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Maeve Binchy was born in Dublin, Ireland on May 28, 1940. She received a B.A. from University College in Dublin in 1960. After teaching at a school for girls, she became a journalist, columnist and editor at the Irish Times. By 1979, she was writing plays, a successful television script, and mostra altro several short story collections. Her first novel, Light a Penny Candle, was published in 1982. During her lifetime, she wrote more than 20 books including Silver Wedding, Scarlet Feather, Heart and Soul, Minding Frankie, and A Week in Winter. The Lilac Bus and Echoes were made into TV movies, while Circle of Friends, Tara Road and How About You were made into feature films. Her title Chestnut Street is a New York Times Best Seller. She died after a brief illness on July 30, 2012 at the age of 72. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra meno
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Tara Road (1998) 4,370 copie
Amiche (1990) 3,810 copie
Scarlet Feather (2000) 2,984 copie
Quentins (2002) 2,914 copie
Evening Class (1996) 2,729 copie
The Glass Lake (1994) 2,531 copie
Nights of Rain and Stars (2004) 2,472 copie
Whitethorn Woods (2006) 2,206 copie
The Copper Beech (1992) 2,056 copie
Light a Penny Candle (1982) 1,964 copie
Heart and Soul (2008) 1,782 copie
A Week in Winter (2012) 1,769 copie
Echoes (1985) 1,693 copie
Firefly Summer (1987) — Autore — 1,597 copie
Minding Frankie (2011) 1,532 copie
The Lilac Bus (1984) 1,251 copie
This Year It Will Be Different (1996) 1,216 copie
Silver Wedding (1988) 1,193 copie
The Return Journey (1998) — Autore — 1,084 copie
In viaggio verso casa (1980) 775 copie
Chestnut Street (2014) 747 copie
Irish Girls About Town: An Anthology of Short Stories (2002) — Collaboratore — 587 copie
Dublin 4 (1982) 371 copie
A Few of the Girls: Stories (1672) 354 copie
Aches & Pains (1999) 132 copie
Full House (2012) 125 copie
Star Sullivan (2006) 119 copie
The Builders (Open Door) (2009) 86 copie
Victoria Line (1980) 57 copie
Cross Lines (1996) 26 copie
Ride on Rapunzel: Fairytales for Feminists (1991) — Collaboratore — 24 copie
Deeply Regretted By (1979) 22 copie
Maeve Binchy's Treasury (2011) 21 copie
Dear Maeve (1995) 21 copie
Central Line (1978) 20 copie
The Cruise (1995) 15 copie
Sister Caravaggio (2014) 13 copie
PLPR4:Evening Class RLA (2008) 12 copie
My first book (1970) 10 copie
Stories from Ireland (2002) 7 copie
The September Letters (2016) 6 copie
Half-Promised Land (2017) 6 copie
End of Term (2017) 5 copie
A Time to Dance (2006) 4 copie
Maeve Binchy's Treasury (2020) 3 copie
2920129546 2 copie
Desde el corazón (2012) 1 copia
Breathing Lessons / The Alphabet Sisters / Firefly Summer (2012) — Collaboratore — 1 copia
Línea azul, línea roja (2000) 1 copia
Nora O'Donoghues drm̲ (2008) 1 copia
Evening class 1 copia
Fialový autobus (2000) 1 copia
How About You 1 copia
Collected Stories (1980) 1 copia
A través de la ventana (2016) 1 copia
El Lago De Cristal (1998) 1 copia
Gens d'Irlande (1994) 1 copia
Night School 1 copia

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Uccelli di rovo - I giovedì della signora Giulia (1977) — Introduzione, alcune edizioni7,587 copie
Ladies' Night at Finbar's Hotel (1999) — Collaboratore — 218 copie
Never No More (1942) — Introduzione, alcune edizioni97 copie
In Sunshine or in Shadow: Stories by Irish Women (1998) — Collaboratore — 52 copie
No More Than Human (1944) — Introduzione, alcune edizioni48 copie
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The Penguin Book of Irish Comic Writing (1996) — Autore, alcune edizioni26 copie
The Art of the Glimpse: 100 Irish Short Stories (2020) — Collaboratore — 18 copie
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Informazioni generali

Nome legale
Binchy Snell, Maeve
Data di nascita
Data di morte
Luogo di nascita
Dalkey, Ireland
Luogo di morte
Dublin, Ierland
Causa della morte
heart attack
Luogo di residenza
Dalkey, Ierland
Holy Child Convent, Killiney, Ireland
University College Dublin
Attività lavorative
Snell, Gordon (Echtgenoot)
Binchy, Dan (Neef)
Irish Times
Premi e riconoscimenti
British Book Award (Lifetime Achievement Award ∙ 1999)
Irish Book Award Lifetime Achievement (2010)
Breve biografia
Maeve Binchy was born on 28 May 1940 in Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland, the eldest child of four. She studied at University College Dublin, then taught, and later became a journalist. She was married to Gordon Snell, also a writer.



Novel: Wales bed-and-breakfast in Name that Book (Settembre 2016)


I might have liked these stories better if I had read them rather than listen to a dramatized version, but they seemed pretty feeble compared to most of her work.
Abcdarian | May 18, 2024 |
3.5 stars. This book was more typical of Binchy's short story style, where people's problems get solved & lives get straightened out. Though a novel, it's really several individual stories tied together, and it also makes reference to people & places from her previous novels. An easy and peaceful read.
Abcdarian | 109 altre recensioni | May 18, 2024 |
This story is around the small town of Rossmore (in Ireland) and the religious icon of St. Ann's Well in Whitethorn Woods. This is where the people of the town have prayed for generations as it is thought to have magical, spiritual powers. A highway is planned to be built nearby which would bypass the town, but create a greater volume of traffic passing the township. If the highway goes ahead, it will mean that it will go right through Whitethorn Woods, which in turn will mean that the magical well will need to go. This divides the community as some are opposed to the idea, as they believe in the powers of St Ann while others are for it the highway as they feel that there are no magical, spiritual powers forthcoming from praying at the foot of St Ann. The reader is introduced to the citizens of Rossmore (and their point of view regarding St Ann) by short vignettes about them which quickly describe their character and their stand on the issue of the well. The author, Maeve Binchy, introduces two very different people who are in the same situation, but who view it very differently. Binchy writes about a woman who in her desperation to have a child goes to extreme lengths and decides to kidnap a baby, and then shows the family from whom the infant was stolen ( I found this vignette sad all round). Some of the townspeople’s characters make you laugh, while others annoy you. Overall, a good read and I would read more books by Maeve Binchy.… (altro)
rata | 63 altre recensioni | Apr 6, 2024 |
As with all the other Maeve Binchy books I've read, I loved this one too! 12 for each month of the year in which the book takes place. Great story between Tom and Cathy, two catering school buddies who decide to open up their own catering business. There are side stories about the other characters in the book and they all intertwine. Maeve Binchy is a wonderful storyteller and this book did not disappoint. There was a time when I didn't think I would finish it before I had to return it to the library...I did renew it once! LOL!… (altro)
Cathie_Dyer | 51 altre recensioni | Feb 29, 2024 |


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