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Undiscoverd Gyrl (2009) 105 copie, 15 recensioni
Christopher: A Tale of Seduction (2003) 78 copie, 2 recensioni
Autumn in New York [2000 film] (2000) — Writer — 42 copie, 2 recensioni
Fame [2009 film] (2010) — Writer — 38 copie
The House Beautiful (2006) 36 copie
Another Girl (2015) 6 copie
Ask Me Anything [2014 Film] (2014) — Regista — 4 copie
Death By Sunshine (2011) 3 copie
Lydia's Kiss 1 copia
Perfect Romance [2004 TV movie] — Writer — 1 copia

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My Date With Drew [2004 film] (2004) — Actor, alcune edizioni13 copie


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Burnett, Allison James
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Ithaca, New York
Northwestern University
The Juilliard School, New York



Will Keane es el propietario de uno de los restaurantes más famosos y prestigiosos de Nueva York. Su carisma y seguridad le convierten en un imán para las mujeres, con las que se relaciona sin comprometerse. Cuando conoce a la joven Charlotte Fielding, su pasión por la vida le hechiza de inmediato. Charlotte es una chica independiente y vital que pulveriza los prejuicios de Will sobre el amor y la vida. Sabedora de que debe vivir la vida al máximo, Charlotte le muestra a Will una impresionante capacidad de amar y le proporciona una visión que va más allá de su edad.… (altro)
bibliest | 1 altra recensione | May 28, 2018 |
There was so much that I liked about this book. The main thing that I did appreciate, was that the story is told in a sort of blog/diary format. Because of this, we are able to truly read and hear the raw emotions from the main character because this writing outlet for her is her biggest confidant. While I did really like this book, I have to say I have never been so floored by a book before reading this. There was so much left up for interpretation that it left me feeling very hollow and even kind of depressed once I finished reading it. This book has many different outcomes and takes many alternative directions than other books that are similar in this type of genre. I think it is well worth the read.… (altro)
alannahv | 14 altre recensioni | Apr 5, 2014 |
Burnett's debut novel introduces us to us a most interesting protagonist - B. K. Troop - a heavy set, less than aesthetic, aging homosexual man who becomes obsessed with the title character. Christopher is young, handsome, naive and painfully straight. Despite the seemingly hopeless situation, B.K. believes that he can still turn the boy into a conquest by taking advantage of his delicate situation. Christopher is a freshly divorced English teacher who has run away from the pain of losing his ex and suffering his overbearing mother has put him through, in order to write his long suppressed novel. Burnett takes us on a bumpy ride as the relationship develops and changes throughout the year 1984. This character-driven story pulls the reader in, as we start out disgusted and then fascinated by the workings of B.K's mind and his less than savory tactics to reach his goal. Burnett uses the flamboyance of his narrator's personality to embellish his prose with quips and high-brow remarks, making it not only an intelligent read, but one that sparkles with wit and humor.… (altro)
Davida.Chazan | 1 altra recensione | Sep 7, 2013 |


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