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Paolo Bacigalupi won the Hugo, Nebula, Locus, Compton Crook, and John W. Campbell Memorial Awards for his debut novel, The Windup Girl, which was published in 2009. His short story collection Pump Six and Other Stories was a 2008 Locus Award winner for Best Collection and his young adult novel Ship mostra altro Breaker won the Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature and was finalist for the National Book Award. His work has also appeared in High Country News,, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra meno


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GROUP READ -- THE WINDUP GIRL by Paolo Bacigalupi in The 12 in 12 Category Challenge (Agosto 2012)
THE WINDUP GIRL - Discussion Thread ***Possible SPOILERS*** in The 12 in 12 Category Challenge (Marzo 2012)


"Young Adult" is a very misleading term. This book has won several YA prizes, though the only YA thing in it, is young protagonists.
First of all, I really like the post-apocalyptic scenarios of Bacigalupi. The Wind-Up Girl is still an amazing punch in the face masterpiece.
Second, I like how he builds his protagonists by the supporting characters in the story.
Third, he is a good storyteller, fast to read without holding descriptions.

My only "But" is the feeling I had by the last third of the book, that the writer had was rushing to end it. Like if someone was pressing the fast-forward to the story.

In any case, it is good reading, and fun.
… (altro)
cdagulleiro | 221 altre recensioni | Jul 3, 2024 |
The pampered son of the richest and most powerful banker in a fantasy version of an Italian city-state grows up trying to match his father’s expectations, but he is always too gentle and trusting for the city’s politics. A very slow start as he is educated in the ways of the world, falls in love with his hostage-sister, and prepares to take his place. Then a lot of violence happens, including mutilation and enslavement (it’s an enslavement-supporting society). The fantasy element: a dragon’s eye, preserved from the dragon, is one of his father’s prized possessions and has a dangerous/possibly helpful link with our protagonist, if he can seize it.… (altro)
rivkat | 1 altra recensione | Jun 24, 2024 |
Chris Bancells

Bacigalupi, P. (2010) Ship Breaker [Recorded by Joshua Swanson] [CD] . Grand Haven, MI: Brilliance Audio

Science Fiction

2011 Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature

Audio Book

Selection tools consulted: WorldCat, School Library Journal


Set in the unspecified future, Bacigalupi creates a world in which humanity has travelled down the path of unchecked global warming. Sea levels have risen, drowning costal communities, creating yearly "city-killer" hurricanes, and remaking the social and economic order. This backdrop, which is more post-apocalyptic than dystopian, frames the story of Nailer, a teenage ship breaker. Part of a "light crew", Nailer works to strip washed-up ships of their light, valuable commodities like copper wiring and aluminum sheeting. He's fast and good at his job, earning a living despite his drug-addicted, sociopathic father, Richard Lopez. After a particularly brutal storm, Nailer and his best-friend Pima find a wrecked clipper ship, as "swank" as they come. Overjoyed at their big break, the ship breakers are brought up short when they find that one person has survived: Nita Chadhury, a massively rich heiress on the run from political enemies. Nailer is faced with a choice. Is Nita a human being in need of his help or is she just another piece of salvage? Will he be his own man or will he be his father's son? The adventure which follows is full of rich characters and dynamic tension. While Bacigalupi's word choice can occasionally be repetitive, he has nonetheless created an engaging story which is essentially about the nature of relationships. The book is classed science-fiction largely because of its futuristic setting; the technical elements of the created world are more window-dressing than vital plot structures, however. As an audiobook, this version is superb. Swanson’s interpretation is lively and varied, and he has a special talent for drawing out the Creole tones of Bacigalupi's Gulf-coast characters. Highly Recommended for grades 6 and higher, especially boys who are looking for an alternative to the currently female-dominated world of YA science-fiction and fantasy.
… (altro)
Library_Guard | 221 altre recensioni | Jun 17, 2024 |
Done, done, done, I am done! Oh joy.

This was not the reaction I was expecting when starting this book. I enjoyed Ship Breaker, and then NetGalley had a fantasy novel by the same author, so here I am.

We are in a kind of Renaissance Italy, a Venetian republic/Florentine republic of sorts, with hints of magic. There are nobles and merchant/banking houses that embrace the mafia lifestyle. Backstabbing is a feature, not a bug. Sounds like fun, right? I liked the very first pages, and how Davico (a very unwilling heir to the most powerful mafia family, sorry, it was banking house) talked about his father.

“He liked to say that he traded in goods, but more in promises, and he never failed to collect.”

After that, the further I read, the more annoyed I became:

😡 There is a lot of fake Italian/Latin/whatever. I had no trouble understanding the stuff, but it felt grating, annoying, pretentious. This sort of thing went on and on: “He sought to play in politics, where the art of faccioscuro is both sword and shield, and he held neither. He imagined he could sit parlobanco with your father.” Me: please stop already.

😡 There are many irritating editing errors, the most I’ve ever had in an ARC. I had to reread certain sentences several times before they made sense.

😡 (They drink a lot of tea. Is it a nod to all the tea-drinking in modern sci-fi? Anyway, why are we drinking so much tea in fake Renaissance Italy? And why are their cheeses always described as “bitter”? This is a crime against cheese, that’s what it is!!!)

😡 Davico, I am sorry, you lack depth, which means that you are not well-written. (This goes for all the other characters as well.) You are also annoying. The constant self-doubt, a naïveté that is almost aggressive, the “I don’t want this destiny, poor little meeeeee”, and being very juvenile in general… I got tired of them all after almost 600 pages. Davico grows a bit of spine ca 80% into the book – too little, too late.

😡 Infodumps! We are bombarded with endless descriptions and exposition: the ancient philosophers of this world; pages and pages of their mythology; a lot about their herbs and mushrooms (because Davico likes them). Last but not least: immediately after a Red Wedding wannabe event we are treated to several pages of the history and workings of this world’s banking system. But why?

😡 So the narrative stutters, loses momentum, gets lost, doesn’t go anywhere. It’s a bad sign when the reader asks “is anything at all supposed to happen in this book?” about 30-40% through.

😡 Sex, sex, sex. Sex? Sex, sex, sex! I’m no prude, but the whole society seems to be obsessed. Davico is a horny teenager, but when everyone behaves and talks like teenagers, it gets annoying. The one steamy sex scene makes a dirty voyeur out of the reader, it feels like pornography. I did not feel the characters’ passion. I wanted to go wash my eyes. How was this done? I am mystified.

😡 As the plot finally (finally!) thickens a bit towards the end, there is a lot of blood, gore, torture, humiliation, as well as blood, gore, torture, humiliation. The book gets as obsessed with those as with sex. Ouch.

😡 I wondered why so many Checkov’s guns failed to fire in this book. Then I came to the end, and it was written in a very clear “let’s have a sequel, maybe?” way. Where is my closure?

My reasons for that extra star:

👌The dialogues were very well-written, I enjoyed them.

👌Celia was interesting. We should have followed her instead.

👌The magic stuff was cool. When it did appear, I felt that I was reading a different (better) book.

👌When Davico goes to a neighbouring kingdom to negotiate, his hosts decide to cruelly test him. The test involved a vicious war horse. That was a good scene.

Judging by other reviews, I seem to be an outlier. You might want to check if you agree or not ;)

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the free e-book!
… (altro)
Alexandra_book_life | 1 altra recensione | May 28, 2024 |


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