to find out why clues keep pushing them toward each other. Set in the Boston area and in Pennsylvania over the course of a week in fall 2020, while the COVID-19 pandemic rages and the presidential election approaches, the story is expanded through Wilhelmina's memories of best friendship with Julie and Bee, and summers with her three aunts (one of whom, Frankie, has died of cancer, and Wilhelmina is still grieving her). A pandemic novel with a tinge of magic and plenty of symbols, including tarot cards, elephants, crows, and angels.


"You're not a person who tries to control the creatures around you." (Frankie to Wilhelmina, 88)

"[In tarot] Temperance is the most beautiful - and practical - quality imaginable. It's a kind of balance. It's when you take all your dreams and imaginings, all the things you most want and all the magic you believe in. And then, next to that, you take all the harsh realities of the way things actually are in the world. And you find the way to balance both sides inside you." (Frankie to Wilhelmina, 88)

"Sometimes there are opportunities behind doors." (Esther, 147)

She was tired of memories she couldn't reach, like they were trapped behind a door that had closed without her noticing, a long time ago. (198)

"I talk when I'm upset!" he said. "Maybe you get quiet." (James, 238)

Wilhelmina was unsurprised, but it wasn't as if everything made sense now. Every time a piece of the puzzle clicked into place, it was like the table the puzzle sat on turned into a bird and flapped away. (246)

"Seeing the truth of a situation makes you powerful. Unlike everyone else, you can make realistic plans." (Esther to Wilhelmina, 261)

I was scared of losing you. I don't know why my actions were the opposite of my feelings. (Wilhelmina to Julie, 274)

Wilhelmina was trying to reflect people's moods back at them....She was trying to be what people needed, but she knew it wasn't working... (325)

"It's a skill to love people well....No one's born knowing. We learn, over and over." (Frankie, 335)
… (altro)
JennyArch | 2 altre recensioni | Jul 10, 2024 |
Great, amazing, fantastic, beautiful, and awesome, right until the very end, where she pulled the punch in a rather insensitive manner.
LaPhenix | 580 altre recensioni | Jul 8, 2024 |
I wanted to dislike this, but it's good. The body language really shined in the emotional moments.
DestDest | 3 altre recensioni | Jun 19, 2024 |
Too slow

First of all, I really liked Wilhelmina and her aunts. I enjoyed Wilhelmina's struggles with fitting into a world that not only shames fat people in most media, but also was locked down in a pandemic without a vaccine for protection, leaving her feeling alone, isolated, and left out from her friends. And on top of all of that, the 2020 election was looming and created fear and more uncertainty for many.

This novel felt very politically opinionated and triggered so many scary memories for me. I think because the pandemic already had turned the world upside down, that having a controversial president at the same time also made people focus heavily on the election that year. This was a topic brought up many times throughout the book and I personally remember living through all of it.

I was excited about the potential love interest and magical realism, but these seemed to fizzle and not ever come into focus. Often I felt Wilhelmina and her friends didn't feel like teenagers and felt more like rigid adults in the way they talked/texted.

The pacing of this novel was too quiet, too slow and because nothing really seemed to happen other than "normal" everyday living during a pandemic, my enthusiasm for reading quickly evaporated. Readers who enjoy quieter more contemplative stories might enjoy this one and its focus on mental health and how the world impacts one's emotional state.
… (altro)
DanielleHammelef | 2 altre recensioni | Jun 10, 2024 |


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