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Pierre Berton was born in 1920 and raised in the Yukon. He worked in Klondike mining camps during his university years, spending four years in the army, rising from private to captain/instructor at the Royal Military College in Kingston. After the military, Berton went to Vancouver where he began mostra altro his career at a newspaper. At 21, he was the youngest city editor on any Canadian daily. He moved to Toronto in 1947, and at the age of 31 was named managing editor of Maclean's. In 1957 he became a key member of the CBC's public affairs flagship program, Close-Up, and a permanent panelist on Front Page Challenge. He joined The Toronto Star as an associate editor and columnist in 1958, leaving 4 years later in '62 to commence The Pierre Berton Show, which ran until 1973. Since then he has appeared as host and writer on My Country, The Great Debate, Heritage Theatre, and The Secret of My Success. He has received numerous honourary degrees and served as the Chancellor of Yukon College. Berton is also a Companion of the Order of Canada, and has received a Stephen Leacock Medal for Humor in 1959, a Govenor's General Award for The Mysterious North in 1956, Klondike in 1958 and The Last Spike in 1972. Berton has also won a Nellie Award for best public broadcaster in radio in 1978, the Canadian Authors Association Literary Award for non fiction in, 1981 and the Canadian Booksellers Award in 1982. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra meno
Nota di disambiguazione:

(eng) Wrote a single novel as Lisa Kroniuk.


Opere di Pierre Berton

Vimy (1986) 375 copie
The Last Spike (1971) 302 copie
The National Dream (1970) 281 copie
The Secret World of Og (1961) 239 copie
The Comfortable Pew (1965) 180 copie
The Great Railway (1972) 142 copie
Prisoners of the North (2004) 141 copie
The Wild Frontier (1978) 132 copie
Drifting Home (1973) 107 copie
Why We Act Like Canadians (1982) 98 copie
1967: The Last Good Year (1997) 57 copie
Starting Out 1920-1947 (1987) 47 copie
Winter (1994) 47 copie
The Capture of Detroit (1991) 46 copie
Mysterious North (1956) 41 copie
The Death of Isaac Brock (1991) 36 copie
Steel Across the Shield (1994) 35 copie
The Railway Pathfinders (1992) 35 copie
The Death of Tecumseh (1994) 33 copie
The Klondike Stampede (1991) 33 copie
Bonanza Gold (1657) 32 copie
The Great Lakes (1996) 30 copie
The smug minority (1967) 30 copie
A Prairie Nightmare (1992) 30 copie
Jane Franklin's Obsession (1992) 29 copie
Before the Gold Rush (1993) 26 copie
Kings of the Klondike (1993) 25 copie
Battle of Lake Erie (1994) 24 copie
Trapped in the Arctic (1993) 24 copie
Great Canadians: A Century of Achievement (1965) — A cura di — 23 copie
Canada Under Siege (1991) 21 copie
Attack on Montreal (1995) 20 copie
Seacoasts (1999) 19 copie
City of Gold (1992) 19 copie
Revenge of the Tribes (1991) 18 copie
Just Add Water and Stir (1959) 18 copie
Adventures of a Columnist (1960) 15 copie
Trails of '98 (1992) 15 copie
Historic Headlines (1967) 15 copie
Canada Moves West (2005) 14 copie
The Big Sell 12 copie
Fast Fast Fast Relief (1967) 9 copie
Voices from the Sixties (1967) 5 copie
The Berton Family Cookbook (1985) — A cura di — 5 copie
Eh! Canada (2001) 2 copie
Masquerade (1985) 2 copie
The Beaver (Vol. 64, No. 2 Summer 1984) — Collaboratore — 1 copia
Visions and Voices (2005) 1 copia
A Klondike bibliography (1959) 1 copia

Opere correlate

Il richiamo della foresta (1903) — Introduzione, alcune edizioni20,144 copie
The Cremation of Sam McGee (1907) — Introduzione, alcune edizioni276 copie
I Married the Klondike (1955) — Introduzione — 122 copie
Women of the Klondike (1968) — Prefazione — 81 copie
The Colour of Canada (1967) — Editorial Director — 76 copie
Great Canadian Painting : a Century of Art (1966) — A cura di, alcune edizioni40 copie
The Pacific Coast (1970) — A cura di — 27 copie
The St. Lawrence Valley (1970) — A cura di — 27 copie
Because We Are Canadians (2003) — Prefazione — 15 copie
The Nature of Mammals (1975) — A cura di — 14 copie
City of Gold [1957 short] (1957) — Narratore — 3 copie


Informazioni generali

Nome canonico
Berton, Pierre
Nome legale
Berton, Pierre Francis de Marigny CC, O.Ont
Altri nomi
Kroniuk, Lisa
Data di nascita
Data di morte
Luogo di sepoltura
Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada (ashes scattered)
Nazione (per mappa)
Luogo di nascita
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada
Luogo di morte
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Causa della morte
heart failure
Luogo di residenza
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
University of British Columbia (BA | History)
Victoria College
Attività lavorative
Captain (Canadian Army)
Instructor (Royal Military College of Canada)
Berton, Janet (wife)
Berton, Laura Beatrice (mother)
The Ubyssey
Canadian Army
Royal Military College of Canada
Yukon College
Writers' Trust of Canada
Premi e riconoscimenti
Order of Canada (Officer ∙ 1974 | Companion ∙ 1986)
Governor General's Literary Award (creative non-fiction ∙ 1956 ∙ 1958 ∙ 1972)
Stephen Leacock Medal of Humour (1960)
CBA Libris Award (Lifetime Achievement Award ∙ 2004)
Gabrielle Léger National Heritage Award (1989)
National History Society (first award for "distinguished achievement in popularizing Canadian history" ∙ 1994) (mostra tutto 15)
Canadian Authors' Association Award, Canada's Man of the Century (1967)
The Alumni Award of Distinction, University of British Columbia (1981)
Canadian News Hall of Fame (member ∙ 1983)
Canadian Railway Hall of Fame Award of Recognition (2002)
Graeme Gibson Award (1992)
Order of Mariposa (1990)
Order of Ontario (1992)
Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal (2002)
Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal (1977)
Breve biografia
Pierre Berton was a well-known Canadian historian and TV personality. Berton grew up in the Yukon and worked in Klondike mining camps during his university years. He began his newspaper career in Vancouver, becoming the youngest city editor on any Canadian daily at age 21. Berton moved to Toronto in 1947, and in 1951 he became managing editor of Maclean's magazine.
Berton first appeared on TV in 1952, as a panellist on Court of Opinion. In 1957, he became the host of the CBC's public affairs flagship program Close-Up, and became a panelist on Front Page Challenge. He joined The Toronto Star as associate editor and columnist in 1958, leaving in 1962 to commence The Pierre Berton Show, which ran until 1973. In 1963 he premiered the Pierre Berton Show (also known as the Pierre Berton Hour) on the CTV network.
Nota di disambiguazione
Wrote a single novel as Lisa Kroniuk.



BooksInMirror | 7 altre recensioni | Feb 19, 2024 |
Lovely photo essays, and word essays. A mix of reminiscences, history, and current (to the early 1990s) observations. The words evoked a lot of what I feel about winter. And I loved that there were photos of snowstorms!
Beth3511 | Feb 3, 2024 |
A könyv az alaszkai (pontosabban klondike-i) aranyláz történetét mutatja be meglepő részletességgel. Bár a szerző nem volt személyesen részese az aranyláznak, de gyerekkorát Dawson Cityben töltötte (édesapja ment oda az aranyláz miatt) így még tudott a szemtanúkkal beszélni. Ezen kívül számtalan visszaemlékezést, könyvet, cikket használt fel a kutatása során.

A részletes és pontos leírás mellett a könyv rengeteg nehezen ellenőrizhető történetet tartalmaz, ezek egy része tényleg regénybe illik, nem tudom vajon mennyire igaz minden, a legjobb szándékkal is becsúszhattak túlzások. A leírás tényleg nagyon izgalmas, érdekes azt is olvasni persze, milyen szenvedéseket mentek át az aranyásók, de nekem sokkal érdekesebbnek tűnt a hely gazdaságának bemutatása, furcsa volt olvasni, hogy milyen egyszerű dolgok kerültek vagyonokba, milyen tárgyak voltak teljesen értéktelenek. Elég jól bemutatja a könyv azt is, hogy pontosan kik és miért is mentek aranyásónak.

A könyv időnként túl részletes, kordokumentumként persze fontos az ötvenedik aranyásó története is, de egy idő után azért ez elég repetitív.
… (altro)
asalamon | 10 altre recensioni | Oct 2, 2023 |
This book recounts the events of the first year of the War of 1812, and the present tense puts the reader at the heart of the action. It was written in 1980, though, and I’m sure more recent scholarship can fill in the (acknowledged by Berton) gaps in history, notably events from the Indigenous perspective.
rabbitprincess | 8 altre recensioni | Jul 8, 2023 |


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